Fellow Woody Boaters Shaun Fenn, Alex Watson and Matt Byrne, at the docks ready for a fun photo shoot.

Fellow Woody Boaters Shaun Fenn, Alex Watson and Matt Byrne, at the docks ready for a fun photo shoot.

This is one of those times of the year that’s tough here at Woody Boater HQ in Virginia. Each year, the International ACBS show is held during the same time as my local show in Reedville, and the one on Smith Mountain Lake also in Virginia. Some of you may say, hey Matt, do them all. Well Virginia is larger than it may look. Smith Mountain Lake is farther than New York City for me for example. Thats right, it takes less time to get to Lake Hopatcong than it does to SML.. Crazy? Yes. Reedville is a block away, and yet, if work calls, and it’s been screaming at me lately. It’s a 3 hour haul each way …All the shows get lost. The crazyer thing is that in Virginia September is the absolute best boating time of the year. Calm, clean waters mixed with low humidity 73 degree days. This year, I swore I was going to go to Idaho, so did Texx. We had a cabin all rented out for the entire week. But work and life got in the way of all of it. Virginia and Idaho all took back seat to a laptop in a cube. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. We did have reporters on the job though. The fun emails behind the scenes were fun yet painful to read since I was not there.

This came in from Matt Bryne, looking for a fun caption. HA Mini me boats.

This came in from Matt Bryne, looking for a fun caption. HA Mini me boats.

Paul Harrison of course broke down on the way to a photo shoot for us. And I missed that! Forget the amazing boats at the show, or fun gang to hang out with. Missing Paul break down again, is painful.

Pauls Engine broken down, 'Someone" also seemed to have a leak!

Pauls Engine broken down, ‘Someone” also seemed to spring a leak!

And then,  as one reader on Facebook said yesterday,  ” Pretty thin coverage of the International Show.” OUCH…  So I apologize for the thin coverage of Idaho, it’s 100% my fault here at HQ…Not anyone elses. With that said though,  a huge big special fantastic thanks to Wes Yandt, Steve Natale and Ron Stevenson for saving the day though and sending in great photos of the show so we could get a taste of one of the top shows of the year. To Texx, who despite being busy, was able to post the stories and  winners in live time as they were being announced.  We thank you for the sleepless nights Texx. He was up at 3 AM on some nights waiting and writing. We had a big time photographer Shaun Fenn, who has been shooting in Florida, Smith Mountain Lake and Lake Tahoe for the past month there in Idaho. He had to fly in from FLA for the show just for us. Thanks to the ACBS for providing the credentials to allow that to happen. We were there to shoot a new way at looking at the lifestyle of Woody Boating. Not dock shots or boat glamor shots this year. We all  can see those shots on facebook, twitter, Skyfly, flicker, the list goes on. We wanted to try a new thing, it just takes time to work out. We will break this work soon once its completed. To say its amazing is an understatement from the raw stuff thats coming in already. Thanks again for your comments and reports. Stay tuned for the amazing results from our special lifestyle photo shoot.

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13 Responses to “Shame On Me! Thanks To Others!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Hey Matt, it sounds like it’s time for you to make some retirement plans. Your day job is becoming a real problem. WoodyBoating on social security isn’t such a bad life. Take the plunge!

  2. m-fine

    If you rent the cabin for the week, I will cover Skaneateless for you next year.

  3. Rick

    Never apologize Matt it makes you look weak and people will try and take advantage of you for that bit of advice I hope you don’t mind me borrowing Suzie for a week or two realistically without WoodyBoater I probably wouldn’t even know about most of these shows during the year and I know I’ll never ever get through my bucket list of shows so any pics are better than none.

    ((In support of WoodyBoater this has purposely (I was going to write porposely, but thats silly) been written without any punctuation and as a run on sentence)

  4. Tommyholm

    I didn’t know that Matt b was that short.
    P.s. that,s what you get for leaving me on the dock.

  5. "Someone”

    A warning to fellow woody boaters Alex has a camera and he’s not afraid to use it.

    • Grant Stanfield

      It’s funny that the ‘leak’ is on a Sea Skiff; they are famous for NOT leaking…

      At least it’s the skipper, not the ship! 😉

      • mike k

        now thats a new one, not sure ive seen any inboards beached on purpose! looks like they are going skiing after lunch!

        • m-fine

          I am pretty sure that is an outboard skiff. If it is an inboard they won’t be going far after lunch.

          • Dane

            That’s a cool photo. They’ve got the seat cushions on the beach. Once the tide comes in they’ll be floating again.

  6. rabbit

    You’re doing a helluva job, Matt. (And Texx.) I do what you do for a living, pretty much, so I understand the demands. Can’t wait to see the Shaun Fenn shots.

  7. Cliff

    I was told by John Brown of “Brown’s Marina-lakeside Ohio.” That picture was taken on the north side of Put-in-Bay at the public beach. The boat was ok, no damage. Chris Craft built them strong!

  8. Troy

    I sometimes feel I take too much time on line just reading the wonderful things you bring to us.

    I can’t even begin to imagine the time it take to put it all together.

    The only reason anyone can think some coverage was light is because you do such an AWESOME job!

    Keep up the good work!