what guyIt’s time again to play our favorite online game show. WHAT IZ IT? Fellow Woody Boater Art Van Ben Schoten has an old wooden boat with no motor but doesn’t  have the chrome pieces,  its 15.5 ft long, three seated and  believes  it had a 6cyl motor flat bottom direct drive. He was told it was 1930/1940 tournament boat. So here is the big question… What is it?






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58 Responses to “It’s Time To Play Our Favorite Game Show! WHAT IZ IT?”
  1. Mike W

    I have no idea. Surprise. But was not disappointed in the repeat header photo.

  2. Rick

    Looking at the stern it looks alot like a Ventnor. Whatever it is I like it.

    • matt

      The Barns craft is amazing.. This could become a bigger story if thats the case.. Are there any shots of the bow Art?

      • Bob Kays

        According to a history of Lake Hopatcong’s Barnes Craft written by Joan Brack
        ” In the early 1950’s Barnes designed and built three tear drop style and torpedo sterns, two 19′ and one 17′ double cockpit that resembled Ventnors to some degree but did not have the dorsal fin” Unless this boat is a 17′ it is not a LH Barnes.

  3. Steve Balcer

    It kind of looks like a “Canadian 1” design that use to race up in Canada at that time period. Years ago I did a motor swap in a boat that had similar lines to this one.

  4. Jack Schneiberg

    I’m going to guess Stancraft based on a short I just watched somewhere. Also not disappointed with the repeat header. Repeated one more time, this header could do some serious damage to my dream sequences.

  5. don vogt

    Too short for a western fairliner and they didnt have the planing “plaftform” rear hull feature like this one. Also they didnt start building them until 1947.

  6. Gary

    Love the header!
    Gotta be home built, joint between sides too straight.
    Troy’s header definitely vessen.

  7. Rabbit

    Matt, I think the header is distracting your readers from the topic at hand.

  8. matt

    Well, Troy is back. At least she is not wearing sausage or a cheese dress. So I suppose there is some restraint going on.. Small steps Troy, small steps..

    • oldernowiser

      I have no idea what it is. I did see one just like it years ago, (1996?) in a guys garage. He lived near Flathead Lake in Kalispell MT. It was in about the same condition as this one.
      It had no engine, but he believed the original engine for his boat was in a small museuem at Flathead Lake. I regret I did not stay in touch with that guy, I was too busy trying to tow a Chris Craft that I had bought there over the mountain pass in a snowstorm.

  9. Taco

    Do not know what make the boat is but I like the spelling of the owner`s name. It literally says Art, son of Ben Schoten. This is very “old scool” as today it would be Art van Benschoten. I asume Art`s father or grandfather has Dutch roots.

    • m-fine

      Keep in mind you are reading Woodyboater and therefore the spelling of the name may or may not represent the way the owner or his parents may have spelled it.

  10. Eric

    Interesting boat. The custom trailer pretty trick too! Like the step pads behind the fenders.

    • John Baas

      Back of the trailer looks like it has a sort of removable tie down bar? Curved flange hooks over the flat platform. Knob in the middle for removing the bar upon launch? Cool, indeed!

  11. Alex

    I’ll tell you what it is.

    It’s upside down.

    As for the header (which I’m copying herein, to ensure its immortality, since she’ll be gone in less than a day), your caption is too wishy washy. Who cares about sunsets, water, wood, varnish and all that. How about this: “The most beautiful boat in the word pales next to a beautiful woman.” Amen.

  12. Steve

    I love the custom fit of that trailer. The rails follow the chines and the bumper hooks onto the transom. The boat looks like it wouldn’t even need tie downs. I would love to hear the story of this boat and I do hope it gets restored.
    Matt, you could just leave that header….forever!

  13. RiverRat

    You guys need to get out more. I can see that the winter is taking it’s toll.

    • Cobourg kid

      Same header twice in one week……boring …..I’m with Ratty With most of the world watching the Olympics it’s apparently re-run week here on woody boater

      • matt

        Header was put back up because of over whelming demand via email and comments.. I will take it down if you like?

  14. Tommyholm

    I just realized that Header babe is looking at me, going by in my Century.

