Wiicker chairOver the years we have gotten a bunch of emails asking if we knew where to find the cool old whicker chairs that graced our beloved boats. Well, today is a part lucky day. There is one on ebay, unfortunately not a matching set, but its half way there. Just think, half your boat will be perfect. Like it’s ever really perfect anyway? These also may look cool in your U22 or big fancy yacht, or in your man cave? Just click here and order away.

Wicker chair 2

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6 Responses to “Faye And Bowen Whicker Chair On Ebay.”
  1. chad

    Not a big fan of wicker chairs. They make that “creaky noise” when I sit my big ass down in them.

    Stand back!

  2. MikeM

    Does the header have something to do with the story? I feel like I’m i school again and unable to make the connection between what I read and what the teacher told me I read.

  3. floyd r turbo

    a wicker rocking chair? for a boat??? wobbling or rocking chairs of any type probably not a good idea for a boat except maybe a mill pond and even then, not. but, especially if you have yacht gratings. guess you could yank off the rockers and put rubber tips on the “nubs”.

    • m-fine

      Especially if used in combination with my patented lead shot and kapok mother-in-law life vest.