The new website is fantastic!

The new website is fantastic!

Congratulations to Herb Hall and the rest of the gang at Sierra Boat Co, for getting a new website up and running. Doing such a thing is not for the faint of heart. And Herb has pulled it off. The new design is easy to read, you can search boats better and has a more engaging home page. Also if you look closly Sierra is sporting there updated logo which is also bolder and easier to read. You can visit the new page here.

Cleaner, bolder, and easier to reproduce. Nice job Herb

Cleaner, bolder, and easier to reproduce. Nice job Herb

For those of you not familer with Sierra Boat Co. they are the west coasts largest Antique boat facility. They are also internationally recognized for the quality of work and Riva work. Honestly if you have never been out west, a trip to Sierra Boat Company on Lake Tahoe is worth the trip alone. Go to the boats for sale section and you will see that they also have some AMAZING stuff for sale.

Here is a fun shot of the gang out there. One of the nicest group of folks on the planet by the way!

Here is a fun shot of the gang out there. One of the nicest group of folks on the planet by the way!

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6 Responses to “Sierra Boat Company Has A New Website!”
  1. donald hardy

    Way to go Herb and crew, always striving to do quality and the best service in the West. My volunteer years there during the show’s is what inspired me to start my own boat business here in Idaho. You are always the first stop when we come thru Tahoe. Now I take care of some of your old boats that have come north to our lake. Wishing you the best for a New year.

  2. Alex

    Ok, so I clicked on that Lawley boat that was on the Featured Boats slideshow. Such elegant lines. But it would definitely fall under the “if you have to ask” category, even on a liquidation, everything must go, blow out, or dollar daze sale. Was it built for Mr. Grey or Monsieur Poupon? Ha. Seriously though, congrats on your new site Sierra, and have a prosperous 2014.

  3. Wilson Wright

    Good job Herb…You always are top of the line… Hope to see you in Tavares…

  4. mike k

    only three comments!! i guess most of us have frozen to death already!

    or maybe the math was too tough

    web site is nice! wish it was closer and id stop for a visit.


  5. brian t

    Regarding the Lawley…

    ” Sierra Boat restored the boat in 1995. The project was extensive with over 4000 man hours spent. Since that time, the bottom has been completely replaced… ”

    Wait. Something does not add up here.

    The boat needed 4000 hours of work except for the bottom in 1995? Vast amounts of cash would have been spent only to leave a suspect bottom on the craft to be done later?

    I cannot imagine that the bottom was replaced in 1995 only to be done again a short time later.

    Am I missing something here?