Meet Ineeda Parts. The newest member of the Woody Boater family. I needas husband Mury died back in the early 90's. She took over the parts business and can help you find any part you need..a!

Meet Ineeda Parts. The newest member of the Woody Boater family. Ineeda’s husband Maury died back in the early 90’s in a freak ascendent, something about a case of impellers.. . She took over the parts business which it turns out she has a gift for, and can help you find any part you need..a!

Yesterday turned out to be a fun day talking about Copper Dump tubes. With a simple post another cool story line came out. Thanks to Alex Watson for seeing it. He had the idea of a day that you can comment on a specific part you need and can’t find. The community will try and help and maybe, just maybe you will find that hard to find part that you need. So post away, keep the shots under 1 mg and don’t forget to do the math.. You may need to type loudly, Ineeda is a little hard of hearing..

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130 Responses to “Meet Ineeda! She Can Find Any Obscure Part You Need…a”
  1. Cliff

    I need a set of windshild opening brackets for my 26′ Sea Skiff the same that are on Matt’s 24′ sportsman Suzie. It has a connecting bar for the center post that goes in between them. I believe there five notches in the arms.

  2. Ken Miller

    Top piece (long, port side) stainless trim for U-22 dash. Mine came back from restoration broken. Are these-a out there-a???

  3. Brian Keen

    Obviously along with a good description of the part, if a good picture of what you’re looking for is available it will also help others to identify the part you’re looking for….

  4. mike k

    2 years of daily search on ebay, no joy.

    i need this thermostat housing for a early 60s cadillac crusader.

    • charleyquimby

      Mike… I have a s— load of Cadillac stuff, and I think there is a pair of these in my stash. Tomorrow morning I will go through the Cad stuff. These may need to be machined internally to accept a modern T-stat as the internals are probably badly corroded. I have not opened the storage boxes for at least twenty years, so you should probably view them as shells. We’ll see. Give me a call around noon Eastern and I will know more then. Charley Quimby, 410-586-2182, Maryland.

  5. Steve

    Hello All,
    I need the st stl (or chrome) trim strips that go on the dashboard on my 1941 17′ Barrel, also need the clips. There are two strips that run just below the gauges across the dash. All help is appreciated!

      • Alex

        Woah. Did we just witness a Love Connection? That’s cool to see happen.

        • Cliff

          Alex, Steve is not my type. I like a woman with a little danger and mystery.

          • Steve

            Thats good news! Now I need the info to ahold of Mark for a set of those trim pieces. Also I can definately assure you I cannot hold a candle to the dangrous woman in that photo, in fact Ill take her contact info to!!

  6. Troy

    I think everyone know by now that I am looking for .010 under Main Bearing set for a CC W engine (Also known as a Hercules WXLC engine).

    I went ahead last night and ordered a .020 under set from Hercano, but have not authorized the grinding until I give up on finding .010 under.

        • Cliff

          Troy, call Hawk Engine and Machine inc. they are in North Royalton ,Ohio the number is (440)-582-0900. Terry Hawk is the owner and works in the shop. He is super busy but when you talk to his wife she will tell you when you can call.

          • Troy

            Got this message late, but called and left a message. Will keep you posted.

          • Troy

            Thanks again Cliff but they don’t have them either.

            It is looking like .020 under is going to have to do.

  7. Mark

    I need the word “Rocket” in the Chris Craft font. I have seen it on other restored boats but they did not get it right and it looks more like Reeses pieces than Chris Craft. The real McCoy is in the 1952 brochure but my only option now is try to duplicate it by hand.

        • Chad

          Drops into a sleeve like that but it mounts to the engine differently than yours. I’ll try to find a pic.

          I need one of those too. More than likely, it will have to be fabricated after the engine has been set. The pylon needs to align perfectly (centered) to the hole in the deck. Not much room for wiggle.

          • Andy Riggs

            Yeah…make that 3. I need one with the bracket for a Q. It has a plate that mounts to the intake manifold I believe, I’ve never seen one in person.

    • Brian Flaherty

      I need the same ski pole. Used on my ’69 Cavalier Ski Boat with the 327Q.

