At last 1As many of you know, I have a secret love affair with large cruisers.  But like all lust like things. The reality of cost and care is daunting. But, I do get it, and considering that a 35 foot plastic boat can be in the millions, the cost of restoring a large cruiser is a drop in the bucket. We can of course forget the conversation we had at the start of week regarding buying and selling. BUT. Who the heck cares when love is involved. And the following video says it all. Its 21 minutes. And I bet you can’t stop watching. No , no babes pop out of anything, nor is there a cat in tights or a dog that says I love you. But I promise you will never look at Cruisers again without thinking, it can be done! Enjoy! I did. Thanks to Patrick Curry for posting this and Tom Frye for sharing it with us.

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29 Responses to “Jaw, Meet Floor. This Restoration Makes Your Lame 19 Footer Restoration Look Like An Afternoon Jaunt.”
  1. Troy

    WOW Nice Job!

    Now that they did that million dollar restore they could actually get 20K on the open market.

    Welcome to the world of Classic Cruisers.

  2. JFunk

    Great video! Hats off to anyone who undertakes such a HUGE project. Makes me re-think my 10′ kit boat restore.

  3. Mike W

    You selected those that own a 19 or 35 plastic boat. Since I have both and neither run I feel quite pathetic after watching this wonderful work. Off to work. Fantasy time is done for the day.

  4. alfaguy

    Wow …

    All I can say are very large numbers with lots of zeros on the end.

    Stunning work though 🙂

  5. alfaguy

    Doh …

    Should have been all I can see, sigh.

    I guess I spend too much time here, typos and spelling errors seem normal .,,

  6. Rick

    As with pretty much all boats it’s better to have a friend with one. I think I’ll go down to the boatyard and make some more friends and stick with my 17′.

  7. Peter Dahl

    I don’t know what this boat is worth, but it looks like “a million bucks” to me. What a joy to see this iconic boat, returned to its glory for an owner who is truly a yachtsman. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Sean


    Clearly, the attention to detail and the “love” that has gone into this restoration more than shines through…it emanates!This boat has a soul.

    I go to the Toronto International Boat show every year and tour the latest and largest of the large yachts presented…. If I owned THIS boat you couln’t give me any of those plastic boats.

  9. m-fine

    Looks like a ton of work above the waterline and just a fresh coat of paint for the bottom. It is a nice looking boat but I wouldn’t want to own it even if you offered it to me for free.

  10. donald hardy

    we are in the process of putting on a new 5200 bottom on a 1957 Connie, 28ftr. alot of work and wood. This boat is hanging from our gantry crane system. it is about 4-5 ft off the ground. Yes, we are doing it from nice soft roller chairs on our backs. It is a very slow process. But, it is a worthy candidate. have to prep and paint the marine plywood first then apply to the framing, no access from inside. The keel strut is the kicker.

  11. John Rothert

    I am heading to my cruiser right now….nothing like the posted beauty….just as loved and respected…and I am GOING BOATING.
    My boat has a market value of half what that one does….and I have one one hundredth of the investment and equal satisfaction.
    John in Va.

  12. Readbeardsraven

    my 40′ 1949 DCEB… I bought the boat in 2001.
    I’m still working on it. But as the boat gets stronger every year I seem to be getting a little weaker…..
    Still fighting the good fight.

  13. MikeM

    Wow. I nominate Pat curry for Woodyboater of the year. The Pacific Northwest has many unbelievable cruisers that he has saved. They are all done to the highest standard….and he’s a great guy.

  14. Taylor

    I had the pleasure of touring this boat at the last Chris Craft Rendezvous. Stunning boat. Pat never dissapoints with his restorations.

  15. Dick Dow

    You should see if you can get Pat to list and post a picture of each of the boats he has done or been involved with over the past 25 years – It will blow you away!

    Incidentally, the 25th Anniversary CC Rendezvous is this summer – I suspect it will be a very well-attended event with several boats there that represent the highest standards in cruiser restoration.

    Several of Pat’s boats usually attend.

  16. Randy

    They appeared to be real fortunate to have started with a structurally sound hull. Had that needed to be rebuilt it would have driven the restoration cost to out-of-sight numbers (from my experience). Also, when you have a model that there are dozens to choose from you are way ahead in this department.

    My recommendation — don’t fall in love with something where there is only one or two left to choose from.

    I have seen her and she is a real beauty, a boat they can be proud of.

  17. Alex

    Now that’s a boat that says “I’ve made it.” Again and again. Kudos to the owner and restorer.

    Thanks for posting it Matt.

  18. Al Benton

    I am impressed by this story. I would love to attend the Rendezvous some time, it’s on my bucket list, and tour this and other great works of preservation/restoration that are present in one place.

    I admire and applaud any and all efforts in keeping these big cruisers alive for future generations to enjoy. Whether its as extensive as this example, or as subtile as John Rothert’s example. They are disappearing at an alarming rate these days. Kudos to all of you for your efforts and passion.

  19. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    So whats the big deal? It only took 5 guys 22 minutes to redo that boat! Even at $100 an hour that’s pretty cheap!

    Ok: Nice job, I guess if your going to keep a baot like that for ever or your in Seattle or someplace where waterfront is incredibly expensive, maybe it isn’t so expensive for a on the water condo.

  20. WoodyGal

    Beautiful & thoughtful restoration. A lot more class for the money than a new fiberglass model.

  21. Bob B

    I got a kick reading the posts. I had the privilege of buying my first Chris from Pat Curry, a fully restored 1954 36′ Corvette. It was a stunner. And I can assure you that not one of his restorations were just “from the waterline up”! Every boat that gets restored by him first gets carefully vetted. He only starts with a good one. The hull is first repaired if needed, wooded, new through holes, etc. Then every system on-board gets changed for comparable ones that would be found on a new boat. Every system. Re-powered, normally new transmissions, etc. Then the beauty elements. Cabin interiors tastefully, subtly changed to work better. By the way, I made considerably more $$ selling one of these than what I purchased it for!

  22. Bob B

    Photo showing is of my 2nd that Pat restored. The Monaco. A 1957 42′ Christ Craft Flush Deck Constellation.

  23. floyd r turbo

    Love that “combing” style nose compared to the bull-nose. Incredible finish work and a boat well taken care of prior to restoration from the looks of it. Restoration cost is, what, half of your pocket book, then you’ve got mooring/slip costs then operating costs, then regular maintenance/upkeep and entertainment (I mean with a boat that nice you just can’t keep it to yourself and all my friends drink heavily and only the best liquor). hmmm, yea, dream on. It should have been named “Empty Pockets”, lol. I really admire the team and the owner saving these big cruisers. Its like giving Rachel Welch a face lift and well, I better stop there.

  24. floyd r turbo

    By the way, that header by Meythaler is fantastic. Has a Norman Rockwell “feel” to it.

  25. Dick Dow

    Both boats in the pic above are Curry restorations – the 25″ Continental is a good story as well…

  26. Dave & Merilee Hanson

    Thanks to Dick “Chubasco” for informing me of this work of love. Time & Money can accomplish much. DGH

  27. Tim

    Anyone interested in seeing these boats should attend the Chris Craft Rendezvous this July in Port Orchard, with almost 100 boats attending, there is nothing better!