The all new 2014 VARNISHERS shirt. In Red Wine for the show ONLY.

The all new 2014 VARNISHERS shirt. In Red Wine for the show ONLY. Woody Boater logo on back!

Drum roll please… This years two new designs are in and ready for shipping to..FLORIDA. That’s right like every year, you can only buy these in Florida while at the show. We will have one of the designs only in this color for the show.

Speedboat Outlaws will be available, Woody Boater logo on front

Speedboat Outlaws will be available, Woody Boater logo on front

We will also have some left over stock from last year to clear out for good. Last year we sold out by Saturday morning with 250 shirts. This year we are bringing 300 or so shirts. And the latest Woody Boater product.. Wine sippy cups!

Wine glasstics!

Wine glasstics!

That’s right, Not only can you keep acting like a baby, you can drink like one to.The new WB logo will also be available on Hats still in production.

Colors still be considered.

Colors still be considered.

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20 Responses to “Arrive To Lake Dora Naked! We’ve Got You Covered!”
  1. WoodyGal

    LOVE the brown varnisher T! And the black one too! Dang, I just bought those same wine glasses for ARRRGHS! daughter. It’s gonna be an exciting year!

  2. m-fine

    If we arrive naked the shirts will only have us half covered. Perhaps some Woodyboater beach towels to wrap around our waists would be good for the bottom half. Even better some full size 4×6 flags! You can cover a lot of unsightly body parts with one of those!

    Have I ever mentioned how cool a 4×6 black SoV flag would look flying over my dock?

    Alright enough dreaming, time to get up and take my meds.

    • Al Benton

      Start with some Tightie-Whities with a Woody Boater waste band. Well, maybe in a boxer shorts style…

      • m-fine

        Good idea! Woody underwear should help avoid obscenity charges while it shouldn’t slow the TSA strip search too much compared to traveling naked.

        The only issue is the weather at my departure city. March doesn’t usually go out like a lamb here, unless you count the forgotten frozen lamb chops covered in frost/snow way in the back of the freezer.

        Oh, and a flag would be better.

  3. Troy

    I better bring an extra suit case just so I have room for all the stuff I buy at the Woodyboater tent!

    • Dennis Mykols

      That’s way we drive down with the F-150, I can buy all the hard to find stuff down there and throw it in the back of the truck…
      I will need 2 of those varnishes shirts in 3XXX PLEASE.

    • WoodyGal

      And don’t forget the flea market or field of dreams! That’s where the big stuff is! You can always ship stuff home.

  4. Alex

    “Red wine” color? Oh please. Don’t go concours d’elegance on us. That color is “dried bilge blood” if I’ve ever seen it. And the black isn’t “black.” It’s “rot.”

  5. WoodyGal

    When pirates flew bloody red flags it meant they weren’t taking any prisoners. No Smurf blue prisoners!

    • Alex

      For being your punching bag, you owe me a beer in Tavares. And no Susan Miller 64!

  6. WoodyGal

    Kinda looks like Mahogany with Chris-Craft red stain to me?

  7. 51Resorter

    And when will these be available for the non-Dora masses?

  8. ian

    not able to go to dora, would love to buy the black speedboat
    outlaws, great shirt in size medium, I would love 2

  9. tom stock

    Also not able to go to Dora but would really like to get 2 of the varnisher shirts . Good job on all the apparel!!!

  10. Beth L.

    Was also unable to make it to Dora this year and wondering; when the new designs will be available on the website? Love the new designs! (Badly needing a new Woody Boater hoodie.) 🙂

  11. matt

    Hi Beth, the new stuff should be live soon. There was some leftovers so contact the store, they may have what you want. As to hoodies. Not sure of that.