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Ladies and Gentlemen, and Troy… Get out the virtual pop corn and a cold frosty of Blatz! Today we release the amazing footage from Jim and Jack Irwin from Irwin Marine on Lake Winnipesaukee around the 1940’s and 1950’s. A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Mark Mason and Terry Fiest for getting it to us. Rare Chris – Crafts when they were new and just plain new boats. The best part is seeing how happy folks are with their new boats. Dang, what a wonderful time that all looks like. Even the winter scenes look great. For you purists, we did add some music and re arrange some of the scenes to tell a story. So without further adooooo.

Here are some scenes from tomorrows epic conclusion of “The Irwin Files”

Watch a U22 launched.

Watch a U22 launched.

More Miss W fun

More Miss W fun

Neato ply wood Chris Craft on a Chris Craft trailer

Neat-O ply wood Chris Craft on a Chris Craft trailer

Tomorrows footage is even cooler if thats possible.. What? Ya thought we were going to just show it all in one time? Really? And not milk this for all the life we cant squeeze out of this.





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35 Responses to “The World Exclusive Premeire Of “The Irwin Files””
  1. Rick

    I set my alarm to get on line early so I could get a seat but the theater appears to be empty. Video is also not playing on my tablet so maybe it’s the wrong theater. Will fire up the laptop and try again.

    • Rick

      Video was worth switching computers for. Thanks for starting our day this way. When I got to the new theater I was lucky enough to get a seat next to one of Troy’s dates. Got up for a soda and when I got back Wilson was in my seat. Out of respect I found another seat, but grumbled.

  2. matt

    It looks like Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly have just showed up, hopefully they can get there tablets to play it. But first Steve Jobs needs to be born..

  3. Bob Menzel

    What a great way to start the day on a mid- January morning. Lots of good memories there.
    Looking forward to Part II!
    Thanks Matt & Texx

  4. Ken Miller

    If anyone asks, “What do you see in those old boats?”, show them that. It’s the WoodyBoater lifestyle on film. If they still don’t see it then they aren’t gonna see it ever. Thanks for this. Good way to start the day. Looking forward to them launching the U22. Only it looks like they’re gonna send it “to the moon, Alice, to the moon” (Ralph Cramden style).

  5. JFunk

    Just what the doctor ordered on a cold, gray, and generally dreary morning here in Indiana. Thank you.

  6. matt

    This footage is a image capture of everything I have in my brain as to how it must have been. Simply wonderful. Part II is even more amazing.

    • Tall Paul

      This is what I see when I imagine those days too. Fantastic film. Can’t wait to see part II.

  7. Greg Lewandowski

    Wonderful video. Since this WoodyBoater grew up on a CC Sedan, the shots of all those big old sedans sure brought back some memories. Thank You!

  8. Troy

    What a GREAT film!

    Glad to see all the CRUISER LOVE!

    Very excited to see the next installment.

  9. m-fine

    So, they put the cruiser out on the ice and then wait for the lake to melt?

  10. RRG

    I was scared…Im glad there was no footage of an electric car.

    That’s some good stuff!

  11. Alex

    That was very touching. Thank you Mark, Terry, Matt, Texx and anyone else unsung who made this available.

    How could a classic boater not be moved by these images. (Reminded me of the ending to the film Cinema Paradiso. Anyone who has seen the film will know what I’m talking about.)

    Makes me ache for boating season. Hope the ache subsides, because boating season is still 5+ months away up here.

    Btw, take note of the 25 Sportsman at 3:53 and, for one fleeting second, at 4:32. Anyone know the whereabouts of that wonderful boat? Wait. Don’t answer that publicly. Shhhh. Whisper it to me.

  12. Randy Rush Captain Grumpyr

    Loved watching them go under the Weirs bridge to Paugus Bay. On a sunday its rub rail to rubrail traffic. Also even in the day, those boats were treated as something special.

  13. Wilson Wright

    Great flick…Looks like several frames of Jack and Jim’s dad. Quite a guy to establish that dealership and the the dance pavillion that hosted the big bands next door.

