Hey, she is topless! Alright, now its a party.

Hey, she is topless! Alright, now its a party.

Here is the breaking news update on Pumpkin, In less than 6 hours, Pumpkin is getting prepped for her beauty make over. The good, and insane folks at Katz’s Marina have been hard at work. Ever see a Chris Craft jet boat in parts? Larry , if you have internet where you are, you may want to look away! For the rest of us, its like watching surgery!

Dang! Now what?

Dang! Now what?

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14 Responses to “Let’s Get This Pumkin Party Started!”
  1. don vogt

    Pumpkin is a safer story it seems than electric cars. Keep us posted on rehab.

  2. Rick

    Awwww Man, that’s going to be a hard picture to get out of my head. Troy can you help us out here.

  3. m-fine

    The engine won’t start, so, they decide to peel the hull open like a sardine can? I think there are easier ways to get an engine out. I have a feeling this is going to turn into an interesting project.

    • Rick

      I’ve seen a couple of go-fast boats on the inlet jetties around here. It appears that the engines can also be removed through the bottom leaving the topsides intact with only minor blood stains on the upholstry. 🙂

  4. Tommy

    No we are not insane, we just have to make sure anything thats leaves the shop is safe. Its no big deal. We can actually work on the deck and hull at the same time now. Much quicker. NO BIGGIE!!!

    • Tommy

      It looked much better in pictures. When something comes to our shop,plastic or wood it has to be gone through or the almighty finger will come out and get pointed at us. To many stress cracks from hitting docks and other boats.

      • Dane

        Did you have to cut the floor out, or was it just attached to the stringers?

        • Tommy

          There is only one piece of wood between the stringers and its rotted. There used to be a piece under the rear seat for the battery to mount to but itd gone. I will put all new wood in and fix tank mounts and re gelcoat it white so its looking new

  5. Troy

    Wow guess this is where I should have posted yesterdays pic.
    Here is the color version.

    I know these guys are pros but now I am wondering if getting out of the pile was such a great thing?