      Here is a pic of part of the bracket that mounts to the intake manifold. I can’t find any better shots but can get some later this evening.

      If anyone finds a shop that can build these, it looks like several people would buy one!

      • Brian Flaherty

        Here is a shot of the ski pole (upper half) I can get a pic of the lower insert portion this evening.

        Does anyone else’s have a groove cut in the bottom that indexes with a pin in the mount?

    • Jordan Heath

      Yes I have one of those. It is 45″ overall in length. Pylon is attached to hollow tube that someone put a solid piece of stainless? rod inside so it wouldn’t bend. It is quite heavy. Tube is 1 1/4″ diameter, eye is almost 3 1/2 diameter. $150 plus shipping. First caller gets it. Jordan @ 510-881-1730

  8. Andy C

    While going through another blizzard here in western NY, I was thinking about all the parts that I need for a 1955 century Coronado. I have been unable to find most of the trim (inside and out) especially the grooved interior trim under the gunwale like the piece at the bottom of the dash in the picture. Also the windsheild center post. Anybody know of a complete 55 or 56 Coronado that the hull is beyond fixing? The hull is nearing completion and would like to get it wet for the first time since the early 70’s.

    • Chad

      There is a ’58 Coronado for sale on Craigslist (Andover, CT) for $3,000.

      Comes with an extra parts boat.

      • Tommyholm

        Andy, I have a complete 1955 coronado available, reasonable price. 616.450.8968

  9. Dennis

    I need a Holiday as in a Chris Craft Holiday not a vacation, my wife wants vacation but I rather have a Holiday. Really anybody know of properly price Holiday for sale?

  10. Jim Staib

    I found a clean bare block in Portland, OR. Anybody driving from there to Tavares or Chicago area?

    • MikeM

      I’ll be driving to NY for the Int’l show in September, if you can wait.

      Also, I will look for those windshield brackets. A picture and some dimensions would help alotta. They all sort of look alike until you know exactly what you’re looking for.

      Chrome strip for the dash as mentioned above can be replaced with 1/4″ SS square stock, cut and polished, if I’m thinking of the right dash. SS available from Grainger and a lot of other places.

      Did Jim Staib sponsor this day?? This is right up his alley!!

      • Cliff

        Hey Matt can you take a close up of Suzie’s windshild opening brackets? I have no idea on size or length but if MIKEM might have them it’s the best lead I have had in a while.

      • Alex

        Of course, this means you are dropping by Hessel on the, er, way. In the scope of all the miles you’ll be driving, what’s a few hundred more?

        • MikeM

          That depends on whether or not Mike W. will be there. There is not enough Bells in Hessel to support the three of us….

  11. Mike W

    Chrome, oval head, Reed and Prince/Frearson machine screws. #8’s and 10’s. Minimum 1.5″.

    • Mike W

      Old or new bronze? I’ve sent my salvageable ones out but some have been attacked by the dreaded Philips bit and ruined or worn flat from buffers. Mostly from those thinking they are Philips.

      • Cliff

        New, I have a retired friend he does the polishing saves money. The old ones never come out consistent enough for me. The trick is fine rouge to do the heads only the heavy stuff makes scratches.

  12. Alex

    Ok, Ineeda, though restoration of my Red and White is on hold, the boat is missing its entire bow rail. Jim Staib was wonderful in having all the rail stanchions except one — the center one. Looking at the pics, it also appears that I need caps that go on each end of the bow rail. Any help would be much appreciated.

    First a photo of the center stanchion. (Hope it’s clear enough.)

  13. Alex

    …and now a pic showing what appear to be caps, one on each end of the rail.

  14. Greg Lewandowski

    How about a stern pole socket for a ’47 thru ’50 CC 17′ Deluxe Runabout. It has the same shape and scallop design as the deck vents. It is the only hardware on my 1947 that is not original. Was lost at some time before I bought the boat.

