Pumpkin out on Lake Dora on her maiden voyage.

Pumpkin out on Lake Dora on her maiden voyage.

While at lake Dora, we went out for Pumpkins first run. I was trying out the new go pro, and just found this footage. The coolest part is getting the camera right down near the jet drive. Enjoy!

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18 Responses to “The Forgotten Pumpkin Water Test Video.”
  1. WoodyGal

    I’m still amazed by her performance, paint & interior! Go Pumpkin go!

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    I hope we get to see her on the St. Clair River in June.

  3. m-fine

    I think next year we should all bring a tub of Oxyclean and see if we can bleach that “water” to something resembling clear/blue. It works in the infomertial so it should work on Lake Dora right?

    • Alex

      Oxyclean ain’t been the same since Billy Mays OD’d. I think he took the recipe with him.

      And has anyone seen hide nor hare of “Sham-Wow” Vince? Ever since he Slap Chop’d that working girl in Miami, late night TV has lacked spark.

      But we were talking about Punpkin weren’t we…

      • m-fine

        Billy Mays died from heart disease, long term cocain use was only a contributing factor. Truly a shame he died because if anyone could clean lake Dora it was him. Or maybe David Copperfield? Could he do a TV speacial where he makes the brown and green stuff vanish before our eyes on live TV?

        • WoodyGal

          It would be interesting to see what’s beneath the surface of Lake Dora?
          I’ll bet Matt can photoshop beautiful Algonac turquoisey water into any Lake Dora picture.

          • floyd r turbo

            I think its all the pollen in suspension. Just run it thru a water filter and voia. The St John’s River is the same way, being so black and “tea stained” (from the tanic acid from Live Oaks) but go to one of the several springs feeding millions of gallons into it daily and you’ll be amazed at how clear it starts.

  4. matt

    HAHHAA in a bazillion years I would not have thought of Billy Mays and this story. I LOVE THE COMMENTS!

  5. m-fine


    Funny you should mention Vince. His latest product looks like just the think we need. The very first demo for the inVinceable cleaner shows how it can clear up Lake Dora water!

  6. Sean

    Zebra mussels will clean ‘er out right quick. May be a little extreme though.

  7. Al Benton

    Guys, be thankful and show some respect. Where else could one go boating in March? The water may look brown, but its wet, and warm (well somewhat). Thank God for Florida Lakes!

  8. Alan

    Ha! Billy Mays is alive and well! This was my halloween costume a couple of years ago.

  9. floyd r turbo

    Does Go Pro on a stick taste better than chicken on a stick??