OK it looks like it was shot by Helen Keller, with the resolution of a snuff film, but you will get the idea. CRANK IT UP! Miss Step is beyond insane and much more than just a jaw dropper looks wise. Who says you can’t watch porn at work! If you want to see it clearer. COME TO FLORIDA!
OK, here is one more. Now the camera is pointed wrong! It just keeps getting better! Oh and quit your complaining. We are going to get some amazing footage in FLORIDA!

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26 Responses to “Exclusive Water Test Footage Of Rare Hydro!”
  1. jeff

    if that wasnt such a special boat, i wouldnt even have posted that on the site. was that shot with a million polaroid pictures and then spliced together?

  2. matt

    Its like a tease! Brings back memories of watching the dirty channels on your tv that were scrambled. Or at least thats what I have heard…..

  3. m-fine

    Did all the money spent on the Golden Pond boats deplete the budget for the Katz video department?

    How about a woody fundraiser where we all kick in a nickle and buy Seth a better camera.

  4. Mark Christensen

    Yeah seriously Katz marine. This would have been a sick video. How did you not record it with a legit camera for those of us who can’t make Dora????

    Ok I’m done whining.

  5. Matt B

    I smell a new WoodyBoater award “Worst video of the year but still great to watch” at least the sound qaulity is OK

  6. Don Ayers

    Huge missed opportunity on the Video!!!

    Van Ness did the engine and it sounds mean, like a pissed off cat! 🙂

    • Dreed

      I agree. That thing is purring nice. Hats off to Seth and Dave for bringing another one back from the dead!

  7. WoodyGal

    Even Helen Keller could appreciate the sound of that engine!

  8. Don Ayers


    The engine in the Hydro is a KB. He does lots of KBL’s I’m sure but not in this boat as this boat had the original engine.

  9. floyd r turbo

    I’ve got to quit exercising so much my vision’s blurry but my hearing has sure improved. This is like trying to watch porn on a scrambled cable channel without paying for it back in the day.

  10. Bob Menzel

    Can’t wait to see and hear the boat next week on Lake Dora.

  11. John Rothert

    Selfish of you all to leave Thomas Edison on the pier, afterall you were using his camera. He should have been allowed to ride…..

    Great Boat, can’t wait to SEE is on lake Dora!

    John in Va.

  12. Dick Dow

    Face it, after the first few hours in the Woody Boater tent/party, that boat is going to look just like it does in the video… 🙂 Those are sweet little boats – wish I was going to be there!

  13. Joey

    alright listen everyone, we are way to busy to be out shopping for special cameras. besides engines and boats are our specialty, not the A V department. It sure is a different ride. Frees itself up and rides on about three to four feet of the bottom

  14. Phroggie

    Ok, I think I can help here.

    When you are going for that special effect by smearing Vaseline on you lens, only smear it on the perimeter of the lens.

    Try it again without the Vaseline, it should be fine.

  15. Joey

    The camera could not handle the sheer beauty of Miss Step, therefore ruining any chance of seeing her run before her big unveil in Dora. Bottom line is… be at Dora for the show next weekend and you get to see this gorgeous little boat for yourself at the Katz’s Marina Booth. No more whiners. Enthusiasts welcome. Let the Fun Begin.