Here is the header from yesterday afternoon. The perfect spot at the perfect time. The calm before the woody boater storm.

Here is the header from yesterday afternoon. The perfect spot at the perfect time. The calm before the woody boater storm.

The sun is burred behind the clouds today in Taveras, yet it’s the most beautiful day of the year for some fellow Woody Boaters.

Suzy Dora Canal

Texx, Jim Frechette, the Boatress and Woody gal decided that we would have our own fancy pants river cruise on Jims wonderful 1942 utility. We headed through the Dora Canal to our favorite lunch spot on the other side.

palm Gardens dead river fla

The Palm Gardens Restaurant, Right through the canal, down a ways then across the next lake and take a left. Confused? Good! If you can’t find it, you don’t deserve it.

Blue Moon waiting at the dock on the dead river

Blue Moon waiting at the dock on the dead river

A great place to gas up in all sorts of ways. The food is fun and hearty, the service is nice and makes you feel at home. Ask for Lisa, tell them Woody Boater sent you. The Onion Burger is a Texx favorite and a yearly tradition. On the way back we were visited by fellow Woody boater jeff Funk and his insane Century . What a perfect cruise on a perfect Florida Day.

Jeff Funk and his insane perfect Century.

Jeff Funk and his insane perfect Century.

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20 Responses to “Very Much Alive On The Dead River. Palm Gardens Restaurant.”
  1. Tuobanur

    I can’t wait, will see you guys,,,and gals tomorrow.

    BTW, great pics!

  2. Doug P

    Second that, Header is fantastic photography.
    You need to release a screensaver of the header shots.

  3. Kim Kadimik

    Sorry we missed today but will be there tomorrow. Already hit Palm Gardens for the onion burgers with Paul & Karen before heading up the St Johns River with Capt. Jim Staib. Look forward to Friday’s cocktail hour with you guys. Spent another fun day on the River.

  4. Don Ayers

    See everyone tomorrow and then Friday for the Big CCABC party/meeting at 3 PM.

    All Welcome. Cake and Beer!!! (I like milk with my cake)

  5. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    That color combo on the century is fab! Sounds like everyone is having fun, and a little cloud cover cant hurt !

  6. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Im more than happy to host a New Hampshire pity party if anyone is interested.

  7. Old Salt

    Matt and Tex

    Looking forward to my virtual cake and beer tomorrow!

  8. Greg Lewandowski

    Now you are really making me feel lousy up here in cold, snowy Michigan. That is my kind of cruising. Marianne and I are going to join you for that trip to the Palm Gardens in the Tiger Lily next year.

  9. floyd r turbo

    A little cloudier and cooler but still a great day southbound on the river.

  10. floyd r turbo

    …and a fantastic lunch at “Shrimp R Us” in Welaka. Food so good even the local Welaka Police joined us (they actually have a policeman) but he must be like the Maytag repairman, can’t be much happening there. I think Rand Speas was the hottest thing in town. RIP pal, we will all miss you and your great work and the interest you added to this stop on the river.

  11. Chris/Great Lakes Marine & Aviation

    A cruise is a cruise, even up here

  12. Texx

    I like that idea – “Virtual Cake & Beer for everyone on Friday!”

  13. Sean

    That really looks like a proper vacation…I’m relaxed just going over the photos.

  14. Jeff p

    Chris @great lakes marine is that someone in a bigfoot costume doing a handstand in the middle of the picture and also are a couple of those people wearing shorts ?

  15. Troy

    I borrowed your lead picture to put on my FB page as “Someplace I want to go.”. Do you mind? I will take it down if I you don’t want me to use it.
    PS: Love Your Site!

  16. Alex

    That umbrella header photo sure is a beauty. Surreal.

    Someday, someday, I’ll bring (or buy) a boat in these parts and make it on the river cruise. Drinking ice cold beer at the same rate the boat drinks fuel (ok, maybe cut to a 1:6 ratio) sounds like fun. That, and chumming for gators.