    Our neighbors had a farm near the lake and they took some of the neighbor kids up there in the summers in the late ’30s and early ’40s…They kept their boat at Irwin Marine. I kept looking for my self in the film but alas I didn’t see that kid or if I did, I didn’t recognize me as a 9 or 10 year old.

    My apologies to Rick for taking his seat…At my age, I don’t see so well in the dark…I guess I was focused on the flick…or maybe it was the girl next to the empt seat…

  14. Mark

    68 Resorter FG. Lake of the Ozarks, MO. Great movie, Super way to start a cold Monday in Jan. One day closer to spring. Oh yea, Boat Show 2014 starts this week in KC. M&M

  15. Chad

    Love the U-22 footage. The lines, the simplicity, the handling…

    Hands down my favorite model CC.

  16. m-fine

    I watched it twice now. So far I only spotted one vintage lifejacket (being worn by an engine) and one vintage fender. So far no vintage lunch baskets carefully laid out, but a ton of vintage zipper pulls.

    Not a lot of sensible boating wear either. Was that guy really fishing in a suit? Shirtless with long pants? How about shorts? No orange boat shoes, but on the plus side, no crocs with socks either.

    As for the on the water action, I didn’t see any wake towers, and no speakers blasting Doris Day and Bing Crosby hits for everyone on the lake to hear. No jet-ski’s jumping their wakes or turning sharply right in front of them. No Donzi girls or Troy models draped on the bows wearing less cloth than your average burgee. It all seems rather boring actually.

    • Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

      I agree and add: Did you notice they used there boats just like people use there plastic boats? Just daily drivers , not shrines to the wood gods! Makes you really think about todays over restorations.

  17. Bill Loose

    Thanks for posting this, especially for those of us with a classic boat who might be too young to have such memories firsthand. What was particularly striking was seeing all the boats we now lovingly cherish and realize at the time they were … well … just boats.

  18. Rich Marschner

    Oh, man…not just those boats, but those TRUCKS! Out here in Tucson, we love our old trucks…and here they are in this clip, as NEW trucks! It’s like our kids never thinking their parents were ever young — you forget these trucks were once new, just like the boats.
    What fun — and there’s still tomorrow to look forward to….

  19. 'Bone Daddy' Deems

    I Looooove the old launching scenes of yesteryear! Thanks for posting…Here’s one of a 1939 Garwood Streamliner At Yandt Boatworks in Coeur d Alene, ID. from Wes Yandt himself..awesome

  20. matt

    WOW, what a great BW shot. i love that stuff. that would make a great header

  21. Cliff

    Matt was this shot on 8mm or 16? I really enjoyed it is there a higher def version?

  22. Captain Nemo

    Thanks for posting that vid. It brings me back to growing up in my father’s marina in the ’60s. Makes me want to dig up the old photos and 8mm footage he took.

  23. WoodyGal

    This was really special. All those beautiful cruisers! Can’t wait to see how that boat launching goes tomorrow!

  24. floyd r turbo

    If you had one opportunity to go back to a certain year, visit a marina of your choice and only that year, then back to present, what marina and year would you go back to? hmmm….

    • Wes Yandt

      Sorry. Late on this reply but had to say my bit.

      There is no question in my mind where and when I would program the “go back” machine for. It would be my great Uncle Bob’s “Yandt Boatworks” on lake Coeur d’Alene on a warm July morning in 1946. This would have been the heyday of the boatworks and their taxi services that they provided. Oh man I wish I could sit on the gas dock with Uncle Bob and talk boats. Watch the boats coming and going and maybe even hook a ride with one of the big taxi boats. It would have been fun to run the mail with one of the boats also.

      Sad that is all gone but very very happy that I have a chance to relive it with my Dad and our boat.

  25. thomas d

    they aren’t home movies but the old series Sea Hunt has some great boats in each episode on you tube. ever notice how no one seemed to be able to build a boat trailer. i miss the 20th century.