Donzi Baby HeaderWhile we are being dumped on with snow on the East coast, we thought it would be fun to show some of the headers from last years big show. This represents the first time of the year that we get to create new images of folks in there boats for the fist time as well. Enjoy! And yes if you click on them they blow up.




Dora HQ

Big Suzy


Doar America IX


Together again

Wah hoo header

Suzy Wave Dora small

This year we have some fun photos already planned, but the shots would be so much better with you in them!

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44 Responses to “The Headers Of Lake Dora 2012”
  1. Alex

    annnnnnnnd TIME!

    Wow. New record for fastest story ever put together.

    Yet it totally achieves the desired effect. As with Pavlov’s dog, pronounced drooling was observed.

  2. matt

    Oh we are getting you there. It may not be this year, but by next year you will be begging for some Dora action.

    • m-fine

      Lets see, stinky brown water with gators in FL, or crystal clear blue water in HI? Hot Polynesian women in bikinis, or pasty white Canadians like Texx and Paul H. in speedos? Fresh sushi and a pineapple cocktail, or chicken on a stick with a warm bud light?

      Perhaps I should reconsider.

  3. Tom

    Great pictures. Great memories from last year.

    9 more sleeps until I climb on the big bird south. Then its Raceboat Show, St John’s River Cruise, and Boat Show.

    Can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones.

    BTW Matt I can pack my Gold Speedo, if you are looking for a Fat Balding Middle Age guy to model in any of your shots this year.

  4. Chuck Crosby

    Great pic’s from Lake Dora and the St John River Cruise. I sure that I saw may of these last year, however, I always seem to miss a few because of travel, work, etc. These pic’s represent a nice overview of the WoodyBoater activities on Lake Dora for that week.

    I don’t always see your blog on a daily basis. I know others have tried to entice you (Matt and Tex) to publish a coffeetable picture book. I have suggestion from the peanut gallery.

    Why not run a compilation of the headers once a month? It would be a nice review of the prior month, plus the peanut gallery could vote on our favorites.

  5. matt

    We have a ton of fun with the headers and know the folks want them. A book cant happen because they are not high reselution enough. Plus its the magic of tuning in for the day. Sometimes less is more.

  6. tuobanur

    While on the subject of Lake Dora, planning to attend but wanted to know, is the show the whole week or just the weekend??

    • Ronald

      It’s Thur-Sunday with a lot winding down after Saturday night. You will have a great time. I leave early Sunday to head home.

  7. Team 5-0

    Whaaat? m-fine’s comin’ here? I thought we drove him out of town for good. The second his plane lands, slap him, and send him to Dora where he belongs.

    • m-fine

      Who do you think you are foolin? 21st century law enforcement is more sexed up…

  8. m-fine


    You should embroider on a logo and add these to the woody store…

  9. Phillip Jones

    I can’t ever get a break, take the wife to the desert cause she’s tired of boat vacations and what’s setting in the lobby.
    I just can’t get away from them.

    And the look on my face is a question, and I’ll let you guess what her answer was.

    • MikeM

      Quit being a baby and just “BUY IT”!!!!!! You’re wife is just pretending to be tired of your “boat problem”…….

  10. Texx

    In regards to the problem of (lack of) spring sun tan at Lake Dora – Matt has that covered…

    He has ordered in a new high-tech tanning bed that is designed to make you look like you just had a fresh coat of varnish applied. It even has two settings, for either Pre-War or Post-War.

    The Pre-War setting leaves you with a satin (non-glare) finish like a early 30’s Gar Wood…

    The Post-War setting gives you a traditional glossy Chris-Craft look c/w white pin stripes…

    The first 30 minute tanning bed session is complimentary if you buy a Woody Boater tee shirt!

  11. Alex

    Doesn’t work on hair. I tried it, and came out unrestored. Grey in fact.

    • m-fine

      My approach to grey hair is to simply be happy that I have a full head of hair to turn grey.

  12. Richard

    How many boats normally show up for the boat show at lake Dora?

  13. matt

    To answer several questions. One, its 3 days long, but you can make an insane fun week of it. St johns etc. And there are around 200-300 boats that show up. Its insane. You will NOT be disapointed

    • Richard

      Thanks I want to get some ideas for a boat am working on.and meet folks in the hobby

  14. matt

    other than a small local show this is the big one and folks are here to party and socialize. Stop by the tent there is usualy a small gang of folks there. As to ideas. I hope you dont have ADD. Your eyeballs will bleed. What sort of boat do you have?

  15. Richard

    Chris craft cutlass 23 foot not really a lake boat look but fun anyway.

  16. Ranger

    What a great stroll down the waterfront, I’d forgotten how good the shots were!

    Just got the word, we’re out this year.
    Randy is having hip replacement surgery, he’s ready!
    Have fun y’all…we’ll be watching!

  17. thomas d.

    i had a choice, go to lake dora or buy another boat. i bought the boat. looks like this will be the best year ever.

  18. floyd r turbo

    Hanging around a bunch of old farts in wooden boats or running with a bunch of younger spandex clad women training for a marathon, hmmm. We’ll have to see.

  19. Bill John

    Tavares Spring Thunder Regatta ???!!!

    The past will come alive as the vintage and classic race boats of bygone eras return to Wooten Park in Tavares, Florida for our seventh annual Tavares Spring Thunder Vintage Regatta. Tavares is a major stop on the CRA Winter Vintage Circuit, and this spring’s regatta expands to 3 full days, with over 75 beautifully restored vintage and classis race boats running demonstration laps on a 1 mile oval course on beautiful Lake Dora. In addition to seeing and hearing these unique and beautiful boats run, spectators are invited to view them close-up in the pit area at Wooten Park on both Saturday and Sunday.

    So mark your calendars and come join all the excitement and fun at our Tavares CRA Spring Thunder Regatta on March 15-17, 2013. The opening and closing ceremonies will feature our elegant triple cockpit runabouts, and we will be running heats of beautifully restored vintage and classic race boats on beautiful Lake Dora all day long on Saturday and Sunday !!!

    Bill John – CRA President
    352-729-6060 – Mount Dora
    Vintage Race Boat Shop
    603-569-5824 – Wolfeboro

  20. Alex

    floyd r, why not do both? Join me running the Trout Creek 15k Sunday, March 24 at 8:30 a.m. It’s a short, fast trail race. Google “trout creek trail run.”

    Ranger, we’ll miss you this year.