last summer2Now that Last Gasp 2013 is in the history books. We can reflect back on a wonderful summer. Alex Watson and his family up in Hessel milk summer for all its worth. All 3 months of it. Alex has thought it might be fun to document his summer of family outings in a beautiful video slide show.

last summer5

This is the sort of thing ya watch in February when you are stuck in the house going nuts. Or now…..If you have some cool, warm shots of summer it’s an easy thing to do..and share… hint hint! We will be here all winter to help make it through to the warm side of life! Summer never has to end here thanks to you.

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23 Responses to “The Things We Did Last Summer – Alex Watson”
  1. WoodyGal

    Bravo Alex! Nicely done, good job, great idea! Guess I don’t need to come to Hessel now, it’s all in the video, except, The Oasis!

    • Alex

      Now there’s an idea. “The Things We Did Last Summer At The Islander.”

      Uh, better not.

  2. Troy

    Thanks Alex! (Matt and Texx also)

    It is GREAT to see that your beautifully maintained fleet is well used, because that is what this hobby is really all about.


  3. Matt B

    I made my first trip to Hessel this past summer, its a little slice of woody boater heaven. You can’t miss Alex’s place it’s the one with a bunch of wooden boat parked at the pier and a bunch of kids running around. I’ve heard if you bring some beer Alex will let you drive as many of his boats as you like!

      • Alex

        As you oughta know. And I have this picture of you behind the wheel to prove it.

        WoodyBoaters, when MikeW visits, don’t bother locking up your wife/wives and daughter(s). Lock up your beer. Better yet, drink it all first.

  4. donald hardy

    Wow, the memories made. For both the children and the adults. We are all very lucky to have these and share. Never to be forgotten. But the children will soon be adults and the wood boats will continue to bring joy, bonding, and more together to share. Thanks Alex.

  5. Bob Kays

    Alex, made me smile a dreary Nov day! You use your boats the correct way, bringing joy and happiness. Thanks!

    • matt

      Thanks rabbit. it was a screen grab from the video. It was shot at night so it was a tad fuzzy. I LOVED THE SHOT, and Alex’s daughter is magical. Very Maxfeild Parish like. So, I needed to figure out how to use it. I put it through two filters, then layered a peice of water color paper over it. Extended the left side so it was off center. It all starts though with Alexs eye.

  6. floyd r turbo

    I agree, great header. Nicely done Alex, great memories for everyone to look back on. That’s a lot of little finger prints to wipe down, lol. Love the shot of the girl with “flying hair” driving the XK. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Philip Andrew

    Alex what a beautiful family. You are raising some happy kids there. Good work.

  8. Bill Hammond

    Now that was really nice! Great to see all of the kids having so much fun!! Who was the singer, Tex Beneke?

  9. ranger

    I’m late…again to the party.

    What a wonderful way to start the day!

    I even got a little teary-eyed…thinking of my dad letting me drive his 1950 CC when I was a little girl…can’t thank you enough for that!

    Beautiful family, Alex.

  10. Alex

    Glad so many people enjoyed it. The singer, Bill, is “The Chairman of the Board” (Sinatra).

  11. Grant Stanfield

    Absolutely beautiful montage: Gorgeous boats, kids, song, and sentiment. I’m getting a little ‘verklempt’…

  12. Cobourg Kid

    Stunning montage Alex . . You have somehow captured the elusive stuff of dreams, the rare essence that makes Woody Boating so compelling . Thank you!