  15. charleyquimby

    Looking for a Greavette w/s bracket, Port. This is the one that incorporates a marker lamp, and has a 19-inch base. Will buy a set, if necessary.
    By the way, I have about forty years worth of hardware salvage at my shop, runabouts to cruisers. Fender cleats to a pair of USCG 200 mm bouy lights. Limited supply of Cal Connell Cad stuff, etc. CQ

    • BruceM

      Charley – we have a set of brackets but they are the smaller version in case that works. Base is only 13″ but has the built in side lights. Weree used on Greavettes and early Shepherds

      • charleyquimby

        Bruce… I may be interested. Give me a call at four ten, five eight six-two one eight two. Charley

      • don

        peter breen of breen boats in canada might be able to help you with the windshield part. custom cast with lenses

        call peter at 519 856-9113

  16. Redbeardsraven

    don’t forget about the Classic Boat connection boys…

  17. Brian Robinson

    Jim Staib is going to have to work through lunch today!

  18. pat c.

    looking for a CC Lancer 23 ft straight inboard
    with a trailer.
    Going to be a project boat, will consider any condition

    • dreed

      Pick me up on your way! We only have another month if this, so hang in there.

  19. Jason

    Looking for “Atom Skier” dash Emblem like the one below for a ’63 Correct Craft…

  20. Ryan Nagel

    Ineeda 1926-1928 Lockwood Chief, Elto Ruddertwin or Speedtwin outboard for my 1927 15′ Lyman speed tender

    • David

      Ryan, Check with some of the guys in the AOMCI.
      I love Ruddertwins but I think you may want to go a little bit faster with that Beautiful Lyman. You may want to try an Elto Speedster.

      P.S. where did you find the Lyman? You don’t see too many speed tenders around.

      • Ryan Nagel


        I found it from Ramsey Bros Restorations in Toledo, they had a family member that found it in a barn near Lake Champlain, VT.

  21. Scott K

    Ineeda whole boat….looking for a 19′ Commander Super Sport or XK-19. Looking for a lower end boat that needs to be functional / usable.
    No total restoration projects, no show boats.

  22. Brian Flaherty

    I am in need of several yards of the old Red Nautolex vinyl flooring (circa 1969).

    Also looking for an original late 60’s horn for cavalier ski boat. Only have catalog photos, never seen one in person.

    • Cliff

      Brian, contact Moes Marine Virmillion Ohio. They have the green only but might be able to put you in touch with a way to get the red. The number is (440)-967-4221 ask for Mike.

    • Andy Riggs

      Good luck with the red nautolex. I looked for years before finally deciding to do teak, or possibly a synthetic version of it. Paul Cundiff says he can have it made, but I am not trying to win any shows, just have a user boat.

    • Andy Riggs


      Look on the CCABC hull registry @ my boat Quitchabitchin. I have good picture of the original horn. It’s a Sparton, I can get you the actual model number if need be or do an archive post on Sparton Horn Not Working. I think the model number is on that post.

      • Brian Flaherty

        Thanks Andy!! That is best info I’ve been able to find on the horn…

        As for the Nautolex, I have been in contact with several dealers and they all tell the same story, “only chance you have is to find someone who still has some remnant pieces as it has been discontinued for several years”… I have been considering doing a red marine carpet but that not something Chris Craft would have ever done…

  23. David

    Its very peculiar, but INEEDA looks very much little like George H. W. Bush with those glasses. I wonder if INEEDA is looking for parts for the Fidelity IV.

    • Ken Miller

      Ineeda married one of the Parta brothers. Her sister Youneeda married one of the Whatta?!?! brothers. She’ll kick your @$&.

  24. RiverRat

    Best shot of windshield. Plus while I am asking for the moon… How about a split running light. First part mounted just foward of windshield in picture and second part mounted on stern light pole, not shown.

  25. Bob Kays

    Inneda know the winning numbers to Friday’s Mega Millions, up to 353 million. I can then buy all the boats and parts I want!

  26. Chuck Crosby

    I wanta:

    19 CC Capri or 18 CC Riviera project boat, prefer complete…I will be installing a modern fuel injected engine

    • donald hardy

      There is one in Tahoe on Ebay and Craigs list. 19ft Capri as we speak. Must say, this was a hit for a topic. All helping each other.

