One of the first headers ever

One of the first headers ever

While I lumber across Kansas, god please help me… anyway we set up a fun new trick. If you are a fan of the headers on Woody Boater today is your lucky day. We have featured some fun headers from our past. But here is the fun part. If you hit refresh on your computer, the headers will change at the top of the screen.. just click and click and click.. i hope. Its an experiment.

This one from the St johns River Cruise says it all

This one from the St johns River Cruise says it all

Here is one of our all time favorite headers

Here is one of our all time favorite headers

The day we changed to the new look

The day we changed to the new look

Remember just click around the site or hit refresh and the headers should change


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30 Responses to “It’s Header Day On Woody Boater!”
  1. Troy

    I could do this all day!

    You should sell this on a thumb drive so I can put it in one of those electric picture frames and just let it run.


  2. WoodyGal

    I may do it all day, as I travel through airports on the way to the lake!

  3. Alex

    1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits… But who’s counting, right?

    Ah yes, you are! And we’ll happily oblige so long as you give us the tally tomorrow. Dealio?

  4. Jim Staib

    Have you found Dorthy and Toto yet? I’ll be in Nebraska This afternoon. Probably just as bad.

  5. WoodenRookie

    oh you are just trying to get your “hits” counter up, marketing 101.

  6. Mark Christensen

    I’m still waiting for the option to download wallpaper resolution headers. Would love to run those on my background.

  7. MikeM

    This reminds me of the joke “How do you drive a (insert nationality here) crazy? Put him in a round room and tell him to sit in the corner”

    OK, I got to get back to clicking now………

  8. alfaguy

    Damn you … this is addictive.

    How about putting up a link to an archive where one could scroll through the past header photos? Many of them are way to good to never be seen again.

  9. Mackenzie

    I’m studying for my last ever law school exam… and I can’t stop refreshing this page…

    • Rick

      FOCUS! This is much more important than some silly exam.

  10. Mosby

    You picked a hell of a day to start this. I’ve got work to do. Click….. click….. click…..

  11. Philip Andrew

    This I like. Very very good art direction and design. You’re a whizz Matt Smith.

  12. floyd r turbo

    One click, two clicks, three clicks, wee.
    Five clicks, six clicks, seven clicks, gee.
    Eight clicks, nine clicks, ten clicks, chablis.
    Eleven clicks, twelve clicks, Wa Chee We.
    Thirteen clicks, fourteen clicks, fifteen clicks, spree.
    Sixteen clicks, seventeen clicks, and its all for free.
    Eighteen clicks, nineteen clicks, now I gotta pee.
    twenty clicks, twenty-one clicks, hmm, let’s see.
    Twenty-two clicks, twenty three clicks, that’s my cup of tea.
    Twenty four clicks, twenty five clicks, jubilee.
    Twenty six clicks, twenty seven clicks, zzzzzzz

  13. floyd r turbo

    not quite as memorable as Matt/Texx’s tho.

  14. Alex

    Ah nuts, look what you did to floyd r with your clickapalooza. Now someone’s gotta go find his reset button.

  15. Cliff

    I blown three hours…….Matt ,Texx sel this as a screen saver so I can really screw off at the office.

  16. floyd r turbo

    Because I was screwing around all afternoon on this I’m going to be late for practice but tonight’s drill was on….

  17. Troy

    Just when I think I have seen them all I click one more time and something REALLY REALLY cool comes up!

  18. Dane

    One too many for me. I landed on the 1965 tornado damage from Lake Minnetonka. That photo of the deephaven storage barn always causes me pain.

    • Rick

      I feel emotionally damaged from that picture also. Hmmm, Class Action Lawsuit? Matt had better add a Defense Donation Button also.

  19. Terry L.

    Why not create a tab for pass headers that we can look at any time we want??