Gotta love a good wave in a hat!

Gotta love a good wave in a hat!

Jaws II, Rambo II,III,IV, and now The Irwin Files. Here is Part II of the exclusive footage from Jim and Jack Irwin of Irwin Marine from the 1950’s. This footage tops it all with some fantastic driving footage, and the first series of scenes of the timeless smile of pride from a proud new owner. ya don’t need a narration to tell whats going on there. The most wonderful thing about this footage is how the Irwin family captured the true joy of boating. Thanks for all your wonderful comments yesterday.

So with out further adoooo! Here is part II.

Thanks to Jim and Jack Irwin for allowing us all to bask in their wonderful history. It is clear to see through this footage the love of boating and each other on the lake and at Irwin marine. Thanks again to Mark Mason and Wilson Wright for sharing this with us. We of course are trying to see if we could show the film with narration at an event this summer. ROAD TRIP!

Thanks for stopping by! Please put your popcorn in the trash cans on the way out..

Thanks for stopping by! Please put your popcorn in the trash cans on the way out..

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20 Responses to “The Irwin Files II This Time It’s Personal.”
  1. Bjorn B

    This is just great. Thanks for making this available for the rest of us!

  2. Troy

    Did my eyes deceive me or did they really slide that cruiser off the rail car straight into the water at the end?

    That launch rail is wild!

    I want to see more of the red and white express at 5:02, guess I will have to visit Alex for that.

    Thanks that is a real TREAT!

    • Rick

      Just slide the entire shipping cradle right into the water, awesome. Wonderful movie.

      • 'Bone Daddy' Deems

        Ummm….Why yes…The world famous ‘Greyhound’ race boat hailing from Yandt Boat Works, Coeur d Alene, Id. Now safely residing in Stanwood, Wa…..OOOooo Ya

  3. JFunk

    Guess I’m gonna have to break down and get one of those skipper hats. One question…how did they keep those things on when doing 25mph+?

  4. m-fine

    Great movies. Will part 3, the 60’s be tomorrow or are we going to have to wait a bit?

  5. Jeff Rogers

    Absolutely stunning footage. That captures exactly what we all love about the vintage boat hobby. Thanks to the Irwin’s for sharing.

    Now, what other similar old movies must still be out there in someone’s attic – ready to be found…?

  6. John Rothert

    Over the top!!!!

    Come on old 8mm folks out there…must be more such stuff!

    thanks, just great!

    John in Va.

  7. WoodyGal

    Big, new, gorgeous cruisers! Wow!
    I think khakis with a captains hat and no shirt was proper boating attire for men in those days. I can remember my dad wearing the same in the late 1950’s. My mom always made him put on a shirt when we stopped at one of the lakeside cafe’s.

  8. Grant Stanfield

    Jaw-dropping footage and a great soundtrack, too. Thanks for all of this- really great!

    It’s fun to see some of my favorite boats being delivered and used back when they were new…wish I had a time-machine some days!

    Those factory-fresh, soft-bullnose DCFB’s make me glad to be alive…will cruisers ever be that handsome again, seriously?

    The ‘drop-it-in’ launch footage was wonderful…here’s how Burger did it back in the day from their ancient shipyard- “just push ‘er in sideways, boys!”

  9. Michael A. Hill

    Best boat porn I’ve seen since Cliff Wolfe’s resurrected Cleveland Yacht Club films from the late forties/early fifties!! You guys really need to see that. Hours of what you’ve seen here.

  10. Captain Nemo

    Thanks again, seeing them move those old cruisers around gives me flashbacks to my childhood days.

  11. Ben Lasher

    Amazing lack of homes around the shoreline. Winnipesaukee, au naturale.