john legend 2Proof once again, that all it takes is a cool woody boat to score a lover! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if its on an exotic Lake Como, and ..a the boat is a Riva, and you are famous, and can sing and drip in money.. But in our little world, we give credit to the boat! John Legend

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bob “have I got a calendar for you” Kays for sharing this little discovery. The boat action is near the start. The rest is music and Johns smok’n hot wife model Chrissy Teigen in not a lot of clothing and no clothing. So you may want skip through that and go back to the boat…. Ya… Enjoy the video here.

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9 Responses to “John Legend Goes Woody Boating!”
  1. Rick

    Proof again it is the Riva and Donzi guys that get the girls. Yea if I had one of those it wouldn’t matter that I’m fat, bald, old and broke.

  2. Gary

    The lyrics really hit home about boats and women. Wish I was 30 again with my current knowledge and wisdom.

  3. m-fine

    So at first it is guy, girl, and boat. Then he falls in love and next thing you know, the boat is gone. Hmmm. Seems like a tradgedy to me.

  4. jekyl

    thanks , that was really nice,never heard of him before,(i live under a rock) nice CANADIAN boat to

  5. jim g

    I don’t get it. He’s got a Riva, a good looking wife judging by the shower scene and a house on Lake Como. But he’s playing a Yamaha piano. You would think it would be a Steinway. Well no accounting for taste I guess. Oh and the Riva is not even at the dock.