Last Nickle

I am going to speak from the heart today, and  maybe more transparent and long winded than I should.  But you are part of this, you contribute with your comments and support and by you supporting our sponsors, that helps in its self.  When we started Woody Boater back in 2007 we had no idea that in 6 years that we would be were we are today. The journey has been life changing to be honest. We have been fortunate enough to meet the most amazing kind folks on the planet earth. All this while trying to stay up to speed with web technology and publishing trends. The day to day stories are therapy for Texx and i , really, its fun and a diversion and a way to help a community with the skills we have. We don’t know how to work with wood or motors, but we are communicators and know how to get the word out. That’s our role I suppose in this play. Woody Boater today is in effect not just the portal to the culture of classic boating, with feeds from the ACBS calendar and the boat buzz, and the full gamet of reputable companies that support your passion. But because it’s open and free to anyone, one could also look at as a marketing machine for the hobby and we feel that responsibility every day. With over 2 million hits last year and this year growing at about a 25% rate, we are reaching folks that are new to the hobby and they need to know that we are happy they are here. We must remain objective and open. And that costs money now. There are expenses to doing this that are far far beyond when this was started.  For example each short trip we take costs on average of $1,500 for a close one and a big one like Florida can cost close to $4,000 -$5,000 and we have several big stories like that planned this year. Web hosting this monster is close to 5K this year alone, and that is at cost from our web hosting company. Last year we sold close to 700 tshits and netted 700 bucks. T shirts are fun and should not be a profit center. Online sites are starting to become membership, or subscriber driven, we hate that and will not do it. We will back down and not do as much to keep it open. But if there is a way for each of you to contribute a small about. We can do it.

So. Why the donate button? Last year we almost broke even, almost.. It cost us close to $10,000 more than it made. With this summers demands, we need more to make it happen on a grander scale. We are trying to turn up the heat so to speak. More vidios, cool adventures and more advanced technology. Your donation helps, we are not asking for something  for nothing here. It all goes back into making this all happen. You enjoy Woody Boater as much as we do, and for that we ask that if you like what you see, you help. As little as you want, or as much as you can. This is a way for us to stay open and free to those that are new to classic boating or just cheap.  We are even planning something for the cheapskates by the way. More on that later. Thanks for helping. Matt

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61 Responses to “What In The Heck Is That Donate Button?”
  1. Chris Wade

    I’m in for just over the cost of quart decent varnish. Gotta keep it afloat!!!

  2. Troy

    I am new to your blog, but it has become one of the first things I do in the morning. Often this days story comes up between my “login” and when I leave for work. I love this world you have tapped into and would be a member if you ever went that way so of course I will help out.

    Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Jim Staib

    Read, then donate. The PAYPAL screen does not have a link to take you back to WOODYBOATER. For myself, John and other technically challenged people we get lost for a bit.
    Is this sort of like buying friends?

  4. m-fine

    I’ll go shake out the sofa cushions. Do you accept Cheerios and 14 year old McBurgers, or just spare change?

  5. Alex

    Given the header photo and the story lead photo, are you asking us to donate JU$T 1 MORE until we’ve given Every Last Nickel?

    • Chris B.

      I think is give a dollar or a nickel which ever you can afford, you have a big inboard so a dollar from you would be more appreciated.

  6. matt

    Dear god, Thank you, already this morning the donations are streaming and making a HUGE difference. It’s very emotional really.

  7. Dave Clyne

    Bought t-shirts, bought a hat, hit the paypal button. Nothing could be easier. Gentlemen, and gals, start your engines and wave your rudders !

  8. donald hardy

    For me, when I wake up, coffee first, then woodyboater.
    so if there are x amount of readers like me, what would
    $10 each generate? Is ten enough? Woodyboater is priceless to me. Let’s all start to donate a little, it will add up to cover costs and maybe start a kitty, “to Donate?”
    remember to pay ahead! it does work, so, time for a little change here, get it?

  9. Jon H

    I’ll definitely send a contribution! Matt have you thought about forming a 403(c) to make contributions tax deductable? I don’t know what the restrictions are, or the details on this. A lawyer out there could chime in here.

