At first glance its a simple cover.. But upon closer look, it just gets strange

At first glance its a simple album cover.. But upon closer look, it just gets strange. Not Chads Monkey strange,,, Really sick strange.  How exactly would this have been a fun boat trip? Maybe they were slamming down martinis for the entire trip?

From time to time we enjoy posting pictures of vintage boat babes. Sexism, yes, BUT, Honestly to us, they are part of the cheesy marketing effort of brands back in the day. They must be viewed with a sense of humor and part of pin up art history.  The Marshall McCluhan quote says it all,  “Ads are the cave art of the 20th Century” Are these ads and literature reflective of the times, or just dumb? Apparently, only men made purchasing decisions. And women were supposed to dress up and clean the boat. How much fun is that for your wife?

Yeah, thats gonna happen!

Yeah, that’s gonna happen! She is even in prison stripes!

The album cover on ebay, click here above and magazine cover below here. Click Here

Really? IS she going to sit there looking at you longingly while you play with a boat model? Really? No honey, the red wire goes right there..

Really? Is she going to sit there looking at you longingly while you play with a boat model? Really? “No honey, the red wire goes right there..” Oh honey this will be so much fun…By the way, you know this is a Custom, not a Riviera, The seat cushions are thicker, and did you know that they used Philips head screws on this, or was it reed and Prince? “Oh Doug, you are so hot.. Lets go inside and…..”

Maybe after the cheesy boat ride with all the “babes’ the guys sat around in their  shorts and talked?

It's not just women who were made to look dumb.. Here is another classic, like on fathers day men all sit around and "talk" not that there is anything wrong with that?

It’s not just women who were made to look dumb.. Here is another classic, like on fathers day men all sit around and “talk” Hey Bob, I sure like the fit on those yellow shorts, ?????????

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go my weekly sensitivity training.

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24 Responses to “If You Are Easily Offended, Today Is Your Day!”
  1. matt

    HA, as Texx said last night, it’s been getting a tad stale around here lately.

  2. Cliff

    What a great way to start my vacation. Thanks guys you rock!

    • Alex

      Hey, another boat with a big oversized, yet original, spotlight over the helm! Now I know why Harrison left his in place. Chick’s dig ’em.

  3. floyd r turbo

    “Hi-infidelity”, lol. Captain’s rule #1 – “what happens on the boat, stays on the boat”. “Bob, do these yellow trunks make my junk look small?”.

  4. m-fine

    Not sure I can get the wife in pinstripes and on the deck with a mop, but child labor is always a good fallback option.

  5. MikeM

    Not to take this any closer to the dark side, but in that first “group photo,” is it me or does that woman being hauled out of the water look like a blow-up doll? The straight legs give me pause. Not that I’d know what a blow up doll looks like. It’s just what my friends have told me. Not that I have any friends who would know what one looks like. It’s just what they might have seen on the Internet. Not that any friends of mine would watch anything on the Internet that illicit. It’s just… Aw forget it. I’m busted.

  6. Mark Saunders

    Middle aged Captain with a cool boat. Young groupies hangin around for fun in the sun……… least until Labor Day. I don’t think much has changed in fifty years.

  7. The "REAL" MikeM

    Dear Woodyboater,
    Please stop letting Alex post with my name.
    Your friend,

    • The "Real, Real" Mike M

      Alex is not alone. Others are part of the conspiracy. It’s a global program.

  8. Chris B

    that was fun now i am smiling. not sure that boat ever made it back to shore, at least it was a victory

  9. The "REAL" MikeM

    If its OK with Woodygal, it’s ok with me.

    JimF, they say something about imitation and flattery but I can’t remember the details. I do, however, remember that you owe me a beer in FL this year! By boat.

  10. Michael miejer

    Ranger, your modtel laying on the back deck of the boat is a hottie.

    • ranger


      We were asked to bring the boat and bust to a WWII Pin Up photo shoot, this is Scarlett. She spent an hour on the boat while a large group of photographers snapped away.

      They had about twenty different vignettes and about that many models set up for the day.

  11. John Rothert

    yep, the media is the MASSAGE…for sure….

    John in Va.

  12. Beth

    In case anyone is wondering, this is what was actually in the High “In-Fidelity Records” cover. Advertised to be “wild, whacky, bawdy … and screamingly funny!” there were six in the series, but this is the only boat related “cover”. (Yes, the others are just as… er, tasteful.)

    Weird side note; we were all out woody boating on Claribel for my birthday when this was posted. Thinking this was an actual album, I thought it would be fun to do a little checking. Turns out, the “album” was issued the year I was born. (Maybe in the future I should curtail my curiosity — eeessh, feeling REALLY old now.)