No need to walk on water when you have a woody boat!

Here it is.. Direct from the holy land

We got this live-ish report in from fellow Woody Boater herb Hall from Sierra Boat Company. Herb is traveling the globe looking for more Woody Boats.. Well that’s what we think, why would anyone travel anyplace to just see whats there? Anyway, here is Herbs report. Take it away Herb.

Looks like it doesnt need a new bottom, but man oh man those top sides need some TLC

Looks like it doesnt need a new bottom, but man oh man those top sides need some TLC

Live from lake Galilee Israel. Proof that Jesus was a Woody Boater. This 2000 year old boat was found in the mud in the 80’s when the lake level dropped during a severe drought. It’s about 40 feet long and typical of the type of boat used in Jesus’ time. It’s made of cedar with oak ribs and iron fasteners. Basically built like a big canoe.

Here is the model, all ready to go.

Here is the model, all ready to go.

So when Jesus needed to get around Lake Galilee, he got around in a boat like this. No dock, no problem, he could walk on water.

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20 Responses to ““Jesus Was A Woody Boater!” We Have Proof-ish.”
  1. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Well:Cant prove it, but this is woodyboater so it must be true!

    • Alex

      This is all hearsay (heresy?).

      There’s absolutely no proof-ish.

      Now Noah, however… THERE’s a WoodyBoater! Though I’ll bet all the animal claws and hoofs played havoc on his varnish.

  2. Troy

    You didn’t really think Jesus would have fiberglass, DID YOU!

  3. Old Salt

    A little CPES and some 5200 and it should be good to go……………! Don”t forget the five gallon bucket…

  4. Rick

    Check The Essential Guide for details for some minor restoration. A little too much “patina” even for a user boat. Rush and it can be shown in Algonac.

  5. Bryan

    There’s also written evidence that His disciples crowded into a Honda. “When they were all in one Accord….”

  6. Alex

    Hey, our lake (Huron) level has also dropped. Perhaps we’ll find another boat in our waters. In fact, there must be another. Because everyone knows He would have owned a 25′ Sportsman.

  7. Pooh

    I understand there were three Jesus boats. This was just a prop for the last supper. Jesus’s real boat is still in a barn in MA.

    • Dreed

      The Nena, Pinta, and the Santa Maria if my memory is correct. At least that is what Jethro thought.

  8. Lou Rauh

    I think I brokered that boat. There was one guy who came with 12 of his buddies to check it out.

  9. Woody Boater

    HAHAHAHA! Puts a new meaning on Antique boat center.

  10. Philip Andrew

    yeah well it looks pretty holy so it must be the big guys boat.

  11. brian t

    I don’t know.

    I think Jesus’ wife Mary Magdalene would have insisted upon having a better boat – a Riva Tritone.

    • Rick

      He probably would have told her the truth about restoration costs and ended up sleeping in the stable.

  12. MikeM

    This was a great thread to come in late on….great stuff. I wonder which restorer he’d pick or if he’d stick with Joseph.

    This story kind of “Screws Up” Alex’s story because as I understand it, he told his wife the Red and White was Jesus’ boat and that’s how he got it……