We are reporting by iPhone now since the web at the hotel is down. Everyone’s here, but not much boating since we are waiting for a storm to blow through. Then it’s gonna be woody boating time.

20140329-111536.jpg 20140329-111612.jpg 20140329-111631.jpg 20140329-111646.jpg 20140329-111715.jpg 20140329-111732.jpg 20140329-111755.jpg

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One Response to “The Show In Fla Is Underway!”
  1. Kentucky Wonder

    Hmmmm….must be too cold and rough for the Woody Boats. All I see is plastic in various flavors. Well, plastic and Chicken-on-a-Stick. If the weather is that bad, will somebody at least walk over to O’Keefe’s and get a Black-and-Tan? Go ahead and post pictures so I can be really jealous about not being there.