14 Responses to “Why Boating At Night Can Be Dangerous”
  1. matt

    Well, OK then! I think I will install MR B’s 4 banger in my boat now.

  2. Texx

    The caption with the Speedweek video notes:

    “Well this is one of the most spectacular incidents we have seen here at Speedweek! V8 Superboat pilot Mick Caroll takes flight in his Excalibur machine!!! Thankfully both driver and navigator escaped major injury.”

    Then a viewer commented that they should have Red Bull sponsorship… (Gives you Wings)

  3. m-fine

    I don’t think the darkness was the issue. I think that video shows why not to drive your boat onto the shore at high speeds unless your name is Bond, James Bond.

  4. Bob B.

    And make sure the Chris-Craft girl isn’t sitting on the aft platform.

  5. Rick

    This has often been one of my worries when I open up the throttle of by B, NOT!

  6. Al Benton

    I had no idea a boat could turn that fast! …or fly that high…

  7. Texx

    It’s interesting to watch the in-boat video (at the end) and see how sensitive the steering is, requiring very little steering input.

  8. Jim Staib

    And I thought single exhaust was the slower option!
    Was there a launch ramp there? Didn’t see a trailer waiting.

  9. floyd r turbo

    I think that red light on his dashboard indicates a potentially serious problem or safety issue.

  10. Randy

    Well, I think the key here is they “… escaped major injury.”

  11. John Baas

    See? This is what happens when you text and drive!