    • don vogt

      The basic requirement of a 501(c)3 organization, in addition to its charitable purpose, is that none of the net income from the operation can inure to the benefit of an individual. I would be happy to contribute just to make sure jerry lewis isnt running the beg-a-thon (if he is still alive?).

  10. steve franchini

    you sure got me with the header this morning! I just brought home my seamaid project this week. Yes I will donate to you just to keep you on the road so I can stay home and work on my boat, while looking over your shoulder. Go where you want and say what you will, just stay independent and have fun!!!

    • Texx

      Thanks Steve. Notice that there is no exhaust through the transon of “Ju$t 1 More” – That particular Century Sea Maid has the cool Grey Marine Fireball side exhaust feature.

      • Dane

        Never seen a Chris Craft guy write the phrase “cool GrayMarine” before…


        Dad’s new Seamaid has the same Fireball 6/160 with the triple down drafts but his exhaust is routed to the transom w/ dual outlets. The aluminum scoop is the giveaway on those decks.

        And speaking of triple down drafts, if anyone has extra Zenith 28’s laying around we are looking for some!

        • Texx

          Lets do a story Brian… “Carb-less in Seattle” or… “The Zen of the Zenith” or…

  11. Bob Menzel

    Matt & Texx,
    This is the best site on the “NET. Period.
    Actually, as has been said before, the stories and information here really are priceless.
    Keep up the mean…the GREAT work.
    ..$ coming to you via PayPal…
    Bob & Edie Menzel

    PS It was nice meeting you and the Boatress at Travares..

    • Edie Menzel

      Yep, hubby got me hooked on Woodyboater, it’s addicting!!! :)…. happy to contribute!

  12. Mosby

    You guys do a great job here. Your stories are great and very enjoyable to read. I’ll gladly hit the donate button.

  13. Alex

    Matt, now don’t go all weepy on us like Jim and Tammy Fay. And if we see a towering crystal boathouse, we’ll know something’s up.

  14. Rick

    Sure for years here’s a little free WoodyCrack, then some free WoodyCocaine, improved quality, biker dude supplying new product all the time, and now that I’m hooked…….,I can’t resist. I’m all in.

    • Rick

      All this for pennies/comment. Or in my case 1/100 of a cent per comment. Now that I’m contributing just try and shut me up!

  15. John Rothert

    I was pleased to hit the button! but as brother Jim Staib suggest…I/we have our usual issues.
    PAYPAL has been saying for some time that I am “reaching my paypal limit” or some such BS. I have used Paypal without any concern or problems for years. Now is seems they was to go from hitting my credit card to my BANK ACCOUNT…!? IT THIS REQUEST LEGIT? OR PHISHING AND DANGEROUS? Should I do this?
    Someone help me with this. And then lets all pony up for Matt and Texx and all they do.
    John in Va.

    • Jim Staib

      It’s legit. They want to verify who you are so they can 1099 you if you use the account too much If there is a way to continue using your account without giving up the info do it!

  16. WoodyGal

    Lets see, which is more important, chocolate or WoodyBoater? Himhaw, himhaw, himhawing around. I must have both! I will contribute an equivalent amount to our weekly shi shi dark chocolate expenses. 🙂

  17. Mike Dovichi

    Is there any chance that if you get enough donations you will finally install that scratch-n-sniff varnish app?

    • Rick

      With enough donations he’ll come to your birthday party and sing sea chanties.

  18. Dennis Mykols

    With all the Swag items I have bought over the past couple of years, I thought I was helping out a little bit, but I realize the net gain to you is nil, so I will cut out the “middle man” and just give you my credit card, you fill it out for what ever you think is needed…
    On second thought, I just remembered that “Crystal Boathouse” comment!!!
    The check is in the mail.
    How can I not help out a fellow “Brotherhood of the Bilge”???

  19. Paul H.

    I am sure many of the regular visitors to this site greatly appreciate and enjoy the stories, information and perspective. It would surprise me if many actually knew just how much work it is to do what you guys do, and how much it really costs. I have had a unique insight into this for some time because of some of the things we have done together in the past, and it still amazes me that you guys can maintain the pace, and in fact improve the site.

