Photo taken in 1964 Walloon lake MI.

Photo taken in 1964 Walloon lake MI.

One of the most fun things to do here on Woody Boater is to help folks find there long lost loves. Fellow Woody Boater Jim Raugh from Michigan reached out to us before Florida and asked if we could help find his dads 1961 21′ Chris- Craft Continental. James Dad bought the boat in 1960 at Master Boat Works on Walloon Lake  Michigan. 13 years later he sold it for a Float Bote. James lost track of it , but is sure it did NOT stay on Walloon Lake.

Sadly James pop passed away in 1988 and that August Jim and some pals went to Hessel for the antique Boat show. While taking a tour of Mertagh Boat Works, by shear accident spotted what appeared to be there old Continental. He checked inside and found a ring outline were the fish finder used to be installed on the floor board under the dash. He checked and was told that the boat now called “Buckwheat” used to be on Walloon lake. It had been sold to someone in Coldwater, Michigan and was being shipped there the next day. Buckwheat was featured in the book, Legends of Chris Craft pages 216-217.

James tried to the trace the new owner through an auction house, in Saline, MI, years later and was told it had been sold again to someone in Canada in the province of Ontario. There are several other details that might help locate the boat. The light may still be there. Any trace of the fish finder ring. And the fact that the boat has been featured and named. We dont have a serial number that I know of. Just the photo and history.

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26 Responses to “Has Anyone Seen My Dads Boat?”
  1. RiverRat

    Sorry I have not seen it. I even checked under the bed and the back of the barn. If it turns up I will let you know. Now has anyone seen my other sock?

    • randy Rush Captain Grumpy

      Thats why all my socks are the same color!

  2. donald hardy

    What is the Hull #? i just bought one out of Winton, Ca,
    it has been in a warehouse/storage forever. Very original with 163hrs on it. Cad motor.

  3. matt

    paul has a hard top. I wonder what the motor was? That might help. Don, check and see if it has a light on it. This boat if featured in the book, must have been well taken care of or restored..

  4. Rick

    Alex probably has it in his collection but forgot where he put it. With that big new dock it could be sitting there un-noticed.

  5. Alex

    Rick, glad you spelled “big new dock” correctly.

    This boat James is seeking can’t be too hard to find. They are hardly pedestrian and more likely to be showed because of that. Wishing him the best in locating it. I’ll certainly bear this story in mind for when I see one/them. Matt/Texx: please keep us updated on the story. Would be nice to hear of his success.

  6. Paul H.

    neat boats, that are starting to show up a bit more often, with occasional finds like Don’s. Not sure they ever came with a Cad motor though;, I thought only small block or the 430/31 Lincoln engines were available. If original, the Cadillac must have been a special order. There is a CCABC member in Omaha that has 4 of them, I can ask him if any have the lineage referenced in the story.

    Good luck tracking the boat down!

  7. Mark

    Maybe if you find “Alfalfa” then “Buckwheat” will be nearby ?

  8. Matt

    Just spoke with Jim. No hull number info and he thinks it was a Lincoln engine. But the motor could have been changed.

  9. Tom Mertaugh

    Hi, Yes I do rememver the boat!! We bought the boat and sold it to Frank Bronson, who kept it here in the Les Cheneaux Islands, in fact “Buckwheat” as it was named by Frank, is one of the three boats in Jeff Rodengen’s book where there are 3 of the finned boats running. One is John Kovach in Smoove, and the other one is my Dad Jim Mertaugh in the Capri. ( I was driving our workboat when we photoed the boats). Buckwheat was sold to Dave Norton, who was an auctioneer from Coldwater Mi. That is the last I know of Buckwheat…

  10. Tom Mertaugh

    The boat has a 283 engine in it when it was here. I forgot that above.

  11. matt

    Thanks Dave, it all making sense now. jim mentioned that it had a 285HP motor in it. I was thinking..mmmm I wonder if it was a 283…

    • m-fine

      You can also easily have a 285 hp “283” if you use a 327/350 block and heads. That would be a good fit for that boat, although the Lincoln would be nice if original. Hmmm, maybe I should try to find that boat before Jim does!

      Anyway, I’ll ask my wife if she has seen that boat amongst my missing socks, but I am not expecting a helpful response.

  12. Russ Arrand

    I refinished the deck of Buckwheat way back in 1995. I did it for Dave Norton-Coldwater, MI. Nice boat-283 powered. I do not know where it is at now.
    Russ Arrand

  13. dreed

    Heck! I can’t find the link to what is being said on “Boat Buzz”, and you want me to help find a boat?

  14. matt

    Boat buzz is down as a feed. Will be live in a while. Sorry,

    • m-fine

      The new improved Miss Lisa Buzz has appeared to replace the old Boat Buzz.

      It is going to take me some time to figure out how to use it, but in the mean time, I have a basketball game to watch. GO BLUE!!!

  15. dreed

    Sorry Alex. We are a little ADD. The Mounties are on the case and will get started after they get their cup o joe from Tim Hortons in the AM.

  16. floyd r turbo

    Do we need to put this on the “Amber Alert” network?