Texx's pad while hanging out in Minnesota! What the heck is this all about? I am working at HQ slaving over smoking servers and megabytes...and  he is Livin' La Vida Loca .. All I can say. It's good to be Texx!

Texx’s pad while hanging out in Minnesota! What the heck is this all about? I am working at HQ slaving over smoking servers and megabytes…and he is Livin’ La Vida Loca .. All I can say. It’s good to be Texx!

Poor poor Texx has had so much fun up in Minnesota that he has yet to sleep! As you may recall this is the guy who had to sleep in a strangers pontoon boat in a parking lot out west between destinations a couple years ago. Ya see, sleep for Texx is an interruption between fun things to do. But if you are up in Minnesota during there one week of summer and every cool boat on the planet is around you, along with some amazing people. Well, there is no time for sleep. So todays live report will be a tad late.. All so Texx can take a nappy! Sleep away little Texx, sleep away..Oh did we mention that Texx is sleeping in John Allen’s Boat house! WAKE UP TEXX, THAR BOATS TO DROOL OVER! YOU CAN SLEEP THIS WINTER! DEAR GOD MAN!

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20 Responses to “Shhhhhhhhhh! Texx Is Sleeping!”
  1. m-fine

    While Texx was sleeping, I made an amazing discovery. A bilge pump so big it can even keep a Century afloat!!! No more 5 gallon buckets…

  2. matt

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh Boy, here we go.. Tommy will be along soon. WAKE UP TEXX.

    • m-fine

      Once I figure out how to lift that thing out of the creek bed, do you think Tommy will be able to help me install it in a Sea Maid?

      • Tommyholm

        Ha ha
        I finally ran out of gas and had to turn the iPad on.
        Ha ha

        At least the century boats get to the water unlike your barn queens

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    I’m glad to see that Texx is finally at a great classic boating event. I was beginning to get concerned about his workaholic tendencies at his day job. Great to have him back!

  4. Chad

    Get up TEXX, you’re burning daylight!

    I’m sure there is a rail system to carry you to the breakfast table.

  5. Tom

    By the looks of the bed Texx never went to bed. He is probably out on the water taking action shots along with Dane. Only thing he forgot was his sunglasses.

    Keep the photos coming Texx.

  6. Carla

    Texx, and Dane, are unbelievable as to their dedication on reporting for WB! I have had the pleasure to be a “tag along” quite often the past several days with our WB boys and in awe of their energy on 2-3 hours of sleep a night! Woody Boater is a blog that Hagerty is extremely proud to be a sponsor! Thank u Matt, Texx and Dane, as well as many other contributors in keeping the rest of us informed as to the happenings in our beloved hobby!

  7. Texx

    OK – I’m awake… Darn early morning boaters on Gull Lake!!

    I’ll fire up the old travel laptop and get organized.

  8. matt

    Get to it man, there is varnish sloffing off while you eat your omelet du fromage

  9. rabbit

    It’s always the bass boats, with a 300hp outboard at full boil, in a hurry to get God knows where, that wake you first. Next comes the wake boats, with bass thumping.

    • Texx

      Now if it was a 33′ Baby Gar with a Liberty V-12 … or a Belle Isle Super Bear Cat – That would be like waking up to symphony music.

    • Troy

      Here in the northeast it is the Lobster Boats. About 5:30 – 6:00 AM every morning.

      It’s actually a very pleasant sound.

  10. Texx

    No sooner did I make the comment about waking up to the sound of a Gar Wood…. and I look out the window of the boat house and a big Gar Wood triple loaded with people goes cruising by, the sound of original power and all…. And I didn’t have my camera ready…

    Here at the boat house working on the first of two Sunday stories and then heading back over to the show at Bar Harbor.

    Hotter than a biscuit here today, with “feel like” temps in the high 90’s.


  11. Troy

    I think Texx can sleep with his eyes open and a camera in his hand (shutter snapping).