The photos help..ish...kinda

The photos help..ish…kinda

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Mike Kennedy for those of you that yesterdays boat was to low class, we have a nice 33 foot 2005 Riva for sale HERE . Personaly I would take the little Evinrude, but what ever floats your boat I suppose.. Which brings up why this Riva is only $100K.. It stopped floating.. Thanks to a Muskrat of all things.. A friek’n Muskrat chewing through stuff. Anyway, here ya go, $100K and you can just park it in front of your dock and let it air out.

Thats a lot a boat

Thats a lot a boat

Cool layout? Whats a little mold when you look good out there?

Cool layout? Whats a little mold when you look good out there?

Never mind that everything needs to be redone.. maybe, maybe not..It is cool though, how much really to do this boat over? Interior, all the electrical… maybe engines?   Really? Its all there? Does it really all need to be done?  I think for me though, I am going to go buy 50 little boats..throw them away when they run out of gas, and I would still be ahead.

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18 Responses to “33 ft Riva For $100,000, What’s The Catch?”
  1. RiverRat

    Luckily nothing is sinking today, all things are encased in ice. Better check my ribs.

  2. Troy

    It’s only fresh water!
    What are you worried about, 100k+ thats just a drop in the bucket for you high end design guys.

  3. Captain Nemo

    They ran both engines after the dunking. I say just wrap the muskrat chewed exhaust with some Gorilla Tape and go! How bad can it be.

  4. WoodyGal

    This makes me nauseous. They did the bare minimum after they pulled her out, the engines. And then they parked her, ugh.

  5. Wilson Wright

    Guess, I partial ,but if she’s not a Chris Craft, you don’t want her.

  6. Dick Dow

    Matt, you sure you’re not sending that trained muskrat out again? Let’s see – “Pumpkin” sinks from an exhuast hose issue and is donated to the woody boater cause, yesterday you promote a boat that is susceptible to the same fate due to the large rubber boot sealing the transom and now this – Hmmm…

    Do I see a trend here? 😉

  7. Chad

    That’s a great price for a +$500K boat. Put another $100K into fixing the issues and you’re still getting a great deal.

    Just needs a little “Muskrat Love”.

  8. Sean

    While I don’t think there’s anything quite as nice as a Greavette…
    This Riva is a good price if you are in that snack bracket. You can bet there will not be too many of these on your lake, you won’t have to make excuses about your ride and I’m sure you’ll never find one on craigslist for free.

    • Rick

      I’m going to start looking for these free to a good home in Bonyard Boats.

  9. Ken MacStephen

    Wilson: Please remember, there are other boats out there other than Chris Craft…. Ken

  10. Ken MacStephen

    Wilson: Please remember, there are other boats out there other than Christ Craft…. Ken

  11. Paul H.

    Send Alan Weinstein out to check it over before you do anything. A few grand to have him check it out first is nothing to a person who would seriously contemplate buying this. It could turn out to be a good deal, even if you had to dump more than $100k to get it sorted.

    Don’t forget that the $100k is only the minimum bid, not the asking price. It was probably an insurance write off, and it is likely a safe bet that they wrote it off for good reasons and the repair costs are very significant. They’d be fixing it if that was not the case.

    • Jimmuh

      Way to be a debbie-downer Paul!
      Jeeze, it’s a Riva. No reason to let reality intrude on this formerly wet dream….(and I’m sure the guru was first on the scene when they found it!)

  12. Bill Loomis

    On-Line auctions are the waive of the future but for my wallet the evinrude was a better story. Buy and conserve American and save someone’s job! When you were a kid did you loose sleep over Riva’s?

  13. Yachtie

    I am interested in the 33′ RIVA if it is for sale at 100K?

  14. Jimmy

    exploring through past woodyboater stories had to say that would sure make a nice piece of fine yard art!