      • Chuck Crosby

        Don & Jordan,

        Thanks for the info….I have looked at both boats via the respective websites. Each boat is a tad rougher than I was looking for, however, I will run my ballpark cost estimates to see if either of these boats will work, for me financially, if it looks reasonable, I will then consult with Dave @ Northwest Classic boats to see if my numbers make sense and if he is willing to do some of the work and consult on the remainder.

  27. Troy

    Since we are in another Snow Storm I think INEEDA Stormtrooper.

    • Alex

      Troy, that’s one twisted chick. (I kinda like that.)


  28. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Looking for a CARVER chrome script , It was used on carvers 58-63

  29. James Martin

    In need of a windshield for a 1954 18′ Shepherd utility. I have the hardware. Glass or Plexi. Or a source that will make them up.

  30. thomas d

    ineeda some money…… a free stain and varnish job from katz, soma gasa money and a rooma in mt dora.

  31. Ben Tamsky

    I need decals, or art to produce, Shepherd logo for sheer. Also, spacer for mounting spot light to windshield side frame, Shepherd again.

  32. Jordan Heath

    Ineeda sella some boats! Check out my website, for sale AND inventory sections. Other project boats available. This should be run once a month but on the honor system that posters won’t run the same wants over and over again…maybe 3 or 4 months in between.

    • Greg Lewandowski


      That is the part I needed. However, I was contacted by email by another reader earlier in the day, and already pruchased one. I have been looking for that part for years, and two are made available in one day. The woodyboater network is truely powerful!

  33. charleyquimby

    Have a real nice 1939 16′ Special Raceboat, “Miss Miami V”, and a tough old 1932 Brooks-Hacker double (J. L. Hacker-design Known as a Fleetfoot 22, stretched to 24-8) one of two known. Both are fully-titled, on titled trailers, full resto records. Not mop-and-glows. See ABCS directory. Motivated to sell. CQ

  34. Smitty

    I need a convertible top for a 1962 Resorter 19, all hardware and brackets

  35. John

    Was someone looking for a 1937 21ft. Chris Craft utility?

  36. John Rusnak

    Set of gimble gears for a 1967 omc stern drive with a 200hp Buick v8 …. Please help me find some (affordable ones)

  37. Andy Riggs

    Ineeda steering wheel for my ’69 CC Ski Boat. Original wheel is off of a Ford Falcon Sprint-wood with chrome horn ring. I would accept any similar style wheel, such as one from period Mustang, etc.

    • Brian Flaherty

      Andy, the wheel on my ’69 Cavalier ski boat was a perfect match to the 64 1/2 thru 66 mustang. Only difference was the center cap on the chrome horn ring. There is a fella on eBay selling the Chris Craft center emblems for reasonable price. I had the wheel but need the horn ring so I bought a mustang ring and installed the Chris emblem…

      • Brian Flaherty

        now if I could just find someone willing to give up one of these red versions I would be in heaven!!

  38. thomas d

    andy, i have a steering wheel from a 1966 chris craft that might work for you. not a good pic, i just took it at night.

  39. wolfgang

    the windshield was cracked in the 53 home made , I bent a new one out of plexiglass

  40. Andy Riggs

    Thanks Thomas, but that one won’t work. I’d really like to find the wooden Ford wheel like the one above. I guess I’ll have to hit the Springfield, OH automotive swap meet in May. It was a long shot here since it is really a car part.

  41. andy

    looking for a engine box for 1960 Century Resorter 16′? I have the top piece just missing the 3 sides. Also looking for a white/black Lincoln Continental steering wheel that came in that boat for the 60’s?

  42. luis

    hi do you think you can find a chris craft XK streeling caller and gages please let me know

  43. Tim

    Ineeda lighted stern pole for a 1955 Century Coronado. I believe it’s wood w/ a ‘wing’ cross-section shape, and judging from the base it should have a 2-prong connector for the light(?).


  44. FredB

    I need a set of props # 786 and 787 for a 30′ sea skiff. Also need rudders and struts. Thanks

  45. Dale Harris

    Ineeda Chris-Craft center cap for the steering wheel on the flying bridge on my 1973 Commander. I believe the wheel was made by Attwood. Hope someone out there has one for sale.