    I donate my time to the CCABC and the ACBS – a vast amount of it, actually. The financial costs of these committments is truly significant, and the time even more so. But, I enjoy it and that is why I do it – I get something from it. Many of us also subisdize related activities through buying tickets to every event, donating to certain programs and being overly generous in our bidding for items at charity auctions ($450 for a Woodystock poster??!!)

    The point of this is that these considerations are no less tangible than an actual donation of money to a cause like WB – a cause which is indpendantly not directly sustainable, but of value and critical importance to our hobby. I don’t draw a great distinction between efforts to indirectly personally support our hobby through the avenues noted above and dumping a bit of dough on you to help you do what you do. I think WB is a fresh, invigorating and irreverant voice in a hobby that really, really needs it, and the success of the site and the viewership demonstrates that point with enormous and undeniable clarity.

    In short, I’m in.

    • Doug P

      Good letter Paul, and thanks for your allegiance to the hobby and WB. (and your $ for that poster)

  20. Jerry Lewis

    I’m in too.

    Hey, what time does the WoodyBoater telethon start?

    • Jim Staib

      Telethon’s are to find a cure. We’re feeding an ADDICTION!!
      Give heavily so we don’t end up having withdrawals!!

  21. Chad's Monkey

    I’m in. Don’t tell my master I used his PayPal account.

      • Texx

        Chad – Not sure how to tell you this but…

        We understand that Fritz also went on line with your laptop and bought you a new Riva for your birthday today.

        Make room at the lake!

  22. scalertom

    Can’t leave the house in the morning, without reading Woody Boater. Thanks for everything. I’m in.

  23. Carl Garmhaus

    Of course I’m in. Good fun ain’t cheap. Thanks, guys

  24. matt

    OK, the Jerrys kids thing caused me to spit out my lunch water. Dam it. What an amazing day. Over 35 donations. WOW

  25. Denis D

    Cost of Wood Boat = $$$$$$$

    Cost of WoodyBoater = Priceless

    By the way, when will the “tshits” be available for sale again?


    • Bob Menzel

      Yes. We need “tshits”plus other swag…..and with a better profit margin for the cause? Every bit helps.

  26. Rick Laenen

    Happy to donate….. what would we do without our WoodyBoater fix?

  27. dreed

    We all start every morning with a cup-o-joe, Woodyboater, and a roll of Charmin. We pay for the coffee and the Charmin, why not the W.B.?

  28. Troy

    By the way, I think t-shirts and hat’s should be a profit center. Do you think Old Navy uses them as a pass thru?

  29. matt

    You would think so. here is how it works. We create the art, for free. The cost of the screen and stuff is around 50 bucks. One time charge. the shirts are 10 bucks each. Can find cheaper ones. 5 bucks, but have to ordor is massive quanities. Then the printing is another 5 bucks per shirt. You ahve a 15 dollar shirt. Then it needs to be photographed and placed on a web site that can handle inventory and most importantly. Shipping. The handleing part. Oh, its not the shipping its the time it takes to deal with the shipping lable and mailing. That all is about another 3 bucks. And we sell them for 23-25 bucks a shirt. We get a 20% proffit in the end. Thats a whole lot of stuff. Every bit counts. But its not something huge. So we sell them at almost cost. That feels better and gets more shirts out there.

  30. floyd r turbo

    …or you won’t find out the story behind boats like this.

  31. Rabbit

    Hope the haul yesterday was significant. You shouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

  32. Bob Menzel

    Some of us plan to help regularly.
    As a matter of fact that is great idea!

  33. Rich Marschner

    You’re wise to refuse the subscription route, Matt and Texx — pure donations should work for you at least as well, without all the record-keeping.
    Let us all know if you’re getting the kind of response you’re hoping for…and needing.
    And don’t forget — what ad man would? — you’ll have to keep the subject in the forefront, not just rely on the one piece you did yesterday. Keep reminding your readers of this new reality; most of us don’t read WB every day, and some of us need to be pushed a bit.
    I’m in, of course. I couldn’t put Talaria (nee Sylvia) in the water next month with a clear conscience if I didn’t contribute.