On Lake Dora as "Uno "was racing by!

On Lake Dora as “Uno “was racing by!

We have all photographed it, loved it, “the Flag shot”. In honor of the 4th of July, we thought today might be a nice day to comment with pics of our flags. Different flag poles, lights, blonde, mahogany, chrome, etc. So have at it. And happy 4th of July Weekend!

In front of Mt Vernon, it don't git more Merican than that Elmer!

In front of Mt Vernon, it don’t git more Merican than that Elmer!

Chads flag on Lily from back in the day!

Chads flag on Lily from back in the day!

So remember, under 1 mg files, larger ones wont load!

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48 Responses to “Show Us Your Flag!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Sunset over the stern of Water Lily displaying the colors. Happy Fourth of July to the WoodyBoater community. Live the lifestyle!

  2. Ed F.

    Happy 4th from Platte Lake Michigan. Get out there and enjoy a woody day!

  3. John

    Another great day comes to an end on Table Rock Lake in Missouri in our 1961 Higgins Mandalay.

    Thank you to all who served so we are free to enjoy our “pursuit of happiness” in our old boats.

  4. Bob robertson

    Let’s try this picture again, note the Kelly Bain American flag hats

  5. Randy

    … keep em’ flying!

    Another gorgeous cruiser day in the Pacific Northwest

  6. Grant Stanfield

    Happy Independence Day from the deepest (237′) lake in WI- gorgeous Green Lake. LOTS of WoodyBoaters here- I’m blessed to be one of ’em! Have a fun and safe holiday, all!

  7. Don Palmer

    Happy 4th of July! God Bless America the Beautiful!

  8. Rick

    Anyone else notice classic glass tends not to fly the flag?

    • Scott

      A little judgmental, aren’t we.
      The only reason the flag is above it instead of on it is because we just bought the boat and it is lacking the hardware to fly anything.
      So, to keep this thread on a positive track, where’s the pict of your flag?
      Have a nice holiday.

      • Rick

        Scott you’ve taken this WAY too personally. The comment was not directed at you. BTW there have been many pics of Panther posted here over the years with the Stars and stripes.

  9. m-fine

    “Doc’s Spirit of 76” Our 1976 Penn Yan, custom ordered with red and white exterior and blue interior.

  10. Cobourg Kid

    To all my American buds , here’s hoping Y’all have an awesome time chillin and grillin on the Glorious 4th.. …Oh and while we’re, blatherin about national birthdays; happy belated Canada Day to all you red flag waving, lapstrake drivin, donut eatin ,hockey luvin Canadians.

    Yes by! Seems that July 1st just kinda slid right past the ol’ WB marine radar system.

    Hence and so forth, in belated honor of my favorite Holiday (Canada Day) I’ve attached an appropriate photo, a rare 38 smooth side Peterborough Runabout bearing “the Maple Leaf Forever” across Lake Muskoka

    • Greg Lewandowski

      So pleased to see a Michigan Chapter boat getting the mention it deserves. Canada Goose is a rare soft chine Peterborough triple that rides as good as she looks. Thanks CK!

      • Cobourg Kid

        Canada Goose may belong to the Michigan Chapter but she feathers her nest on the Canadian Side of the boarder (Windsor Ontario)

        • Cobourg Kid

          Greg here’s another Michigan Chapter boat that I think should be getting more attention… Water Lily’s a beauty and, hey look, she’s got her stars and stripes on!

          • Greg Lewandowski

            CK, thanks for the kudo about our beloved CC Deluxe. She will probably never float again in a boathouse as beautiful as that one on Muskoka. We had a great time up there, and the photo brought back those fond memories.

    • m-fine

      If you want a couple trays of smoked ribs for the Woodyboater tent at Skaneateles, let me know. I can also do pulled pork, brisket, whole hog, salmon, chicken, etc.

      Cooking too much food and eating it is one of the few things we are good at around here.

  11. floyd r turbo

    Happy Independence Day and belated Canada Day to all. Freedom isn’t free.

  12. pete

    Happy 4th to all and hope everyone is on the water this weekend

  13. pete

    here we go again Happy 4th to all and hope everyone is on the water this weekend

  14. Troy in ANE

    This is a little late but my sister-in-laws sister took this shot and I wanted to share it here.

  15. Brian Flaherty

    A little late but here is a very dark (taken at 1 am July 5, 2014) pic of our flag flying on the stern of our 1969 Chris Craft Cavalier ski boat. This is a “glassic” by the way flying colors!!

    • Brian Flaherty

      Here is a brighter pic taken much earlier in the afternoon. Note the blankets! This was a typical July 4th in the PNW…