19 Comments on “Live-ish From Cruiser Heaven – 24th Annual Chris Craft Rendezvous, In Port Orchard, WA

    • Me too Jim.

      Let’s see, if there are 100 boats at the show, and we had 12 hours to get around to see all the boats, that would mean we would have to limit each visit to 7.2 minutes per boat.

      And if each boat owner invited us on board for a beer, can you drink a beer in 7.2 minutes?

  1. The name treatment on TOMCAT is over the top! I wish I would have thought of that.

  2. Just finished installing a new garage door opener at the cottage instead of spending this beautiful July day boating. With all the damn safety features to be set up and adjusted, it turned into a four hour job. Came in in a foul mood, but a quick look at those georgeous cruisers and I feel much better. Grill up some dinner and get out on the lake for an evening cruise. Life is good!

  3. WOW
    Posts like this make me sure that I want to hang on to American Beauty, get her wet, and CRUISE!

    • Troy – That big cruiser looks great. How long before American Beauty goes back in the water?

      • Texx:
        Still hoping to get her in this season.
        She will not be fully ready, but she needs to get wet.
        I will keep you posted and send you some pix as I progress.

        • 35 ft Connie? Looks great. I wonder what a new bottom on a boat that size would cost? I would love to get one!

  4. I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event a few years ago. It was a giant floating party, a celebration of classic boating and the people involved were great fun.

  5. Gee I spent all day working on my baby 23′ Express Cruiser. Just cant begin to think of how much time and money it tales to keep a 35′ Connie in the water!

  6. We are at the Sandpoint Wooden Boat Show in Idaho, one of our favoruite events of the season up here. Great small town flavor, and lots of bataing. But man, this cruiser deal looks stunning. I was captivated by a 1940 34′ CC (Aphrodite) at this show – love the cruisers. As a veteran of the smaller stuff, I can only imagine the dedication that these cruiser folks must possess in order to keep these gorgeous boats going. I simply must get out to this event, perhaps next year. Thanks for the report!

  7. Love that hardtop Commander, Ron. You should change the name from Itchin’ to “Bitchin”. So nice – Cruiser heaven.

  8. Wow, great CRUISER STORY…I need to get out there…..a wonder that some many bib CC did…..long way from the major factories…..rail I guess.
    Neat story, thanks,

    John in Va.

    • My 65′ Connie came across country on a custom railcar, the handrails were removed before shipment and reinstalled at Bryant’s Marine.

  9. Everyone of these is a boat I’ll never own, but can really imagine owning. It’s just like looking through a Victoria’s Secret catalog.