2 Responses to “It’s Raining It’s Pouring The Old Boats Are Not Roaring”
  1. Alex

    Ok. The above report might sound like a total bummer. And from a boat show only perspective, it sure is. But all is not lost. To this romantic guy from northern Michigan, this weather is heavenly. Up north, everything is frozen, blanketed, scentless, quiet, and white. But here right now, there’s wild lightening, full tympani of thunder, strong gusty wind, and a sea of greenery — grass, bushes, canopy trees, palms, etc. The lights are flickering. The air is scented with orange groves and rain saturated earth. It has remained shirt sleeve-warm. And best off all, there’s the magical sound of falling rain. Anyone else who’s here from the tundra should agree. This is pretty darn nice. And when it passes, the show will go on.

  2. Troy

    Alex I am totally with you on this one.

    After the worst of it went buy I saw the Chairman of the show out on the dock and told him how much I am enjoying the show because it is not snowing.

    Besides the intense lightning adds a little electricity to the air!