Orange Shag! Ya Baby!

Orange Shag! Ya Baby!

Thanks to all for asking about Pumpkin these past few days. We are very happy to report not only is Pumpkin OK, but she is gett’n nasty bad ass ready for lake Dora in 5 weeks. No building collapse or blizzards are going to stop the Katz’s freight train from delivering Pumpkin to Florida, and eventually up to Michigan to kick that Blue Smurfs aft in what will be the showdown of all showdowns. Will the 350 and its also light weight driver beat the heavy big boy 454? You all can get a taste of it in Florida.

The finish is INSANE, pearl orange! But under that is all new and re-enforced structure.

The finish is INSANE, pearl orange! But under that is all new and re-enforced structure.

close up of the paint, the boat was all taken apart.

close up of the paint, the boat was all taken apart.

The progress on Pumpkin has been breathtakingly fast and correct. Almost every part was bad in some way or another. Now with new impellers, new correct exhaust, and to top it all off the 454 monster engine is completed by Dave VanNess in just under 1 month. And it aint no staition wagon 454.. This is Daves performance side coming out. We will need a fuel tanker to follow us around.

New correct size exhaust on left, old on right.

New correct size exhaust on left, old on right.

Tommy has been spending day and night getting her ready for the world debut of her. No pressure Tommy, just 5 weeks to go..


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28 Responses to “Nothing Stops A Pumpkin!”
  1. m-fine

    Has anyone calculated how many minutes until the tanks run dry, or is the plan to give Paul H the keys and wait for the phone call?

  2. TomH

    I’ll put my money on the 454. Not too much beats big block hp and torque. Maybe you can leave the boat fenders out flapping on the side of the boat to make it an even race.

  3. David

    I would still move the exhaust outlets higher up on the transom to avoid another submersion. Just sayin. I realize pumpkins do float, but with a 454, even the biggest pumpkins will sink.

    If not, double clamp the exhaust hoses, and plan to replace them regularly.

    • m-fine

      I think the boat is simply too low and flat for that. You can’t have water backing into the exhaust manifolds either or you will keep Van Ness very busy with rebuilds.

      A couple of good clamps is the correct solution. In general, a boat like that should be in motion or in a lift or on a trailer, not sitting in the water anyway.

  4. WoodyGal

    Love the shag! It’s even better in person. Tommy, I know how much work has been involved, thanks for busting your butt to get her ready.

    • Bob Menzel

      Now that is not very nice!
      However maybe a little side wager is in order for the pumpkin/smurf duel?

  5. Cliff

    Holly crap! What a week! I have been dealing with break downs with customers and finally got caught up on my woody boatering and I am flabbergasted at all the disasters, there was a unrestored 1937 Chris Craft utilitty in the rafters ( I love those things, would like to own one someday). So sad, and now we get to see bigger exhaust ports on PUNKIN. May I suggest two yellowtail bilge blowers to remove any fumes that might be lingering, and a good set of mufflers that thing is going to be rude! Here in Ohio we are experiencing major melting so I predict FLOODING! I might have river front by Saturday. Hope every one is safe.

  6. Tommy"Angry Pants"

    It will definitely be a site to see. Between saving what I can at Marina two, and finding places to temporarily put thimgs I will be working on Pumpkin For therapy as well as making everyone else happy to see it.

  7. Dave

    This vessel appears to be made completely of plastic or fiberglass. What the heck is it doing here on WOODY-Boater?

    It does not belong — like bringing a Model A to an Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg meet. Sorry!

    What is next? Pontoon boats? Jet Ski’s? I mean, come on!

    • Sean

      There is LOTS of beautiful & exciting Classic Glass …
      and you don’t have to look very far.

  8. Tommy

    what some people may or may not understand about us at Katz marina is that these boats that have been damaged and or destroyed in this disaster we are dealing with is this. We pour our hearts into these boats, and it doesnt matter who’s it is. Not if they are Seth’s boats or a customer of ours, we treat these boats as if they belonged to us. The satifaction we get is when you as our audience can appreciate our work for what it is. Not who has the most money to dump into them,We still have to do what we do to make these boats beautiful. I can speak for each and everyone of us at the marina when I say thankyou for liking what we do. And as far as the haters, they will always be there and it does nothing more for us except prove that We at Katzs marina do our job Well. Thankyou

  9. Dave

    Planes have never been better since Flyer 1. Horsepower, never as good since the age of buggy whips (and chains). Light, never as clear since whale lamps. Counting, never as accurate since the abacus. Clothing, never as practical since the fig leaf.

    Materials science? Design innovation? Variety? Progress? It’s all heresy I tell you!

    As for your name, this is part of an epidemic! Amazon has nothing to do with a jungle, a river, or a tall athletic woman. Apple is inedible. eBay isn’t the least bit nautical. And Groupon has nothing to do with group… well, you know.

    I’m going to start my own worldwide classic boating blog. It’ll be exclusive. In fact, members only. It’ll be called “For Woods Only.” You’ll see.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s getting late. I’ve got to go stoke the fire, fluff the straw, and roll the stone in front of the cave.

  10. Alex

    All I know is her favorite color is metallic blue. And that’s good enough for me.

  11. red dog

    alex her favourite colour (for our canadian friends) is probably green papers. 1.5 inches x 4.5 inches. and lots of them