A Nice little Thompson in the barn. Did you spot it in the header?

A Nice little Thompson in the barn. Did you spot it in the header?

Fellow Woody Boaters John Baas and Wil Vidal were driving home from a ACBS meeting the other day and noticed a little something peeking through an open door in an abandoned home. This is what  love about this passion. They are still out there, it doesn’t need to be a Camaro or Corvette in a barn, any old woody will do. The fun part is taking the roads less traveled. That’s were the goodies are for sure. Tucked away between old Dairy Queens and vegetable stands waiting for us to find them. How many people passed this boat over the years or worse took the interstates, eat at MCDonalds and miss real life on the way to another mall or vinyl sided housing complex in there mini vans. This passion is special for that reason, its not for everyone. Yet, cool, and full of fun and adventures. Boating is a huge deal in the US, yet classic boating is almost invisible in comparison. Thats the magic. A fun passion, with very cool stuff that very few have but all appreciate. We are very lucky indeed that this stuff is still out there. Get out there, go visit lost water ways, family owned diners and marinas owned by bitter old men. that’s the life for me. Thanks John and Wil for reminding us that the journey is sometimes mire fun than the destination.

There it is? Can you see it. At 60 mph?

There it is? Can you see it. At 60 mph?

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38 Responses to “Woody Boating -The Passion Less Traveled!”
  1. Troy

    What a great shot! Did they get it out? Do we have a story to follow?

    I think most of us could have seen that from a decade away doing 100MPH in a DeLorean, but I ramble.

    PS: At this time we are only 11 comments away from the illusive 100 on Sundays sexxy boat post. Someone must have more input! I’ll go post 11 more times if I have to.

    PSS: Anybody want a nice Owens pocket cruiser? (Free to a good home)

    • Alex

      My money’s on you filling the gap Troy. I bet you’ve got a boat-load (groan)… ok, an Internet-load of appropriate images.

      I stoked the sunset fire. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to stoke the sexy.

      • Troy

        You may have tried with sunsets, but I succeeded with SEXY BOATS.

        PS: Be leery of any strange UPS boxes.

  2. Texx

    Here is what that little yellow Thompson in the barn could look like if it was rescued and applied with some TLC.

    This one, shot at Lake Arrowhead is perfect.

  3. Sean

    Sometimes they’re in the woods too…
    Is that a “woods find”? Maybe a woody woods find…although in this picture it’s not quite wood yet but still in the woods. Oh heck, where’s my coffee?

  4. Texx

    That vintage grain auger in the yard looks like it’s had a hard life… Wonder why someone from the Antique & Classic Auger Association (ACAA) hasn’t found it yet?

    • Mike D

      The last time I checked there was a Thompson Sea Lancer in a barn just east of Green Bay that was for sale.

  5. donald hardy

    Great picture and find. This is how it is done.
    We have a cc 17′ 1946 Deluxe still on the shipping cradel. All original, the owner who I have never met, but pays his storage on time for the last 8 yrs, WANTS TO SELL! another Tahoe winner possibly. Any takers?

  6. donald hardy

    Woody boater of the Month, 1961 Continental, 21′ is also a Tahoe Candidate. It is available. Pascal, the Owner bought another CC from us. So he wants to move the Continental. It sits next to the Deluxe. Waiting? For who?

  7. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    I want it!

    One can never have too many Thompson lapstrake boats.

    Here’s my ’57 Sea Lancer poking her nose out of the barn door

    • John Baas

      Thought of you immediately when I saw this, Andreas! Not that far from Peshtigo, really. By the way, Mr. Google’s satellite shows at least two, possibly three more boats behind the barn. Don’t tell anybody!

  8. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    I want it!

    One can never have too many Thompson lapstrake boats.


  9. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    Here’s my ’57 Thompson of Peshtigo Sea Lancer poking her nose out of the barn door

  10. Brian

    My dad sent me these last year, dont know the exact location other than Northern Michigan

  11. Jack Schneiberg

    What isn’t mentioned in the main story is that John and Wil were on a trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin to discuss a possible donation to our GLACBS Chapter. They made the trip in spite of weather warnings of snow Sunday morning. On the return trip they got tangled in traffic due to massive pile-ups in Wisconsin caused by white-outs and snoozing drivers who were not paying attention. Immediately in front of them on their route home were 20 and 70 car piles of automobiles. Fortunately Wil and John were only caught in the delay part of the mess.
    What is it they say about the mail: “Neither rain, nor snow, etc” …..well that goes twice for 2 guys in truck huntin’ barn boats……………

  12. Mike D

    Texx, not to put too fine a point on it but we call those elevators not augers around here. They are used to carry bales of hay to the loft. And yes there is a big market for them but no one can agree on their value. Check with the Antique and Classic Elevator Association ( ACE) for more info.

  13. RiverRat

    I feeling some poetry there Matt. Andreas Loving that Lapstrake action, a poetry all it’s own if you listen just right.

  14. donald hardy

    Whats happening with the Lapstrake boats? For 12 yrs we never had one thru the shop.
    Now there are three in here this winter. Whats up? From Seattle, to Arizona. They came.

  15. Randy

    Don’t fool yourself, there are lots of ‘woodsy’ boat finds out there! Hard to say how many of these classic finds Little Red Riding Hood stumbled across on her way to grandma’s house, but I’ll bet plenty! Placed there by crafty wolves maybe?
    Had to hack out a trail to ‘salvage’ this one from the jungle that grew up around it (but this little AristoCraft was restored to her former glory).

  16. Grant Stanfield

    Speaking of barn finds (not too far from Elkhart Lake you know), this is the lovely, lonely lapstrake you will find in my barn…

    I find her in my barn, but I’m finding that I want her to be found in someone else’s barn these days. She’s an 18′ CC Sea Skiff 1955; 22′ big sister DENBY says she’s gotta go! Find out more at Trading Dock.org; love a lapstrake- and preferably this one, please!

  17. John Rusnak

    I’d like to start a new post one called ( how do u store your woodie boat ?? Here is mine it’s 18 below zero here in Balsam Lake Wisconsin 🙂 My 1963 Penn Yan Allseas is plenty warm. Don’t worry it has a dripping wet plow truck In the next bay to keep the humidity up…. Ps if this didnt wrk how do I get this I phone to load pics ??

  18. Steve Anderson

    Hi Folks, I just had a great weekend and bought a boat! A family summer home on Harsens Island (Michigan) was sold and they were emptying out the garages and boathouse. They drug a 1956 ChrisCraft Continental with a 283 out for the first time in 30 years. 24 hours later, it was mine! It needs a little TLC, but it was 100% complete.

  19. Don S.

    Love the lapstrakes…This here is one of those Chris-Craft-Thompsons. Or is it Thompson-Chris-Craft?