This fantastic iphone shot from Ron Cuccaro's grand daughter! Dang, the iphone secret is out!

This fantastic iphone shot from Ron Cuccaro’s grand daughter! Dang, the iphone secret is out!

Still freezing your aft off out , up and over there? Not here, no sir re man/mam. Here in Woodyboaterville its always 72 and sunny, light breeze and flat waters. All our stomachs are flat and kids respectful. OK, OK, forget the little snot heads, but here in Woodyboaterville, gas is still 25 cents a gallon, TV is only 3 channels and social media is going over to your pals  cottage by boat for a game of monopoly…So screw the Polar Vortex, get out your speedo, and lime green Crocs, we’re going woody boating! Post your best summer pics today, lets show the world how warm it really is today!

One of my favorite summer photos of my two sons and a pal eating lunch at the cottage.

One of my favorite summer photos of my two sons and a pal eating lunch at the cottage. The t shirt says it all!

God bless Summer!

God bless Summer!


Betsy out on a August day, lunch and drinks with pals on the water. Priceless stuff. no really, I have no idea what it cost, it doesnt matter..

Betsy out on a August day, lunch and drinks with pals on the water. Priceless stuff. no really, I have no idea what it cost, it doesnt matter..


Vintage Summers are still warm even in black and white!

Vintage Summers are still warm even in black and white!


Jimmy and Yannon on a warm summer night. Note the flat water! Oh yeah!

Jimmy and Yannon on a warm summer night. Note the flat water! Oh yeah!


Summers are for fathers and sons,

Summers are for fathers and sons, Quimby Country Lake Vermont


So post your own, keep them under 1 mg or they wont load and do the MATH!

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66 Responses to “Bring Your Summer On!”
  1. Troy


    Didn’t mfine say something recently about taking 3 or 4 people at once.

  2. m-fine

    Since I am usually driving, not photographing, my phone is always short of wood boat pictures. Here is a summer shot of the kids plastic boating as a consolation prize. My Michigan flag is getting pretty faded, and I still don’t have a black Sons Of Varnish flag.

    • Chad

      Those damn blue Michigan flags will fade on you every time. I’ll send you a green one so you can proudly display the REAL flag of Michigan.

      • m-fine

        That would be much appreciated. I find the green and white ones burn great!

  3. Michael Maddox

    Here’s to the summer of 1998, riding in wooden venetian limousines in northern Italy!

  4. Bob Kays

    Getting my friend’s kids an early start as Woody Boaters on Lake Hopatcong last summer. Followed by ice cream, a perfect summer day.

  5. Jon H

    6:30 am start to a northern Michigan July morning, headed to the Cruise for the Cure.

    • Wes Yandt

      That is a beautiful photo!!

      You can hear the blub blub….. can’t you? Woodies are made for mornings like this.

    • Ken Miller

      That photo is header worthy if ever there was one. Beautiful.

  6. Tom

    River running at Buffalo show with new friends. 20 minutes late we had blue skies.

  7. Sean

    A BIG highlight for us was was the ACBS 2012 100 Mile cruise (Big cruise for a big cause) in the Muskokas alongside the RMS Segwun, Wenonah II and a very large fleet of woodies!

    • Kerry Price

      This was a great cruise. We joined in from Gravenhurst and did the entire route to the end. Circled both the Winona and the Seguin a couple of times and headed back to our slip on Muskoka. What a great day

      • Kerry Price

        Looks like I butchered the spelling of the Segwun and Wenonah II. That’s what a Texan gets for trying to speak Canadian!

  8. Alex

    Love today’s laid back header photo Texx. Such natural light. It’s pretty how the white sided boats are never “white.” They really play with neighboring colors.

    • Tommyholm

      The colors, the lights………give the White Out back to your secretary 🙂

      P.s. it’s warm enough today to vent the CPES fumes.

  9. Wilson Wright

    Woody Boaterville sounds like Lake Woebegone where all the women are beautiful and all the children ( are warm) and above average.

    Hate to tell you but even with all your wishful thinking, it is still not hot here in North Florida.

    • Al Benton

      Wilson, get that fixed before the end of March! We’ll all be expecting Woodyboaterville weather by then…

  10. Scott Stensland

    Enjoying Lake Minnetonka with my son home on college break!

  11. Roger Martin

    Taking a cool dip and a cool sip on a nice sand bar while boating on the Mississippi near Quincy, IL.

  12. Ron Stevenson

    Opening Day of Boating season in Seattle 2012, first weekend in May. The theme was “Portholes to Paradise”!

  13. donald hardy

    Coming home this summer from southern CA with 3 Baby Gars and 1 Hackercraft , all Grey pattern boats mind you. So needless we didn’t think it was necessary to stop at the inspection site in the middle of the desert. They pulled us over to have us return to the inspection station, informed us that is was a $350 ticket. After inspection they did not ticket us. Nevertheless, words to the wise, never pass by a boat inspection station, even if the boat has not seen water since the 1950’s!

    • m-fine

      Seriously? What exactly are they looking for in the inspection? I can’t imagine there are too many regulations on an un-registered, non-powered, pile of lumber.

  14. Grant Stanfield


    Just another lazy day…with a wooden boat traffic jam during ‘rush hour’ @ Riverside Grocery on Harsens Island, MI!

  15. Chuck Crosby

    In Sacramento CA we are praying for winter to come. All of our rain comes between October and March. This year we have had nothing. Folsom Lake is at 18% and Tahoe will be low next summer…

    This pacture was taken at Garwood Pier, Northshore Lake Tahoe, July 2005

  16. Andy C

    A marina of Woody’s in Buffalo. Probably will not find too many places like this anymore. Photo was taken this past summer.

  17. Wes Yandt

    Summer in Coeur d’Alene in the 40’s often involved a speed boat thrill ride.

    Shot is taken in front of the Cd’A city beach of the “Fire Chief” a 1939 Yandt step hydro built for local businessman Kip Paulsen.

    Wish we could find that boat today and relive that experience!!


  18. Texx

    Relaxing in the warm Florida sunshine – St. Johns River Cruise 2013.

  19. Kentucky Wonder

    This is nephew John Ross (age 9) trying to pull 20′ Greavette back to dock – testing the method in case heroics were required. Alas, wind against the boat proved too strong for our hero, and we had to resort to normal engine power. Lake Chatuge, near Hiawassee, GA. June 2013.

  20. Tall Paul

    Beautiful summer sky today over St. Michaels MD and Tall Paul is cutting a nice wake!

  21. Alex

    Yes, let’s go. Left, 1970. Right, 1968. Totally different experiences. Wonderful to have a choice and not lose either way.

    • Chris B

      we even found treasure and saw a pirate! a memorable day for sure.

  22. Texx

    Thanks Alex. The best part about today’s header shot is that it was not planned, we simply snapped it as we were cruising around Hessel on a Tuesday afternoon. I remember the expressions on their faces as we passed by, wondering why we were photographing them.

    A common site in the area (as you know).

  23. Dan

    First ride on our “new” 1960 Century Resorter, Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan. Doesn’t get much better than this!

  24. brian t

    Chuck is correct – we better get some winter weather and fast. Most of the ski resorts here in Oregon have no snow. And that snowpack makes for a better boating summer….

    Tubing with the kids after a healthy winter…..

  25. Dick Dow

    Late to the party here – last day at Mahogany & Merlot 2013 shot during the parade of boats. Later that afternoon “Sindbad” came out of the water for the season…