Iowa Sunset

We got this insane sunset in from Iowa, but have no paper trail as to whos it is, if you are the owner of this sunset. Please come to the information booth and let us know. We have the rest of your stunning story, and would love to show it!

We got the cool header from Alex last week as a reminder of summer gone by. The magic hour, golden hour, happy hour, what ever you call it, its that magic time were you are out with your loved one and a cool one putting about while the day comes to an end. We thought, today might be fun if we share our magic sunsets. So sunset away. Today despite the cold weather out there. Its summer at about 7:30..ahhhhh.

This insane shot of Karen and Matt on lake Dora for Nautique Optix.. OK it was sunrise. But today its a sunset

This insane shot of Karen and Matt on lake Dora for Nautique Optix.. OK it was sunrise. But today its a sunset. Photo, Texx


This is a Sun Dog, note the rainbow on the right.

This is a Sun Dog, note the rainbow on the right.

One more of the mystery Iowa sunset. WOW

One more of the mystery Iowa sunset. WOW


I shot this sunset over Lake Michigan over Wisconson

I shot this sunset over Lake Michigan over Wisconsin last night. man oh man its cold out there.

One of my favorite memories of last summer. Quick last run on the Potomac River with some great neighbors

One of my favorite memories of last summer. Quick last run on the Potomac River with some great neighbors


Suzy out on a sunset cruise last year. Man that was fun

Suzy out on a sunset cruise last year. Man that was fun. Send us yours just hit the coment button, and remember. UNDER 1 mg in size or it wont load.

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105 Responses to “We Got Sunsets. You Got Sunsets?”
  1. JFunk

    Boating home after dinner with good friends at a lakeside restaurant. A perfect end to a great day. Doesn’t get any better that this.

  2. Texx

    Preparing to leave for a wooden boat photo shoot in Hessel with the moon in the sky and the coffee hot. Sun popped out 45 minutes later.

  3. Texx

    As we waited for the sun to rise and burn off the mist on the lake. A great feeling and the silence was amazing.

  4. Jim M

    Living on a lake facing west is hard to beat.
    Brower Lake near Rockford Michigan. This night was something you just sit and stare at the few moments it’s there.

  5. Greg Lewandowski

    A late August 2013 evening cruise on Lobdell Lake. Photo taken by my wife Marianne aboard Water Lily. We miss those evenings!

  6. Troy

    I am not sure but I think this may be Cozy Harbor on Southport Island, Maine.

    • Troy

      I have been corrected, I guess this is West Boothbay Harbor Maine.
      The small sail boats belong to the BBH Yacht Club.

      Here is another from East Boothbay Harbor Maine.

  7. Rick

    One more. Heading back to the boat after introducing some Tennessee cousins what clamming is all about in Moriches Bay, NY. They were naturals, beer helped.

  8. Troy

    Just for fun here is one my daughter Sam sent from the MassArt Library overlooking the Boston skyline.

    PS: You can actually look into Fenway park from this library.

  9. John Baas

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Who cares…it’s half way to the next beer!

  10. Graeme Beattie

    Heading home aboard the Frowildo II with my brothers Fraser (l) and Charles (r), my cousin Eric (in red shirt) and my nephew Justin at the helm. August 2nd, 2012.

  11. Scott Stensland

    Lapstrake sunset aboard our Century Raven.
    Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.

  12. John

    Heading home from the Indian Point Floating Café on Table Rock Lake in our 1953 Thompson Super Deluxe.

  13. Roger Martin

    Here is a shot at the end of a nice day at the Quincy Boat Show this year in our 1961 Sportcraft, what a GREAT weekend.

  14. WoodyGal

    The gravel bar, best place for watching sunsets & roasting marshmallos.

  15. Ol'Salt

    Sometimes, as I am doing my daily read of Woody Boater, I feel a little short changed at how much earlier the boating season starts and how much later it ends in other parts of the country. But if you are looking for sunset shots at 7:30 in July I am feeling a lot better. We still have over 3 hours of daylight at 7:30 in July here in Montana. Here is a shot at 10:30 PM from Whitefish Woody Weekend on Whitefish Lake, Montana.

  16. JfKarlson

    The mystery shots from Iowa at the top of your post were taken from our 1958 Raven 22 on Lake Okoboji. Here’s a favorite shot from a few years ago with one kid driving, one singing and Mom just hanging out as sunset approaches.

  17. Dennis Mykols

    One of my favorite things to do is watching a great sunset, especially one with some clouds and spectacular color. This picture was taken as a storm was passing the Spring Lake Yacht Club. We are about a 1/2 mile inland from the Lake Michigan shoreline.
    The sky broke for just a couple of minutes, and we all looked up and saw this bright yellow sky in the distance. Just breath taking in person. Shot with my 3 year old trusty Motorola cell phone.

  18. TomH

    The northern end of Lake Chelan in the afternoon, just before cocktail hour.

      • Ken Miller

        Yeah, Don, that Lake Chelan photo is amazing. It make me think if England’s Lake District. What a paradise.

  19. Dennis Mykols

    another one of those “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT FOR IT” SHOTS. Out on Lake Michigan, Grand Haven pier head.

  20. Alex

    We get some amazing variety in ours. I think it’s because Hessel sits between the points where Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron intersect.

  21. Alex

    Hey, this looks like Hessel.

    C’mon people. The sun goes down every night. We’ve got to top 100 comments with this one.

    • Troy

      I don’t see myself in that picture.

      Thanks Matt! This was another GREAT idea.

  22. Kentucky Wonder

    St. Joseph, Michigan. I used to live there. I mean in town, not in the lighthouse. By the way, Google “St. Joseph Lighthouse Ice Storm” for some interesting photos of the place during inclement weather.

  23. John Baas

    Hey Matt,

    Looks like the makings for a hell of a WoodyBoater calendar here?!

  24. brian t

    Well, to help Alex and WB break the 100 response mark, I would like to share the following Xmas idea: How about a beautifully hand made wood handled fish net?? Made on Whidbey Island (north of Seattle). A great Xmas gift idea. There were two on display – short and long handles. $200 each. Reply for the contact info if interested…

  25. brian t

    Abert Lake in the high desert of SE Oregon. The only body of water that I would not get our boat within 100 ft of. 14 miles long with an average depth of 7 ft. Salt content allows for only brine shrimp to survive. (hundreds of miles from the actual coast.)

  26. brian t

    ok ok, it is not sunset but rather sunrise at Odell Lake (Eastern Oregon) at 730am or so.

  27. red dog

    thomas d. how did you get a horse on your boat deck? all kidding aside all very nice back to lake chelan.

  28. red dog

    lake chelan…..northwest corner of washington state between seattle and spokane

  29. lg century

    Me and the kid on Lake George chasing Smallmouth bass. Water flat calm, and most boats away for the night. Great times.

  30. Jim Frechette

    OK, the Red and White is not on Grand Lake but is on Lake Dora. Photo by Matt

  31. Alex

    What’s our count? 84? Time to load em up. Before the tryptophan takes over.

    Yes, Hessel again. From our beach.

  32. Alex

    Hessle (misspelled it just for Matt). My wife, Sarah, on the SUP. Don’t ask me how this photo happened. Way cool to see the sun pouring into the lake.