A Boating handbook For Women! Not men, not anyone but women!

A Boating handbook For Women! Not men, not anyone but women!

Apparently the ladies need to learn about boating in a different way then the men folk. I am not sure what the difference is? But it must be some secret thing.  I have no idea. How to wave? I understand its a sign of the past times. And as you all know, I am not a politically correct person. It must have been an attempt to get women into boating. I recall working on a boat account and the biggest barrier to a boat purchase was the “Wife” they wanted to do a campaign that included women as part of the experience. So maybe the times have not changed so much, just the subtlety. Here is the listing on ebay if you want a copy, or two… One for her?

Johnson knows the ladies? Or is is it the ladies know Johnson?

Johnson knows the ladies? Or is is it the ladies know Johnson?

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25 Responses to “A Book For Just The Ladies. From Who Else… Johnson.”
  1. Texx

    Is it true that once you read the manual, you are then qualified to become a Water Follie? Just askin’

  2. RiverRat

    My hat is off to all the First Mates that support their spouses in the wood boat hobby because they understand the benefits.
    Thanks for the lapstrake header picture.

  3. m-fine

    That Woodyboater branded Speedifour in the header is super cool, but it doesn’t fit today’s story well. How about a picture of a swimsuit model enjoying a big new Johnson? There should be plenty out there, just be careful with how you search Google for them.

  4. John Baas

    It’s not a Johnson and it doesn’t promote women in boating…but it’s a cool ad, don’t you think? This same model did a series of shoots for McCulloch in the ’60’s. Anyone know who she is (was)?

      • mack

        She can use it to beat on that McCulloch outboard when it will not start.

  5. Dennis Mykols

    if you go to the “Grow Boating” website, there is an interactive tool, PDF called the “Spousal Conversion Kit”, to help the old man convince his wife to let him buy a boat…

  6. tommyholm

    This lady needs to take the lesson – or read the book – and learn how to appropriately ride a Johnson boat.

    BTW, is a Johnson Stinger redundant?

    • Old Salt

      She is making sure her red nail polish matches the red shift lever handle… Style is everything you know!

    • m-fine

      That is what happens when you combine a couple of engineers with too much money and alcohol.

      • Cliff

        What’s wrong with a couple of engineers and too much alcohol , I think a lot of great ideas have come up with too much alcohol….I can’t think of any right now.