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Around two years ago we secured the Twitter name Woody Boater, but honestly, left it alone. I felt that focusing on one thing well, seemed like a better strategy than trying to do to many things poorly. The funny part of it all, is that even though I never touched it, or even paid attention to it, it was getting content. Not anything dramatic, but it was there. Over the past week, we have been rethinking our strategy to include many of the changes that are happening out there in the social media world. And Twitter was a gaping weak spot. So, we went in, cleaned out the cob webs.. And started her up. Like a barn find I suppose. And she started up just fine. I think we had a whopping 40 followers and following no one…just a couple days ago and to today we are following over 500 folks and have 140 followers. There is life on Twitter for classic boaters. Our goal of course is to beat out Lady Gaga. maybe one day we will have 200 followers! Oh to dream.. So why? Well, in Florida there were multiple opportunities to use Twitter if anyone had been following us. Shout outs to boats we needed, or folks to be on Woody Boater at the tent. We currently have a need for romantic stories regarding classic boats. Long lost boats, grandfathers boat etc. Twitter is a great place for that, not the main website. So, if you tweet, follow us here on this LINK to our Twitter page. , and if not, that’s fine. We are on Facebook, in fact the largest facebook group for Antique and Classic boats in the world. OK, not on Facebook, thats fine… We are organizing a party line on all our rotary phones? Thelma the operator is standing by…

Introducing our other new office in Crabwell Corners.

Introducing our other new office in Crabwell Corners. Be careful of the flapjacks and coffee!

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36 Responses to “Woody Boater On Twitter!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I just got off the phone with Thelma. I’m in! I’s about time you did something special for us digitally deprived old varvish heads.

  2. RiverRat

    Only one Woodyboater for me. Thanks for not making those other sites required.

  3. Rick

    Honestly, I have a Twitter account that I’ve never used. I guess now is the time to figure it out.

  4. Wilson Wright

    I couldn’t “tweet” if my life depended on it. Guess you have to have one of those new fangled phones that’s more camera than phone ? I suppose I’ll have to be like Greg and discuss my “Woody Boater” concerns with Thelma. By the way could you post a picture of Thelma ?

    I see Karen’s header on the St. Johns River Cruise…will there be more on that ?

  5. John Baas

    What the pork is a twitter? I’m still trying to figure out these new fangeled cordless phones!

  6. Jack Schneiberg

    For one, I have no interest in “tweeting”. Or, is it “twittering”? In 4 more days Microsoft wants me to be sure I have a new computer – which requires a host of new software applications-because I’m still ancient enough to run XP as my operating system. So…as this conundrum is Microsoft’s idea – I’m waiting for the check they’re sending me to upgrade my systems and software as it seems to be entirely their idea that I do so. My computer runs just fine as it is. If I shop judiciously – maybe I’ll have some change to buy a quart of varnish to refresh my deck.
    Tweeting is for the birds outside my window. My cellphone….well that’s for making phone calls!

  7. m-fine

    Twitter is a broadcast mechanism, but not a very good real time communication system. You can tweet in real time but your followers will only see them when they look, if they look. With an active stream of 500 people you are following you will find you only read what it going by currently a few times a day and the rest gets missed.

    If you want a prayer of everyone reading an announcement when you send it, you need a group chat type app that gives the recipients a notification of a new message. Unfortunately us old people don’t use any of them and the kids that do are more interested in sharing 6 second videos of their genitals than wooden boats. On second thought, I bet Troy just signed up so there is hope.

  8. Troy


    You mean Lady Gaga is on Twitter.

    I am signing up today!

  9. Paul H.

    Is WoodyBoater jumping the shark? I fear so, and now you’ll be mixing it up with the likes of the Kardassian’s on that wretched celeb-obseesed dispensary of meaningless, irrelevant twaddle.

    Count me out of the twitter bs, now and forever. Of all the current communications platforms, I can think of nothing more limited and unecessary than twitter. But, what do I know? I’m probably wrong but I can live with that.

