Lets just all admit it. We secretly love pontoon boats! Come on, say it! I Love  Pontoon Boats! Pontoon boats are amazing party boats. But, to be honest, they are the but face ugly! How many times have you sat there looking at one and thought, mmmm maybe if I added some wood this and changed that and bent this thing. If we google around the universe we do find some that have been hacked together and look like that.. But, what would happen if real designers did it? WELL, here ya go. All we have is pictures thanks to the good folks from Katzs Marina who found these shots.

Way to go Stan Craft!

Way to go Stan Craft!


Is this the coolest pontoon boat on the planet earth? Yes!

Is this the coolest pontoon boat on the planet earth? Yes!

This specific pontoon boat base is a made by Bennington Pontoon boats, and this specific one is a Bennington Q StanCraft from the shots on there forum and Stan Crafts Facebook page. It appears that they are heaving some fun with other versions of custom designed pontoon boats. But this one is cool as heck. The Stan Craft lines are perfect as are the polished pontoons. with a tough of the coolness of Thunderbird. So we take off our woody hats to Bennington for at least trying to bring a little woodyness!


We wonder if Stan Craft is part of this?

Way to go Stan Craft and Bennignton!

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21 Responses to “It Was Bound To Happen! Thanks Stan Craft!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I love our pontoon boat when all the family and friends come out to the cottage, and you want to take 15 people for a ride on the lake. We will be doing just that tomorrow. However, I’m sorry, a box is still a box, even if you dress it up with some wood trim. Pontoon boats have a place in this world, but they need to be kept in their place

  2. m-fine

    I am pretty sure that header photo was taken in the state of Oregon.

    As for the pontoon boat, I am with Greg. They have their place and can be great boats BUT their role in life is not to be the beauty queen. All the lipstick in the world won’t turn that pig into a curvy bikini model and conversely, when you are looking for a griddle full of bacon for 15 people, you need a pig not a curvy 20′ custom.

  3. Alex

    But I’d need a glacially-thick pair of beer goggles before I could bring a pontoon home.

    • Alex

      Jimmy Soul would disagree, though.

      “Say man!
      “Hey baby!
      I saw your wife the other day!
      Yeah, an’ she’s ug-leeee!
      Yeah, she’s ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!
      Yeah, alright!

      If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
      Never make a pretty woman your wife
      So for my personal point of view
      Get an ugly girl to marry you.”

  4. Texx

    Jim – Even today when I see a pontoon boat I instantly get sleepy and want to stop for a nap.

    They are the ultimate party barge.

    Last weekend at the Gull Lake boat show there was a company selling pontoon boats that were painted to look like woodies.

  5. mack

    I refer to them as Pontoon Floats , not boats. They just do not qualify as boats.

  6. floyd r turbo

    Even a song about pontoon boats, tho well done, can’t make them any more desirable. Just got my first ride on one, it was John Unsworth’s (owner of Wa Chee We). Even he has to take his garbage from his island cottage somehow – u wouldn’t want him to use his 1923 Ditchburn for that would u. It was quite pleasant as we were also taking our luggage after closeup.

  7. Paul H.

    I am considering upgrading my 12 year old 27′ pontoon. It has been an absolute blast and there is nothing better for a long day cruise or party with a big group, especially kids – who can move around easily. They are exceedingly functional. I put about 40-60 hours a season on mine.

    The other day I saw a pontoon boat being delivered to the dealer that sold me mine – 31′ (I think) with TWIN 300 Merc O/B’s on the back. It gets to over 60 mph. Why you need that speed in a pontoon I have no idea, but – these are very much boats. My existing tri-toon boat goes about 38 mph, planes nicely at low speed and the 225 Merc is adequate. My Skiff goes 30 mph and does not plane. So, what indeed is a boat, Mack?

    Anyway, not a fan of the pontoon/woody look – pontoons are what they are and it is easy to understand why they are popular. Function over form – like many things in life I guess.

    • Sean

      I always thought a boat had to have a hull and a means of propulsion. But, I guess if I stick to that notion then the America’s Cup has no “boats” anymore and they just race sails…That can’t be right????

      Using an inverse yardstick, I could put a trolling motor on a floating dock and have a “boat”??? Don’t think so.

      I think I’ll just term them Barges. Although those Americas Cup sail barges sure are fast! 🙂

  8. Dick Dow

    WWST – What would Stan think??? 🙂 If you have to go ‘toon, that would be the way.

  9. Texx

    I remember being in Minneapolis, MN on a business trip in the mid-80’s and we went to a local lake and rented what then was referred to as a “Aqua Patio” – I think that was an early version of a pontoon boat, but not sure.

    At the time, (circa 1986) I had never seen anything quite like it… A patio that floated with a small outboard.

    Ha – Also remember driving the Aqua Patio around the lake wearing a suit and tie in the 80 degree heat. Those were the days…

    • Alex

      I just checked.

      Company is still in business.

      Better find and buy one of those vintage models now before they soar in value.

    • Dennis Mykols

      My dad bought his first pontoon something like the one above, with NO Chairs! We would pile on 20 folding deck chairs of every shape and color and take off. That was in 1967. Then he upgraded to what we called Gramps Pimp mobile, in 1985, with all the built in longue seating, a big old captain’s chair, even a bar with cooler. He drove that thing around the lake till he was in his late 80’s. My brother still has it up in Minn.

  10. Troy

    Leave it to Stan Craft.

    As the old saying goes “There is a butt for every seat.”

  11. Hogfan

    Before you throw stones, I’ve had 3Cobalts over 30 years. Phenomenal boats, but my 2013 25′ Bennington 350 I/O is the most stable solid performer I’ve had. Turns on a dime at all planed speeds, cuts through the roughest of lake waters. Pass ski boats all the time. When the storm churns the water, I’m full speed – 45mph- while the V hulls are throttling back. Drive it before you discount it!