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12 Responses to “Have Fun Out There This Weekend!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    It’s going to take me a week to get over watching that!!!

  2. Captain Nemo

    The biggest thing I take away from this is: Check the capacity of you crane before using.

  3. Jack Schneiberg

    Well…….you can’t fix stupid………………..

  4. Rick

    Personally I’m impressed with the firefighting skills of the 1st clip.

  5. WoodyGal

    My insurance is up to date but now I’m afraid to go out in my boat!

  6. Richard

    I guess that one thing nice about a jet boat ,you can jump the river banks.Looks like fun in someone else’s boat . The rest of it is crazy.Some of those people could have died.I hope not.

  7. Alex

    Gee thanks guys. Learned some new tricks for the jet boat. Hey Carla, does my insurance cover those jumps over land?

  8. Mark

    68 RESORTER FG. My Fathers Day starts tonight. My son, son in law and myself are going fishing at our strip pits to catch a mess of fish. I voted the family goes to the lake for Fathers Day. Always like reading the responses to the Woody Boater stories. M&M

  9. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    I thought I was watching a 3 stooges short watching the anchor fall on that tug,

  10. Carla

    Alex, I’m thinking SIU will be over any claim you submit!!! Don’t let those policies lapse…

    • Alex

      Carla, no problem. The Feds are already watching our every move — yours and mine included.

      SIU is child’s play compared to that.

      Oh, and “hi Mr.President.”