  10. Sean

    For direct communication purposes, I’m sure there’s a way to send a “blast” text message to a group that is signed up together… (I get them from my local fresh food market so there must be). And maybe, BBM has something similar?
    But Twitter? … Sorry, nope, not-a, unh -uh. I’ll stick to the blog and FB.

  11. Gary

    Gee, I thought all this time it was what the birds in the backyard were doing.
    Yes, that new fangled cell phone is great to replace the phone booth, brownie and a photo album.

  12. John Baas

    By the way, Karen’s header photo is outstanding!!! That’s what still photography is all about. Or was it a video capture?

    • Karen Harrison

      Thanks John! I had my camera on action shot so this was not part of a video. There was a whole sequence of stills and this was the best of the bunch.
      The driver of this Streblow Gentleman’s Racer was obviously having a blast!

    • Troy

      That is a GREAT shot!

      There is so much spray it looks photoshopped.

  13. Cliff

    Hey, I don’t use Twitter and I am not on Facebook. I I seriously doubt I ever will. I think it’s fantastic that woddy boater is on both. That’s a different audience they might be in there 30’s late 20’s and might be thinking of buying a boat. Perhaps a Lyman or a Chris Craft U-22. There is a woman in our local ACBS chapter (in her late 70’s) who said the other day “I can’t see how anybody goes on that woddy boater site, you can’t find anything! It’s stupid!” I’m sure she is not on this site and I’m going to guess that goes the same for Facebook and Twitter too. Her grand kids who have been exposed to wood boats are on Fasebook and twitter and some dat they might be on woddy boater too. Life is short, boats are cool.

    • Troy

      Good one M-FINE!

      I heard it said once that the hardest thing to explain to someone from the 50’s about today’s society is that we have an object in our pocket that will give you all the knowledge and information in the free world and yet we use it to make comments that piss off our friends.

  14. Troy

    I was introduced to WB through Facebook.

    I barley do anything on FB anymore.

    If Twitter brings you more viewers than go for it.

    Then again, you may not want any more psychos like me?

  15. matt

    man m fine said it all. Yet, I might add, that evil governments have been brought down by the power of twitter. We are reaching new folks. You dont have to follow, but if you want a different type of experience, its fun. We are not sharring everytime we eat Chicken on a stick.. Maybe just once. But each network requires a different aproach. I do prefer this one. Its more friendly and more of a community. As is the boat buzz, which has helped so many. Facebook is about entertainment and pictures. Not much depth to be honest. And twitter is just awareness. Magazines are for permanace and credability. So we do each one differently and yet keep it all the same. bad spelling and all.

    • m-fine

      Now that we got that out of the way, can you please offer an official explanation to the mystery of the third chair? It doesn’t have to be the truth, as long as it sounds plausible.

  16. red dog

    your picture with thought balloons must be a REALLY OLD picture. the older guy in the chair used the word retarded as of just a month or two that word has been officially discarded to be replaced by mental disability or something similar. i m with the majority i ll only be looking at the daily website. i hope the quality of this GREAT website doesnt falter. a mind and a computer is a terrible thing to waist or is that a waist is a terrible thing to mind will the twitter users have a math question?

  17. Wilson Wright

    Sunday Morning: Twitter must be really important…a new header but same subject two days in a row ????

    • m-fine

      I am guessing Matt is having technical issues with the new story, OR, the po po caught up to him for stealing a chair.

    • m-fine

      I am nearly 100% certain that there were three Adirondack style ski chairs, and one round table with salsa, crackers and blue cheese, under the tent late Sunday morning. Troy remembers three chairs as well. Putting together our recollections, I figure there is at minimum, a 5% chance there really was a third chair and a less than 95% chance Troy and I are simply nuts.

      If Alex wasn’t so busy taking pictures for Mayer, perhaps we would have some photographic evidence of the chair population. Hmmmm.

  18. Wilson Wright

    Guess we just had to wait until church was over to see the pictures of the Gentleman’s racer or maybe we were posting on West coast time… The wait was worth it.