We are not sure how old this photo is, maybe yesterday?

We are not sure how old this photo is, maybe yesterday?

Texx left Lake Minnetonka yesterday morning after an amazing day on some amazing boats, that he will no doubt write an amazing story on. Then rode the old Harley Davidson across Minnesota and half of South Dakota ending up in Lemmon, SD at nightfall.

Lemmon trip

Now… What could there possibly be to see in Lemmon South Dakota. Glad you asked. First, as Texx pointed out, they have a Petrified Wood Park. Mind you it’s not a 5200 wood park. Its all old school there. Really! Just click here and you will see.

More post cards

More post cards

Thar it is!

Thar it is in all it’s glory!

Texx has been sending in some amazing images from Wednesdays fun, stay tuned. Here is a peek of the fun.







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17 Responses to “If It’s Friday It Must Be Lemmon South Dakota”
  1. WoodyGal

    Petrified wood? Your mind is a twisted maze of whacko brilliance!

  2. m-fine

    If that is the best “post card worthy” shot they could come up with, I definitely don’t want to visit!

  3. Sean

    I thought “petrified wood” describes your boat after you add up all the bills on your fresh restoration.

    …and your wife finds out how much you spent.

    • floyd r turbo

      I think my heart would leap out of my chest if I came across something like that in a field. “This is the big one Elizabeth, I’m comin’ home”, Fred Sanford 1975.

      • brian t

        I am with you Floyd – I fail to understand how any humanoid could ever allow this to happen. Then again, it has been my experience that I find most people do not care for their stuff.

  4. floyd r turbo

    If only the towns people of Lemmon had built a petrified wood triple cockpit. Wow, look ma, no rot, ever.

  5. Paul H.

    There is no worse drive in the US (that I have seen) than the Dakota’s, and the South edges out the North for utter boredom and overwhelming lack of anything interesting, like a bend in the road. Just hideous and I scoot across there as fast as possible when sentenced to cross either of those states. We rode our motorcycles from Brainerd MN to BC, Canada a few years ago, got the whole treatment on that trip, with the equally boring eatern part of MT tacked onto the stupefyingly dull Dakota traverse for good measure. 105 Deg heat made it even more special. Still, this drive is a very small price to pay for the experience that Texx has had.

    • floyd r turbo

      I would put Kansas up against N/S Dakota, boring rolling hills with a constant headwind from the west. Dakota’s have a starkness but once you’ve seen an hour of it, that’s quite enough.

  6. Texx

    I was planning to publish the great story of my visit with classic boat collector Kermit Sutton last Wednesday, but had a hard time getting any reliable internet service in Lemmon, SD last night. Stay tuned for that report.

    North and South Dakota can be a rough ride in terms of roadside scenery, but I have a rule that I always try to follow when riding across America which is “Never ride on Interstate highways.”

    Although it’s not nearly as fast, riding the secondary highways provides a glimpse into rural towns and countryside not always seen from the Interstate.

    In todays economic climate, one thing to keep in mind when taking these secondary roads is that many of the small town gas stations are no longer in business, so when you see a sign that says Macintosh, SD 60 miles, that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be fuel ahead. Riding on a half talk of gas can be exciting at times.

    Planning to stop in at Mt. Rushmore today to visit George Washington (1732–1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) and Abraham Lincoln (1809).

    The Black Hills of South Dakota are amazing on a motorcycle.

    • Dennis Mykols

      We hauled our 1970 El Camino out to the Black Hills for a 4 day car tour/cruise/car show a couple years ago. Simply beautiful winding roads and breath taking views.

    • Jim Staib

      It seems the small town have better scenery. Seems the locals get bored and make things like the petrified Museum and whatever this is supposed to be. I think it was on US2 in ND.

  7. Old Salt


    Nice way to work in the presidents on your trip… Tex, Find out why Mount Rushmore is named mount Rushmore while you are there…. It’s fun trivia..

  8. Troy

    Have a safe trip!

    If all goes well I will finaly be woodyboating tomorrow on Cobbosseeconttee in the ’57 Continental “Yorktown”.

    It has been a strange summer!