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Part two

Video streaming by Ustream

Thanks for tuning into the big LIVE streaming event at the Antique Boat Center Open House. If you are interested in signing up to the ACBS you can click on your local chapter on the lower left of Woody Boater. If you don’t see a chapter near you, check the national site HERE.for one near you.We recorded the entire event for you here. It has abut 15 minutes of nothing. So you can fast forward through all that..Then it stops, so we included part two below it.. Thanks again to Dennis at the Antique Boat Center and Peter Stephens of the ACBS for a fun diversion from the frosty stuff outside!

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28 Responses to “Peter Stephens Speaks On The ACBS From The Antique Boat Center Open House. Recorded LIVE.”
  1. matt

    Its 11AM East Coast TIme! I would tune in a tad early. There will be a screen with two ads on it, just click on one of them, you will be forced to watch it. Then it will play LIVE

  2. Rick

    So this will be another virtual party for us but real for you. Will Chad’s monkey make an appearance or do you subscribe to the ideal of never share a stage with children or animals? Is it inappropriate for me to watch with a margarita in my hand and a lampshade on my head or is this a more hoity-toity event? After 12 (drinking time) it would probably be best to ignore any emails from me.

  3. Troy

    You said to come early!
    Here I am!

    No really, need to get ready to go to Bean Town today.

    Have FUN!

  4. Chad

    If Lou could mail me a boat cookie… it would make the experience feel a little more “live”.

    • Rick

      I think we should all get cheese and sausage pontoon boats FedEx-ed to us. And hey I haven’t seen any WoodyWeiners being prepared for the party there!

  5. Mark Elliott

    I am hearing impaired – will this live streaming speech have CLOSED CAPTION?

  6. Alex

    Will there be a round table broadcast after the speeches, to analyze the comments? And will Anderson Cooper be hosing it, wearing that “I’m a really big thinker” face that he keeps by the door in a jar?

  7. Wilson Wright

    How about a review from Scott Pelly and Bob Schaeffer the Jones Day lawfirm window ?

  8. Ron Stevenson

    Great job you guys! Thanks!
    Only caught a bit of it, and loved the VW ad!
    Last day of the show here in Seattle, and since there is this partnering thing going on, I think today’s dress code in the PNW ACBS booth will be a “Sons of Varnish” T-shirt!

  9. matt

    Thanks all for a asking questions. Its always fun to try new things and bring something special to events.This Open house at Antique Boat Center is a wonderful event and worth going to in person.

  10. Wilson Wright

    Matt/Texx: Good show..Caught it from start to finish…Felt like I’d been there and I didn’t have to drive 700 miles.
    Before you leave can you pan the showroom and show us some boats for sale….Oh yes, and save me a bite to eat.

  11. matt

    Thanks Wilson, its a web wifi thing.. The wifi in that building is tough cause its so huge. Next time we figure out the cookie thing better! Snifovision

  12. GPB

    Good effort. Timing needs improved. Let’s do it again! Great way to introduce some personalities involved in our hobby and hear their stories.

  13. Wilson Wright

    Next time…Try a workshop somewhere…That’ will answer Peter’s question, how do we get folks involved…And you can take ’em thru the Dora canal. That’ll really get ’em revved up.

  14. Rick

    I would love to see some live varnishing video showing technique. Some of us amateurs
    would love to get better results.

    • Ol'Salt

      Rick-have you checked out the videos on the ACBS website. They were recorded at the various seminars across the country and are really quite good. Yet another good reason to be an ACBS member.

    • Ken Miller

      Also check out Antique Boat Center’s channel on YouTube. Joel, Frank Bryan and the rest of the team are masters. I enjoyed getting to see a shot of Lou’s dog, Rudder.

  15. Kentucky Wonder

    OK, when I finally got to watch the video, it ended in the middle of the speech, before any questions were asked/answered. Is the whole show recorded somewhere?

  16. Jack Schneiberg

    Same question as Kentury Wonder. Video stops at 23 minutes and first 15 are nothing but chairs and background noise. Is the rest of the video somewhere else????

  17. matt

    Thanks guys, my bad, I am new to this. I think what happened is that because we are using the free service, it cut to an ad mid stream and converted into another clip. I have included that clip below it. watch Chad stump Peter with his question about Kyacks? Really? Kyacks? Peter did a great job and hats off to the ACBS and Antique Boat Center for trying new things!

  18. Tommyholm

    Kayaks , yes really, really, next thing you know it will be cruise ships – where does it end.
    Ken Kelly and I did a joint canoe thing with the acbs a few years ago. If you want kayaks, fglass or cruise ships, get involved with your local chapter and go for it. Invite to show/events, do some joint marketing, have a meeting. Have fun.