  15. matt

    Yes it is Tommy.. She was thinking of you when it was shot. It was the only way to make her smile..laugh smile kinda the same thing

  16. thomas d

    at first glance i thought it was upside down with the bottom off. i’d like to have it.

  17. Grant Stanfield

    Not sure what sort of boat this is, but very interesting!

    *Hey, WoodyBoater…in honor of the 2014 SOCHI Winter Olympics, would there be any interest in a story about Russian classic boats? I’d be interested in knowing more…anyone have any stories?

    I know they were pretty into hydrofoils for a while…but were there any runabout-style wooden boats produced over there behind ‘The Curtain?’

    Just throwing it out to readers…

    • Troy

      Grant did you not know that Roamer was actually a secret division of the KGB.

      It was set up to infiltrate the psychie of the US population and analyze our thinking patterns to better dominate the world.

      Where else would an iron boat come from except from behind the iron curtain?

    • Grant Stanfield

      Here are blueprints of an armed landing boat based off the NKL-27 pleasure boat from the Dniepr Flotilla…

  18. Terry Fiest

    I can tell you its definitely not a Stan Craft—I have combed the archives and found nothing to resemble this. My guess is it was built as a conventional boat and someone tried to convert it into a Torpedo stern. For “Oldermowiser”–the boat you saw in Montana belonged to Jerry Appel and he has completed the restoration—There were only 10 Torpedo Stern Boats built by Stan Craft—6 are know to exist—-Haul it down to Tavares for the Sunnyland Show—Terry

    • oldernowiser

      Thanks for the info on the Montana boat and Jerry Appel. Any more info or pictures? I met him for literally a few minutes before trying to outrun a May snowstorm with my newly purchased 27′ Sedan Cruiser…I was not able to outrun it, by the way…what a trip!

  19. Cliff

    I’m going to go with home built. The exhaust is too crude for it to come out of a professional shop regardless of the year it was built. A lot of time was put into the shape of the stern but the exhaust looks like an afterthought. I expected it to come out of the side of the hull, I also have a feeling the boat is going to be really “strange” in the water the first time out. It will be very quirky.

    • Rick

      Agree, with that bottom it should be very squirrely in turns and forget about using it in any type of chop. Can we get a period correct kidney belt to go with this?

  20. Ol'Salt

    Here is a pic of Jerry’s boat, the YP, at last years international show.

    • oldernowiser

      Beautiful! As I remember this boat was in incredibly bad shape. Glad Jerry had the heart and talent to save it! Would love to hear the story of this restoration……is it out there somewhere and I just haven’t run across it yet? I’m land locked here in the mid west and havn’t been to many shows, so pardon my ignorance. Any more info is appreciated.

  21. Steve

    Could no one come up with what this is? Maybe it is homebuilt.
    It would be nice to see some more info, Are there any serial numbers? What kind of fasteners ? ( R&P, slotted, Robertson) Is it all the same wood. Was the plywood on the transom original? Are there more photos available? Why does Troy’s gal have a moustache? I never saw it the first 3 times I looked.

  22. Steve Balcer

    “Vite” Yup that’s the boat I installed a new motor in. A Canadian boat.

  23. Dan Payne

    Let me help. I’m helping Art sell the boat.
    I doubt that it is home built.
    There are too many elements of factory production employed in the hull.
    NOT a Stan Craft (as someone mentioned already)
    It was NOT modified to the torpedo stern you see. There are no signs of alteration.
    I found no serial numbers on the hull.
    Cedar planking. Mahogany on the aft deck. Frames are a mix of some plywood, some pine. I did not check the fasteners. I hope we can find someone with the vision and resources to restore her.

  24. Dan Payne

    P.s. Absolute not Barnes Craft (what an awesome boat that is! I’ve Never heard of them)

    If it is home built (which the no serial numbers suggests) it was a highly skilled builder. Not an amature. It’s just to complicated and compound for a novice woodworker

    • Dan Payne

      Nautilus, the boat is for sale. Art is Asking $1500.
      Make him an offer.
      I’m afraid your straight 8 Packard would sink the boat