Crank it up, put in on the big screen and then read the Clayton Trilogy again! If you want more info on River Quest Click here

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7 Responses to “We Interupt Todays Clayton Story Just To Hammer Home How Stunning The Thousand Islands Are.”
  1. Rick

    I guess this was made during the 2 weeks of no snow and ice? Looks beautiful! DAMN YOU MATT SMITH, now I have to add another destination to my bucket list (really a 55 gallon drum at this point). Well done video. How many of the wooden boats in the video can you name?

    • Texx

      I bet Cobourg Kid will take a crack at that challenge. He is good at those type of details…

      • cobourg-kid

        Ok I accept the challenge. but I am only counting wooden boats mind you. Numbers indicate elapsed time. 1:00 ABM’s Zipper built by Staudacher Yachts beats upwind.
        1:20 Middle River Runner a 1924 26″ Hutchison Sedan. Two double cockpits accompanying it are a mystery. Possibly early Dodge water cars or 35 Chris Split cockpits?? at 1;21 A nice Lyman Joins them, and at 1:22 a Chris something noses in. At 1:24 a late 1950s Chris Craft Capri scoots by then at 1:36 a Garwood replica Triple cockpit ( I think it’s ABM’s teal) slides under the camera. At 1:31 a Lyman or Possibly a Cliffe Craft (Gananoque builder) chugs past. at 2:48 a Century resorter or a small Garwood heads down the channel. at 2:50 the two mystery boats make another appearance ( dodges?) . at 2:61 the ABM’s 1953 Chris Craft semi enclosed sedan makes an appearance could also be the Muskie , next a 60s Chris Craft Sportsman shows up and at 3;13 steamboat Galatea chuffs buy.

        How did I do?

        • Texx

          Simply amazing CK.

          Your prize is…. Wait for it…..

          We will give you the day off tomorrow and wait until Saturday AM to see Chapter 3 from Clayton.

  2. Troy

    Oh my word!

    I like some of those glass boats as much as the wood ones.

  3. floyd r turbo

    Awesome vid and dang, CK, you’re amazing. Now can someone name all the islands, lol. I know the TI bridge at Ivy Lea and Hill Island. Surprised there’s not more wrecks on it as the view up and down river from there is spectacular.