Man oh man thatsalota dump tubes

Man oh man thatsalota dump tubes

For those of you out there looking for a copper water dump tube, today is your lucky day. It’s a funny thing in this passion that the little obscure things can sometimes make us the happiest. Lets be honest, we aint working on 1965 Mustangs that you can still by remanufactured parts for. For birthdays and Christmas you secretly wish for strange parts as gifts. Mmm Santa I want a Copper Water Dump Tube…. Ya, try and explain this to the kids and spouse… Anyway, many of our new parts have to be made from love, in order to make the part it makes sense to make a bunch of them. This is one of those times. It makes no economic sense to build one, so the good folks at Antique Boat Center made a mess of them. Fellow Woody Boater Brian Keen from there sent us this note. Take it away Brian.. And thanks by the way..

dump tube2

Copper water dump tubes for K series engines.  We have developed all three angles provided on the different K models.  If anyone wants to order one they can contact us with their needs.  We also have the fittings for both ends available at an additional cost.  We contracted to have these made after years of finding engines with rubber hose, plumbing fittings and the like attached to engines that we were trying to make show quality.  We could find no one that was making these so we did it ourselves. dump tube copper

We have found that the people who have been looking for these are ecstatic when they find that these are available.  The cost is $150 each and the fittings are additional depending on the which ones are needed.
Wanted to give you the first heads up before we send this out in our newsletter. You can go their website here, or call them at 513 242-0808

dump tube2

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40 Responses to “My Kingdom For A Copper Water Dump Tube!”
  1. Troy

    That is AWESOME!

    I wish they had .010 under main bearings for a W. I have been scouring the country trying to find some.

    • cc-woodboats

      try Egge in California
      they should be able to recast and size your old bearing shells.

    • Troy


      Jim gave me lots of names to call.

      Dave has a couple of sets but may need them for other rebuilds. Waiting to here back from him. I completely understand the pickle that puts him in.

      • mark edmonson

        Joe Morrison – Midwest marine Supply St. Clari Shores MI

      • Cliff

        Try Lakeland Marine in Port Clinton Ohio, ask for Bruce. Super nice guy.

        • Troy

          Left a voice mail for Bruce. Waiting to hear back.

          This is Odd though, I never heard of Port Clinton Ohio, yet that is where today’s header was taken.

  2. Grant Stanfield

    Well, what good news!

    It would appear that the old ‘K’ in DENBY would benefit from one of these! Thanks for the heads-up…want to keep her dead-on original as possible.

    BTW…does anyone know why ‘Chris-Craft-Marine’ on the exhaust manifold faces to starboard on my K#64298? The engine is original to this hull, and I noticed it as soon as I lifted the engine box…anyone know a backstory? Most every one I’ve ever seen ‘reads’ to port…

    • Alex

      Monday morning build? Dyslexic worker? Kris-Kraft knock-off replacement part from China?

      At least the motor seems to be facing the right way.

      • donald hardy

        I have had two Chris Crafts come into the shop with the Carb’s back wards and they worked. Can someone explain this? K motor and a KFL motor???

        • Troy

          Don’t know any reason why they wouldn’t work other than the floats shutting off the fuel flow too early or late.

      • Grant Stanfield

        Yeah…the original owner said that the elbow and aft portion of the water pipe had to be replaced at some point with this hand-made “Up Nort” rendition… s’pose it’ll do until I can set it right…

  3. m-fine

    47 and sunny today. 12-18″s of snow tomorrow. Maybe I should get a K powered snow blower.

      • m-fine

        The big block parts are too easy to find. I want to spend my summers searching for the perfect bent copper tube for my snow blower. And yes, it should have a vintage canvas cover with the proper vintage zipper pulls.

  4. Chad

    Then, you’ll need to replace the copper exhaust pipe.

    Why stop there? Just keep replacing parts until everything is new.

    • Grant Stanfield

      AHH…yes…’New As Tomorrow’!

      (do you suppose these ‘Chris-Craft Girls’ have developed a fine patina by now, too? If I do the math…they’re about 80 today)

  5. charleyquimby

    Troy… If you can get the Hercules number on your block, there are several sites that appear to have a stock of internal parts. CQ2

  6. David

    Sorry to say, but your picture today isn’t all that interesting. But I do hope you find your parts.

