cad plant1Thanks again to fellow Woody Boater Russ Arrand from Cadillac Boat Shop. He went out and took these for us. Made a little art of them while he was at it. Also for those of you requesting bricks, he is looking into that. I smell a road trip to Cadillac for some Chris Craft bricks!  According to Russ there  are still some hot spots and the fire trucks where still there.

cad plant6

cad plant3

Russ spoke to talked to the fire marshal about getting some bricks.  He said I have to talk to the owner.  He does not who it is but will find out and contact me. . Also to all those folks out there that thought this was the current Chris Craft plant that burned down.

cad plant9

Yes, once the story was linked to the new Chris Craft facebook page it changed the context of the story. Funny until we realized that this was a bit of a PR disaster for them. But for the record, we did spell Chris – Craft right. Thanks to them for having a good sense of humor about it. And Thanks again to Russ for providing the updates and photos.

cad plant4

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18 Responses to “Exclusive Photos Of Former Cadillac Chris – Craft Factory Burnt To The Ground. Boo!”
  1. WoodyGal

    Love the great Pumpkin header! The pictures of rubble from the Chris Craft plant are even worse than the burning photos. I’ll take a brick or two, too.

    • Alex

      Ditto re Pumpkin on Halloween, Susan.

      Larry was such a nice man. Glad to see him behind the wheel.

      • Alex

        Btw, to those of you who are new to
        WoodyBoater, or who are not too familiar with Classic Glass boats, or who or are simply wondering, the header boat, “Pumpkin,” is a fairly rare Chris-Craft XK-18 Ski Jet (jet boat). The company made a couple hundred of them in the early 70s, powered by a hopped-up 350 or a 454. It was an expensive toy in the day, and that must have curbed demand. I own two: a totally restored one and one needing a new motor. They are a hoot to drive, and sound amazing with their above-waterline exhausts, and worthy restoration candidates. (My kids and their friends positively love ours!) If anyone out there is contplating restoring one of these, or is already underway with a restoration, please feel free to ask me for photos. Happy to assist.

  2. m-fine

    How many Chris-Craft employees skipped work yesterday, claiming they read that the factory burned down on Woodyboater?

  3. Dave Selvig

    Russ, I met you at the 95 Cobra reunion. Toured the factory and am so sad to hear this news. On the tour I scraped up some of the varnish/paint from the floor and have it framed in my shop. I have some great pictures and I think a video of the tour. Tour guide was Chris Smith of course!! I had hull #41 at the show. It was a basket case. Restoration was fantastic. #41 is now on Lake Placid NY. Geeze why did I sell:-(

    • Alex

      Dave, if you have pics and video, please reach out to Matt or Texx with this. It’s like chewing gum in class. If you have it, you must share it with the rest of us.

      • Dreed

        I agree with Alex. Sharing is a requirement to visiting Woodyboaterville.

  4. red dog

    i wanted to go to old factory either last year or this summer. to take pictures. looks like that will be almost a wasted trip. or a sad one if i did go. hey i still have my boat that was built there in june 52 as a souvenier?(sp)

  5. Ol'Salt

    I have seen lots of old pics of the Algonac factory but none of the Cadillac factory. Does anyone have pics of them building boats at Cadillac?

  6. Cobourg Kid

    Anyone have a list and/or photos of other surviving former Chris Craft Plants that they can post, or information on those plants current status?

    Perhaps if more folks in WoodyBoater Land had known about the CC Cadillac plant and its state of dishevelment something could have been done to encourage its restoration and reuse . Same goes for any other of CC’s old plants (not to mention surviving plants once home to other historic boat company’s). As the old saying goes ” you have to use it or you will loose it” .

  7. Texx

    A recent photo we snapped of the same water tower which still remains on the original Algonac plant site, now known as Algonac Harbor Club Marine / Colony Marine.

    Some of the same historical buildings that Chris-Craft used back in the day remain on the site – which is very cool to see in person.

  8. thomas d.

    there was a plant in caruthersville missouri to, my dad said he would buy a boat on friday and have it paid for by sunday giving rides on our local lake. it’s gone now, torn down to make way for a casino i belileve.