14 Responses to “Big Storm Hits Lake Dora”
  1. Alex

    Did any mobile homes “lose it?”

    And speaking of homes, where’s Tommy Holmes (and his pet elephant) this year?

    • m-fine

      The Century guys had to stay home. Their bilge pumps can’t handle the leaking AND the rain at the same time.

    • Dave Clyne

      Actually it was/is a great show ! Still got to see magnificent wood and varnish (not all plastic, you should know). Downed a pint or two of Harp at O’Keefe’s. Bought way too many t-shirts. Met several friends from home and met Mr. Grant and his wonderful cruiser. BUT I left before the gathering under the big tent because the rain was starting and I had a three hour drive south through the rain. All in all, definitely worth it. Thanks to all, especially those volunteers.

    • Tommyholm

      Hi mike, you dry? Me too! How,s Michelle? Misses the elephant I,ll bet. Alex needs a rain bonnet, send him a bit coin or two.

  2. Philip Andrew

    Whats with the weather down there? Same deal at Daytona a month back. BUMMER !

    • Alex

      Now let’s get this straight. YOU’RE down there. Even Men at Work agree. The lyrics go: “Do you come from a land down under.” Down under, meaning down under US. (as in U.S.).

      That means we’re “UP there.”

      And for the record, our toilets flush the right way. Our props turn the right way too.

      But you people have Michelle Jenneke. So you win by default.

  3. floyd r turbo

    Boaters should be use to the water/chance of rain but the wind and lightening made things “less pleasant” to say the least. Now back to our regularly scheduled coverage of Matt eating his chicken on a stick (now very soggy).

  4. Kentucky Wonder

    OK, with that weather, an nice hot order of Shepherd’s Pie AND the black-and-tan should be consumed over at O’Keefe’s. Get shelter! Get fed! Stay warm! Then post pictures.

  5. Cliff

    Snowing in Cleveland Ohio. Rain would of been much more awesome.