    • m-fine

      Topless is not actually a good thing when it comes to overweight old men and engines. In fact, I don’t know how to break it to Troy gently, but I think it’s going to take more than new main bearings to get that motor running.

      • Troy

        m-fine if it makes you feel any better this is what it looked like about a month ago. I will admit I have never heard this engine run, but I was told it had a rap and an oil leak so an exploratory tear down revealed a bad “rear” main bearing.

  7. Rick

    No comments today on the header. Does anyone know what she is (Unsalvageable is the obvious). She looks to have been a beauty in her time.

      • Jim Hilton

        I rather like today’s header. Especially the caption. Definitely rings true. And yea I’d like to find out what it is too, looks like a late 20’s or early 30’s something or other.

  8. tom stock

    This is a picture of our 1953 chris craft 45 dcfb with the original w’s engines docked at the Port Clinton yacht club not from from where the boat in the header was taken.The 21 foot riviera in the picture i built in 2007 was a Glen-l plan, a fun project and runs great.

  9. John Mears

    In reading the comments today, Troy’s comment about not ever hearing of Port Clinton has prompted me to enlighten all the fine folks of Woodyboaterville. I snapped the header pic on Sunday while driving around the shoreline as we all like to do. This ole girl has been sitting there for more than 30 years and is sort of a landmark. Something inside me said take a pic and send to Matt at WoodyBoater. Port Clinton is now my home town for the last 4 years. I have been coming here for the last 30 years…as a woody boater (yes, one of those cruiser nuts). I have raised my family in wood cruisers in the Port Clinton area for all these years. Port Clinton is a small lake side community nestled on the shores of Lake Erie between Toledo and Cleveland. Population of just over 6,000 during the off season, but roars to more than 10 times that during the summer months. Port Clinton is right in the center of what is known as “Vacationland Ohio”. Port Clinton also boasts the “Walleye Capital of the World” due to all the rich abundance of walleye and the tremendous amount of fishing that results. Port Clinton is also in very close proximity to the famous (at least around Ohio and Southern Michigan) Lake Erie Islands, which offer a lot of fun for everyone. Finally, and most importantly (to a wood boat nut like me), Port Clinton is also the home of the former Matthews Boat Building Company and we are only 20 miles from Sandusky, Ohio the home of Lyman Boats. Wood boat history is in our blood. I have owned many wood cruisers over the years, the largest being a 1968 Matthews 45ft that my family thoroughly enjoyed for many years. Here is a pic of Enchantress a few years ago just before I sold her. Come visit the Port Clinton area…it is splendid.

    • Troy

      Thanks John!

      I love learning about new areas.

      Is this what you are currently running? LOVE IT!

  10. Grant Stanfield

    MATTHEWS – “Your Ultimate Cruiser”

    Sexy boats that stand out in the crowd…especially the ‘Martinique’. That’s a ‘weak-in-the-knees’ guilty pleasure of mine. Anybody here own an old Stephens out of Stockton, CA? Another great brand like Wheeler, Dawn, Trumpy…all wonderful!

    I knew a ‘Colonial’ out of Millville, NJ that was rotting in a Milwaukee boat yard years back- SO gorgeous…so many brave little shipyards built great boats 50-60-70 years ago…

    I was born too late!

  11. Dick Dow

    I’m pretty sure the header is a Lake Union Dreamboat, built in Seattle in the 20’s – If not, it’s a darn good knock-off. Looks to be around 28-30 foot version. They were (and are) very stout and well-designed for the waters and weather of the NW. There are several still in use around here.

  12. John Mears

    Troy, Yes I am currently working on a CC 1948 33ft Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser with twin K’s. I have it in a building and have been steadily working on it for the last 4 years. It is nearly ready and it will go in the water sometime this year. It found it in storage in a building near the U.P. of Michigan and drug it home to Ohio. The last time it was in the water was early the 1980’s. I have not even heard the engines run yet, but compression tests yielded good results, so I have my fingers crossed. Here is a current pic.

  13. Martin

    I asked A.B.C. if they could come up with a properly fabricated dump tube when I had them restore my 1937 C.C. custom runabout, as the one that I had at the time was made out of multiple pluming parts. The Tubes pictured are the result of their efforts. They also have fabricated replacement Crank handles for the K and M engine series.