Speedboat Outlaws

Speedboat Outlaws

For those of you familiar with Woody Boater T shirts, this is that time of year, were we design and vote on next years fashion statement. For those of you new to this process, We make two of the designs and discontinue last years. So Fast lane and Brotherhood will be gone when they are gone. Sons of varnish stuff will maybe stay up there but in a different color. We will have as usual a huge inventory in Dora for sale. I will add though, each year we almost double the inventory for Dora, and it sells out by early Saturday. Some of this stuff, we only do for Dora.. All part of the fun. So vote away.. And vote often.. South American often…

Option 1 Woodys Speedboats

Option 1 Woodys Speedboats

Woody Boater Gal

Woody Boater Gal

She likey the varnish

She likey the varnish

Varnish on! Peace out

Varnish on! Peace out

Varnishers sanding club

Varnishers sanding club

Woodys Marina

Woodys Marina

There ya have it. We will produce two of these. The colors are not dead set, but ya get the idea!

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74 Responses to “It’s Woody Boater Classic Boat T-Shirt Time!”
  1. Rabbit

    I vote for “Woody’s Speedboats” and “mmmm, Varnish.” And I guess it’s time to order another of the classics.

  2. Troy

    Dangity Dang Dang Dang
    I like them all!
    #1 Varnishers Sanding club!
    #2 I like Woody’s Marina because it also includes “mmm Varnish”
    But I also love Varnish On.

    Found a model! I think Woody Gal will like her “T”.

  3. Old Salt

    Matt, I’m surprised you don’t have her saying “mmm I love my woody in the morning”. Isn’t that the time everyone reads woodyboater?

  4. Jim Staib

    I vote for Varnishers sanding club and Speedboat outlaws. Probably because I’m a slob and white shirts are disposable to me. Actually one with a pocket get’s first choice.

    • Cliff

      I agree Jim’s a slob. Good idea with the pocket and the T-shirt choices.

  5. Dave Clyne

    At Lake Dora I would like the choice between “Varnish On” and “Varnishers Sanding Club”. I may buy both !

  6. Bjorn B

    Woody’s speedboat and Woody’s marina gets my vote. Oh wait, I’m not a US citizen, can I still vote?

  7. Don Ayers

    Wish we could get former Miss Chris-Craft to model a shirt or two for us!

  8. Troy

    Wait, we can vote for “Speedboat Outlaws”?
    I like that one alot, but since it didn’t have number I assumed it was from a former year.

  9. Dennis Mykols

    I vote for Varnish on
    and Sanding Club, but PLEASE make them also available in a lite color for us who can not wear black in the SUN.
    ALSO make some 3xxx available!

  10. Uncle Joe

    I vote for
    #1 Woody’s Speed boats
    #2 Mmm Varnish
    Definitely need a couple new shirts.

  11. matt

    Yes you can, please, we love that line, we may do the wings with Varnish sanding club with the Outlaws as well..

  12. Captain Nemo

    Speedboat outlaw shirt is cool as long as it stays on a black tee. I like the Varnish On tee also. The shirts with the Woody Gal on them on the other hand, I know it’s artistic interpretation, she doesn’t have a nose. Kinda creeps me out.

  13. matt

    She will have a nose.. These are rough layouts.. Once we choose a direction, I go to work adding the cool factor..

  14. Alex

    “Varnish On!” is my favorite. It has a little bit of defiance to it.

    Tho is could be “Varnish On! (and on and on and on…)”

    Prefer you steer clear of anything with the word “Club” in it. There’s enough perceived clubbishness in this hobby. Also, reminds be too much of Abercrombie and Gap and many others, with their fake, nonexistent clubs. Ditto goes for anything with Est. (or Established) in it. So cliche.

    Woody’s Marina seems a tad forced. And is there such a place? Have you checked? Maybe it’s in a location we’re not proud to be associated with, such as North Korea?

    Here’s a suggestion. How about a simple “Varnish Love.” Not sure what images that calls to mind. I was thinking something along the lines of Woodystock. So many ways you could go with it graphically. And it does contain a word we associate with our boats. The L word. (I’d skip the Peace sign though.)

    Another suggestion:
    “Wood and Chrome and Gas and Oil
    Is all my brain and body needs.”

    Too extreme?

    Lastly, where’s my “I’d rather be in Hessel” one?

  15. Chad

    I like ’em all. Although, the lady character needs a nose, nostrils, or an some implied method of breathing.

  16. Randy

    #1 is Varnish Outlaws!!!! Oh, wait — I don’t see that one this year. Are you saving the best for ’15????

    Well, then I guess it would be Varnish On & Mmm Varnish.

  17. Chad

    I think the WB skull and wings could stand alone on a T-shirt. No copy needed.

  18. 51Resorter

    How about a ‘WoodyBoatress” theme for the ladies who support our madness?

  19. Alex

    45 comments and counting…

    Tomorrow’s story: “Are WoodyBoaters Metrosexual?”

    • WoodyGal

      Dang Alex! It’s Happy Hour and I just spewed my Mojito! Decided it was time to get in shape for The Copacabana.

  20. Wilson Wright

    I like varnush on but on a mahogany or cedar color shirt rather than black…
    Speedboat Outlaws and skull and wings remind me of the Harley crowd and I’m not a biker.
    I like Don’s idea…Let’s round up Miss C.C. as a model

  21. Atwood

    Since its got most of my last name in it I like the “Woody’s Speedboats”, but make it black or brown shirt with orange lettering. “Woody’s Runabouts” would be cool too.

  22. Al Benton

    Well, after many reviews of both story and comments, I have decided to vote in favor of Woody’s Speedboat and Varnish On.

    Although, it might be interesting to see what image Matt might propose to go well with Alex’s question; “Are Woody Boaters Metrosexual” in the morning.

  23. John Eidt

    Since it’s my boat on the Header do I get an extra vote? Speedboat Outlaws with the WB skull and wings on the front. Thanks for using LMML.

  24. bryguy

    I am a charter member of the Sanding Club and I have no fingerprints or tips to prove the point. Can’t wear the black shirt, way too hot and shows everything….. The old fashion critic has spoken..

  25. Alex

    How about “Speedboat Diary’s”

    I can share my tales from the Islander on the back of the shirt

  26. Grant Stanfield

    On the front pocket:

    WoodyBoater script

    On the back (with image below):

    “…High maintenance? …MMMNNHHH- YEAH, Daddy…but SO worth it!! “

  27. Woody Reeves

    With my name I vote for

    1. Woody’s Speedboats
    2. Woody’s Speedboats
    3. Varnisher’s On

  28. john crary

    i like woody’s speedboats and varnishers sanding club. both in white and both with a pocket.

    hey , are you going to the Tavares Winter Thunder in two weeks?….it’s sort of a “woody’s ” deal. after all, most race boats are made of wood! john