Introducing the newest category for acbs shows. Pirate class. Although on the surface it may apear that old ships may have the day. We here there is a group of samali’s showing up? All kidding aside the pirate ship is a tradition here on lake hopatcong and with a large cannon boom the show is under way.

20140621-100316-36196368.jpg 20140621-100316-36196875.jpg 20140621-100315-36195966.jpg 20140621-100938-36578769.jpg 20140621-100938-36578353.jpg 20140621-100937-36577871.jpg 20140621-102048-37248536.jpg 20140621-102048-37248192.jpg

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6 Responses to “Live From Lake Hopatcong!”
  1. Ken Miller

    Please tell us more about Dynamite! Or, as our friends to the north would say—“Please tell us more abooot Dynamite!”

    • Sean

      Okay, if you are going to take some shots at the Canadian accent… I suppose we can retort with what is done with the Queens English!

      Now, out of the chute, I’m no English Major nor any kind of literary expert. And to be sure, I’m not talking about spelling. Mind you, we all know that good spelling just shows a lack of creativity… and we’re all for creativity (not to mention the WB dictionary). But, in English like many languages there are actually different words for different meanings. Some may sound the same and the fun part is figuring out what thought is being communicated 🙂

      “Here” and “hear” for example. both spelled correctly but, I think we must be a little confused with their meanings. Sort of like the nautical term “under weigh” (lifting an anchor) not to be confused with the colloquialism “under way” meaning on the way… thank the Dutch.

      Other small frequent transgressions proliferate like mixing up “to”, “too” and “two” or the popular “there”, “their” and They’re”… they all sound very similar yet, have different meanings entirely. Don’t get me wrong, we can understand it however, we don’t say anything… because it’s not really aboooooot us. 🙂

      PS: FWIW, “A lot” is always two words (even Canadians have an issue with this). 🙂

  2. m-fine

    No boat shows for us today. We did go visit our future shipmate though…

  3. John Rothert

    Wow, HEADER HAS AN ANCARROW…..fastest boats in their day and a long while after and made right here in Richmond Va. I knew the builder, Newton Ancarrow…a renowned environmentalist before there was such a term!

    Any other Ancarrow pics out there?

    John in Va.

  4. Dane

    The Patrician hadn’t been to the Whitefish Chain Antique and Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous since that photo was taken….until today.
    I just got back from the show and haven’t downloaded my photos yet.
    It’s now blue as it should have been and looks great. The fins on that boat are outrageous.