They love to wave on the lake!

They love to wave on the lake!

Ever wanted to back in time? OK in Black and white, and with no sound? Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boater Denis Donohue who made us aware of some very cool footage form the year 1929 you can bask today in the past..

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 7.40.43 PM

Ya got happy families, boat races, boats, and more boats all right here.. Thanks Denis!

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19 Responses to “The Summer of 1929 On Lake Winnipesaukee In 30 Minutes-ish.”
    • Nautilus Restorations

      The most interesting thing I have run across on the internet in several years. I “wasted” an hour watching it twice and sent it to several people I know who would appreciate it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  1. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Am I missing something? All I see is 2 pictures and no video?

    • randy Rush Captain Grumpy

      That was weird, closed out google chrome and went back to windows ie and the video was there>

    • Troy

      Grumpy find the video!
      There are some great shots of old boats, sea-planes, and people having FUN!
      You can probably tell us where it is all going on, my best guess is that the races were in Alton Bay.

  2. m-fine

    Isn’t there supposed to be someone playing along on a piano or organ?

    I only got a few minutes in and now this will tease me all day when I am supposed to be productive. Maybe I can blow off a client and hide in a bathroom stall for 35 minutes. I’ll make groaning noises and mumble about the darn cruise I was just on and people should leave me alone right?

  3. randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Ok I watched it all. Most of it was Paugus bay and the Weirs, Wolfeboro, Center Harbor and Alton. I never heard of Indian Ridge- looks like Clarks Traiding Post, they still have trained bears. This family must have been very well off, I wonder how much they held on to after the stock market crash.
    Great video!

    • Alex

      Randy, those bears aren’t tame. They’re drunk. See 30:40. Hell, I’d act tame if people fed me beers too.

  4. Denis D

    Note the boat races and seaplanes are at The Weirs in front of the big white Irwin Gardens building featured in the Irwin videos here on Woody Boater recently. That building still stands today and The Weirs is still a hotbed of boating activity in the summer and is still home to the Mt Washington cruise boat.

    Denis D

  5. WoodyGal

    Boats, cars, airplanes, architecture and clothing! What could be better.

  6. Gary

    What a wonderful insight to the era before the crash.
    I loved the triple Dodge

  7. Cobourg Kid

    Wonderful footage! It would however be so much more so if it were overdubbed with contemporary narrative from one of the folks in the film. Unlikely you say? Although this reel was shot 83 years ago there is a significant possibility that one or both of the little girls featured in the film (see outake below) are still with us. Problem is finding them.

  8. Cobourg Kid

    Longshot but perhaps someone out there recognizes the girl’s mother and their grandparents??

  9. Denis D

    I spoke with the lady who manages the Lake Winnipesaukee Museum. She says they believe they know who the family was and that they were business owners from southern New Hampshire but does not know if any family members are still around. The museum has another version of this film which has additional color footage from the 50s. She said it shows the Dad as an old man standing on the dock. We are going to visit the museum again this summer to view that film.

    Denis D

  10. Wilson Wright

    Good flick….Enjoyed watching the aquaplanes about half to 3/4 the way thru…When I was a kid we spent summers there and learned to aquaplane at about age 8 or 9. Even in the summer that lake as not hot…

    I agree, it would be nice if some one were around who could narrate it. One of the family we visited are still alive…If I can find an e-mail for him, I’ll ask.

  11. Rich Marschner

    Wonderful stuff. Getting to see into this era through the eyes of someone who was there, holding an early motion pix camera system — and they were clumsy systems, not just hand-held cameras — is a real treat.