Official Poster for the Lake Hopatcong show!

If you are in the New Jersey area, and who isn’t, or at least trying to get out of the New Jersey area this weekend, We will be reporting live ish from the Lake Hopatcong Show and celebrating the official start of summer then…. Come on by and say hi. Or click here to find out more.

Classic glass is the feature in Michigan.. that and a fantastic group, and stunning water.. And history, and did I mention laughs, lots of laughs.

Classic glass is the feature in Michigan.. that and a fantastic group, and stunning water.. And history, and did I mention laughs, lots of laughs.

If you are in the Michigan area.. Summer will be all day which lasts longer up there.  The big Michigan Chapter Show at St Clair Michigan at the Municipal Marina show is also this weekend featuring classic glass OK, that’s fiberglass, no glass bottom boats or boats made of glass. Which by the way, for the sake of philosophical thoughts, if you have a glass boat, you want that glass half empty. It’s kinda reverse psychology, half empty in this case is a positive outlook.. OK, its official, I have left the dock here.. Back to shows. So if you are in Michigan, they are having a very fun show, CLICK HERE

Woody Boater and Pumpkin, like peas and carrots.

Woody Boater and Pumpkin, like peas and carrots.

As to Lake Hopatcong, we will be there with Pumpkin which is also fiberglass, not glass, and will be tearing up the water ways, except that there is a speed limit on the weekends I think. Well at least the gas tank will be half full or half empty? Dizzy yet? Me to.. I need a fun day on the water..

Whitefish bay Minn Show this weekend.

Whitefish bay Minn Show this weekend.

Maybe the Whitefish Bay show in Minnesota, Not to be confused with the Whitefish Woody Weekend next week in Montana which is also this weekend if you are not in Michigan or New Jersey..Here is the Minnesota link.  You can find out more about the whitefish show HERE.

And if you are into the Montana thing,  here is a very cool teaser and video invite to that show.. NICE by the way, very nice.. Note to all show chairman’s, the bar was just raised. Here is the link to the Big Sky Show next week ish

Now not to confuse things……more.. First if you are reading this far, I honor thee for your stamina.. But to confuse things more, In Minnesota the same weekend as the Montana thing which is NEXT weekend, There is a White Bear show.. That’s right, more White something stuff to make you head pound! I cant make this stuff up, So, if you want to know more about that one. Its one click away.. Right here. White Bear Show

And.. Oh you thought it was over? NO Way, if you don’t want to go to a show with the name White in it next week.. And live near Ohio.. Guess what? You guessed it, there is a huge show.. The Portage lakes 39th Annual Boat Show in Akron. You can click here for more info on that one if you are still reading.

Portage lake Show from last year Blondies at the docks) Credit: Julie Maringer

Portage lake Show from last year Blondies at the docks) Credit: Julie Maringer

Either way, you are NOT mowing your dang lawn this weekend. If we find out you stayed at home and weeded your flower beds its gonna be bad for you.. We have spies at all the home depots.. You will be outed and a weedy boater.. Someone who only goes boating when all the work is done around the house. Ya, pot calling kettle black.. But there were not cool shows going on.. Come on Summer is almost over..ish,, OK It starts on Saturday.. But then Sunday it’s all down hill from there. Remind me not to have a beer before I write these things.. See you all Saturday someplace. I will be the one with the half full beer!

So to recap. This week

Lake Hopatocg, LIVE

Michigan, St Clair, Live ish

Whitefish MINN this weekend possibly live -ish

NEXT week

Whitefish Montanna. Possibly Live ish..

White BEAR show in Minn.

Ohio, The 39th Annual Portage lakes Boat Show.

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10 Responses to “Summer Officialy Starts Saturday, Celebrate With Us On Lake Hopatcong Or Michigan, Or Else!”
  1. Wilson

    It’s all the white stuff mixed in with a New Jersey Lake whose name we never could pronounce.

      • m-fine

        I should also add that I CAN pronounce that one even though I can’t spell it. Used to go there when I was a kid. There was a boat from some movie on the lake in the early 80’s but I think that is a long story.

  2. RRG

    One of the nicest boat shows in your back yard…. no coverage of the St. Michaels show?!

  3. Steve Balcer

    The Presque Isle boat show in northern MI. is this weekend also.

  4. km

    spoke to a steamboater yesterday in Clayton. He said that they would be there all week moving out Saturday!!! About 8 steamers!