photo 2 On Saturday Tim & Brian Robinson, the father & son restoration team at Robinson Restoration, welcomed over 30 participants to their impressive boat shop in Fallbrook, California for an informative, hands-on workshop.

The workshop was organized in conjunction with the great folks from the Southern California Chapter ACBS and fellow Woody Boater Marten Anderson was on hand for the event – he sent us the following Live-ish report. – Texx

SoCal ACBS 2013 Wooden Boat Workshop
by Marten Anderson

More than 30 local club members and some guest speakers were on hand at Robinson Restoration in Fallbrook, CA to cover a number of interesting topics relating to the care, restoration and maintenance of classic wooden boats. The topics included:

– Varnish preparation and application.
– Major frame replacement woodwork.
– Other wooden boat repair / maintenance items.
– Prop shaft removal & bearing replacement.

Special guests Gayle and Jon Brantuk from Glen-L Marine in Bellflower, CA were on hand to show us what their company supplies to the amateur boat builder. Glen-L has been an invaluable resource for boat builders and owners for over 5 decades and they offer everything from boat building plans, hardware, building supplies and “how to” materials for everything from boats to trailers.

photo 6

Live demo of removing shaft to replace cutlass bearing. This one is being cut and replaced with a stainless shaft.

Below, Brian and Tim Robinson demonstrate their setup for boring the prop shaft hole in the keel. (Not that boring if you need to learn how)

photo 4
John Maddox talking about prop shaft, strut and cutlass bearing issues.

photo 5
Below, veteran wooden boat restorer and enthusiast Tim Robinson dancing away as he talks about large timber replacement (a heavy subject) which had the audience listening carefully.

photo 7
Later in the day, we had a special round table discussion I call “Ask the Experts” where you could ask Tim and Brian Robinson your questions about wooden boat repair / restoration. These guys are among the best in the hobby, so to have the opportunity to tap into their knowledge was great!

Robinson Restoration is a working wooden boat shop, so we were also able to see what Tim and Brian are currently working on. One of the classics currently being restored in their shop is this rare 1947 Chris-Craft 25′ Sportsman Sedan, with the ventilating top removed for restoration. This particular boat has an original Hercules W engine.

photo 1
Also in the shop, is this rare shot of a remarkable 1924 33′ Hackercraft which was originally built in Detroit for Henry Ford. This Liberty V-12 powered Hackercraft was clocked at 49 MPH in 1924.

photo 8
Robinson Restoration recently completed the full restoration of “Nervous” a beautiful 1954 Chris-Craft 19′ Racing Runabout which will debut at the 2013 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance in August.


1954 Chris-Craft 19′ Racing Runabout “Nervous”

Special thanks to the Southern California Chapter ACBS and Robinson Restoration for hosting this great wooden boat workshop, and to all the folks who participated in this fun event on Saturday.

Marten Anderson

photo 3 - Copy
And our thanks to fellow Woody Boater Marten Anderson for taking the time to share this Live-ish report with us today.

When I get stumped (which is common) or need some additional information or history on a particular wooden boat marque for a Woody Boater story, Brian Robinson is always there to help us, which we appreciate.


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13 Responses to “Robinson Restoration In Fallbrook, CA Hosts Southern California ACBS Workshop”
  1. m-fine

    Sounds like it was a “pun” day for everyone involved.

  2. Ken Miller

    I like the creative use of the (bandsaw???) easel stand in photo four. Use whatcha got!

  3. Cobourg Kid

    Interesting story and nice opportunity for me to snoop around Brian’s shop without having to travel thousands of miles from home. Hope to hear more about the Ford boat as restoration progresses . Love those mid 20’s gentlemen’s racers. Great work Marten!

  4. Andrew

    How can someone contact the Robinson Restoration? I have a beautiful craft looking for some one on one work.

    • Texx

      Andrew – I will e-mail you Brian Robinsons contact information this afternoon.


  5. Kelley Kiel

    I would like Tim or Brian Robinson’s contact information please.

  6. Peter McLaughlin

    I have a 25 to 30 year old Chriscraft Wooden Boat with a trailer that I am trying to get evaluated for sale. Can you help me ?
    Not sure of the year . I think it is a 26ft long wooden boat, Chris Craft , no dashboard, wheel or winshield, no seats, no motor, interior is gutted only the gas tank remains. Yes..some dryrot and heat damage from sun on the whole boat. Shafts-yes. Rudders- yes. Shaft logs- yes. Boat sits on a trailer that needs 4 tires , 2 brake lights and who know what.
    Photos available……Peter 510-693-6120 cell…..Northern California

    • Texx

      Peter – I will be in touch with you with a contact in your area who may be able to help. – Texx

  7. Keith W Huntington

    I spoke to you a year or so ago about my 1931 Dodge 16 ft runabout.
    Need a little advice to clean up the boat and you said that your backed up for and wouldn’t have time to work on the boat but that you wouldn’t mind looking at it if I brought it over to your shop and offering some advice on the best way to bring back the finish.
    Keith W Huntington