gilligan1Looks like Gilligans Island will be remade by Warner Bros but this time in film form. Thats rght, the three hour tour that lasted many years on TV, will last another 2 hrs or so on the big screen and then destined to your ipad! This of course all leads to the ultimate Gilligans Island topic. Ginger, or Maryanne?

Americas little buddy and Ginger and Mary Anne

Americas little buddy and Ginger and Mary Anne

And for all you horrified women, you to can be equally as superficial …. The Professor? Or go for the money. Mr Howell? Sure he’s married. So what..

Mr Howell, or the Professor? Yes, I know, all the ladies want the skipper.. Its the hat!

Mr Howell, or the Professor? Yes, I know, all the ladies want the skipper.. Its the hat!

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30 Responses to “Gilligans Island To Be Remade..As A Movie. And The Big Question?”
  1. Troy

    If there is any question in your mind, for us country boys it is the farm girl look and attidude of Mary Anne!

  2. Texx

    Mr. Howell went bankrupt during financial crisis of 2008 and the Professer joined the World Series of Poker tour.

  3. Cliff

    They better do their homework on Alan Hale, my vote would be Tom Arnold or John Goodman. Gillian, Matt Damon. I can smell the Oscar Cerimonies right now.

  4. Alex

    I’ve never understood that debate about Ginger and Mary Anne. Seems so silly. Is it supposed to reveal something about one’s personality? Like an inkblot test? Geez!

    Let’s end this once and for all.

    The correct answer, of course, is Ginger AND Mary Anne. For AT LEAST a 3 hour tour.

    Giggity Giggity.

  5. Tommyholm

    The sexiest man in woody boater world takes mrs. Howell for da boat ride in a Thoroughbred. And then Ginger and then MaryAnn and then – wasn,t there a monkey on that island…

  6. RiverRat

    I saw the title and thought … Who is going to play the part of the S S Minnow?

    • Grant Stanfield

      This big Gilligan-era Connie moldering in a backwater on the Hackensack River in New Jersey could benefit from a lick of varnish…she must have been chartered on the SIX-hour tour!

  7. Rick

    Very early this morning the was another topic after this one, now its gone. Dreaming, tease or tomorrows by mistake?

    • Texx

      Yes I saw that too Rick. I made a comment about you wearing that lamp shade at last years party. Our comments must have been deleted (cough – moderated).

  8. Dick Dow

    The professor lives on Bainbridge Island – someone should ask him. That said, redheads can be trouble, but that’s half the fun… There are lots of old Egg Harbor/Pacemakers out there, but really, wouldn’t it be more appropriate (accurate) if they were on a Bay(rhymes with “nothing could be finer”) for the remake?

  9. Mark

    IF you have a thing for redheads this is a no brainer.

    Didi I say something bad ……

  10. Texx

    How about Miley Cyrus as Mary Anne and Mayor Rob Ford as the Skipper? (entertainment value?)

  11. David

    Yeah! What happened to last years Holiday Party comments?? The miniature Higgins boat, with Santa, and the Schlitz cans with the can openers………….?

  12. brian t

    Ginger or MaryAnne??

    Are ya serious? One is a poor country gal and the other is a washed up actress – thus both are flat broke.

    If I gotta choose between one of the three women on that island – it is gonna be the lady that can give me a Lamborghini for a birthday gift and a Riva Aquarama for Christmas – Mrs Howell !!

  13. thomas d.

    hollywood remakes suck. leave well enough alone. seems i remember the minnow for sale on the internet a few years ago.

  14. John Baas

    Can’t make out the logo on the oh-so-lucky little plywood boat in the header. Anyone?

  15. Grant Stanfield

    Here’s a screen shot of the SS MINNOW in the title sequence from the B&W ‘Gilligan’s Isle’: After seeing these boats on O’ahu’s North Shore on a recent trip to Hawaii, I found out they were locally-made ‘Haole Sampan’ sportfishermen. They had graceful period-style cabins built on top of a straight-up, hardcore Asian fishing boat, and many had the stacks running through the cabin top. Framed and planked with incredibly stout island hardwoods, they were built like…Ginger!

    • Grant Stanfield

      Here’s a ‘Haole Sampan’ I saw on the hard at Haleiwa Marina on Oahu. It was huge and very distinctive propped up between all the center consoles and small charter fleet boats.

  16. brian t

    For the remake, I think they need to kick it up a notch or two.

    Buscemi as Gilligan.

  17. brian t

    And to round out the cast:

    Kim Kardashian as Ginger
    Zooey Dechanel as Mary Anne
    Michael Douglas as Mr Howell
    Jennifer Lawrence as Mrs Howell

  18. brian t

    And look here, how about Garrett from Everyone Loves Raymond as the idiot Headhunter chief…. this is too easy.

  19. Richard A.

    The Ginger, Maryanne debate will continue but on the show Mrs. Howell was the only woman getting any action. How many times did we see the Howell’s twin beds pushed together? The woman had the skills to land herself a millionaire. Her nickname wasn’t “Lovie” for nothin’