24 Responses to “Sunnyland Show Not So Sunny Today!”
  1. Alex

    We all dodged a major bullet this year. Yesterday, gorgeous. Today? Tornado warnings in Tavares. High winds. Sheets of rain. Lightening.

    The Show’s organizers deserve major credit for advising owners to pull their boats early today.

    Pity us. We’re hunkered down at Al’s.

  2. WoodyGal

    We are now getting the same at Orlando International, all flights on hold. Zillions of kids clutching Disney animals running around!

  3. Matt B

    We pulled out early and headed for home. Perfect clear blue skies in Georgia, figures….. Can’t wait for next year!

  4. m-fine

    Pulling out early is never fun, but it can save a LOT of headaches over the long run.

  5. Tommyholm

    Skies are now clear in Orlando. Mickey and Minnie are boarding for flights home via the friendly skies. Hope there is some snow left at home , love to shovel.

    BTW, it was great to see all the woodyboaters in Tavares. Keep your wood varnished, and someone call Mayer,s wife and tell her, yes there are elephants in Florida!

  6. MikeM

    “I can see clearly now the rain Is gone”….except that I’ve been at Al’s Landing for the past few hours so things aren’t that clear.

    Heading to the copacanaba for dinner soon with Alex and Harrison. God help me……

  7. floyd r turbo

    Its peachy in Palatka, a little breezy but clear as a bell.

  8. floyd r turbo

    Paul H and MikeM tried to talk me into piloting “Kabot’s Habit” to safe harbor ’cause I was sober. But I’m not stupid, wind was howling and that pier on the corner of their “spot” looked too ominous to get around.

  9. Steven Reichman

    Well, we pulled out early, had TORRENTIAL rain all the way up I-75, I-10 west clear, sunny, and windy all the way to Gulfport, MS. Home, St Louis, 12+ inches of snow and still snowing! So….now go to New Orleans and wait for the snow and slush to melt, the salt to dissipate. when the coast is clear, we’ll go home. I guess we’ll participate in a different kind of Hurricane!!!! Good St Johns south bound cruise,great trip to the picnic. Now, more reality than I was looking for.

  10. 72hornet

    Thanks to all of the volunteers this morning on getting boats out of the water and display areas before the weather hit. We really appreciated all of the help. I loaded up and departed at noon. Made Atlanta with light rain and 50 degree temps. Ugh! Fun is officially over, but maybe we may get some summer in Iowa after all! Great to see so many friends and enjoy all of the fun and camoradorie! Safe travels to all!

  11. Doug P

    You’All done good!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the great photos!!!!

  12. Texx

    It was great to meet all the fellow Woody Boaters during the southbound St. John’s River Cruise and at the Sunnyland show this year.

    It was certainly a nice break from the crazy weather up north. You meet the nicest people in a classic boat and hopfully our paths will cross again during the summer.

  13. Carla

    We left Tavares at 8am for flight out of Tampa and no problems. A major shout-out to the volunteers who helped all the boaters secure their boats. Had a wonderful time, as always, at the show. Thank u to everyone for making this such a memorable show!
    I must admit I am still giggling at Alex’s comment about Paul offering to set up a daycare in Orlando…the vision is priceless!

  14. Texx

    One of my goals this summer is to go for a “thrill ride” in Hornet’s yellow Donzi…

  15. Texx

    This just in from fellow Woody Boater Jim Staib and his crew from Wisconsin. Photo was shot tonight on the road in Indianapolis… Holy Crap, looks like the party is over!

      • Jim Staib

        Just went out to find both my boat and truck hate me for exposing them to the horrors in Indiana.
        They both demanded a warm shower and to be put back in covered storage!!
        I can no longer claim LUCKY 7 has not been exposed to salt.

  16. Matt

    Same in dc, just got home. Insane snow! I am headed back to fla tomorrow