Hessel Michigan - Alex Watson

Hessel Michigan – Alex Watson

It was a magical weekend all across the country, so today we thought it would be cool to have the fellow citizens of Woody boaterville share there pics. Please remember to keep them under 1 mg file size or they won’t load.

No humidity, nice temps, I cleaned the barn!

No humidity, nice temps, I cleaned the barn! One of the fun vintage flags we have on the walls 45 stars

While out on the water we found this very sweet vintage housboat! Sea turtle seemed to be the brand on the side. Twin new 100 hp evenrude Etechs. THIS THING IS COOL! Hello ACBS, can we include these?

While out on the water we found this very sweet vintage hous boat! Sea turtle seemed to be the brand on the side. Twin new 100 hp Evenrude Etechs. THIS THING IS COOL! Hello ACBS, can we include these?

Reedville Virginia Fireworks over the water out on Suzy. A magical evening.

Reedville Virginia Fireworks over the water out on Suzy. A magical evening.

Oreo getting ready for a big swim. Find out tomorrow how she did!

Oreo getting ready for a big swim. Find out tomorrow how she did! Tomorrow we go to the dogs!

Share your joy today!

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39 Responses to “Did You Have A Fun Fourth?”
  1. Alex

    Why dunk your Oreo in water? Any kid will tell you they’re better dunked in milk.

  2. Rabbit

    I spent the Fourth of July boat parade in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin pushing this Holiday with my finger.

  3. John Rusnak

    I was in my garage by 1/2 moon lake wi applying interlux brightside white on 62 the Penn Yan looks like I should have gone to Balsam 🙁 do u live on the lake rabbit?

  4. m-fine

    As I have done every year since 1939, give or take, the 4th started with pancakes, eggs, and sausage at the Penn Yan fly-in breakfast. Low clouds kept many of the planes away, but the crowd showed up by car and was probably over 3000 strong. No classic flying boats while I was there but I did snap a picture of a nice double cockpit runabout AKA Strearman.

    Next were the ribs you already saw. Not much boating until Sunday due to high winds, white caps, and cooler temps. We did spend time on Saturday visiting our future family member but I think that is tomorrow’s topic.

  5. Chad

    I spent the week swimming, catching turtles, making s’mores, lighting sparklers and recruiting future woody boaters.

    Also Celebrated a 10th wedding anniversary and a 6th birthday.

    Loved every minute of it.

  6. John Baas

    A great holiday to finish painting the Atom Skier! Then, on to rebuilding the Carter BB1 updraft. Carb work did the trick. Now I just have to pick the skeeters out of the dried paint.

  7. Troy in ANE

    In the ANE the 4th was pretty much a wash out.

    Did get to go to a FABULOUS fireworks show in the (nearly) classic glass on the 5th in Wiscasset Maine.

    The real highlight was a 9AM Cobbossee Rendezvous on the 6th, but I will try to type up and send you a story on that.

  8. Sean

    After recovering from Dominion Day on the First, our Fourth was spent on the ACBS Toronto Poker Run at Lake Muskoka. 11 classic boats, some of which hailed from the U.S.A. had a great event in preparation for the 34th ACBS Toronto Antique & Classic Boat Show on Saturday July 5th. Great friends, great boats and great weather, it was a fabulous weekend to be sure!

    • Kentucky Wonder

      Do I see three Greavette Streamliners in that photo? (and maybe a Sheerliner or Runabout) I am jealous of your day on the waters of Muskoka!

      • Sean

        YES, It was very cool!!!
        A 1939, a 1953 and a 1954 all 22′ Streamliners.

  9. Jim Frechette

    What I wished I had been doing! With Mark Fender and Wesley Roemer

  10. Al Benton

    We (Karen & I) took 5 grandkids to Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola, FL last week for fun on the beaches in the area. Spent the 4th on the beach and in camp watching fireworks at a distance. Not a single Classic Woody in site; dang! Fun week, but I’m exhausted!

  11. Ron

    We spent the 4th in Shoreline Village in Long Beach, saw a great fireworks show off the stern of the Queen Mary ( An Obvious Classic )….Gotta love the Summer in the USA.

    • Ron

      … Sorry for the ‘ Party Foul’ of oversized pictures, guys…

      I’ll look at them harder from now on.

      I got too much sun over the 4th weekend.

  12. Ryan

    Put-in-Bay, OH. Arrived Thursday in 6 footers. Sunday returned home in 2′-3’s (a nice Lyman chop)

  13. Bill Hammond


    That’s the coolest Lyman ever! What’s the story on it?

  14. Dick Dow

    Just back from Italy – on the 4th over to the beach on Bainbridge where our family has had a presence for the past 57 years – blew it up again. First time without a parent present, but younger brother and I have bought the house and are updating it for use as a VRBO and family vacation spot. new kitchen and deck going in, etc. Attached is the view…

    • Dick Dow

      Incidentally, there will be nearly 100 Chris Craft cruisers passing by the beach later this week as they make their way to the 25th Annual Chris Craft Rendezvous in Port Orchard, WA. Herb Pocklington is the featured speaker at the Saturday evening dinner event… 🙂

  15. Ken Miller

    Today was a great day on beautiful Lake Chickamauga in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We were at our club this afternoon for the annual Fourth of July picnic. While giving woody boater rides, we were introduced to John Kimbrell who used to work at the Chris Craft plant in Chattanooga. Of course he was getting a woody boater ride. Below are pictured John (right0, his grand-daughter Kristin (center) and friend Harris Housely (left).

    These two fellas turned into ten-year-olds as soon as she planed off. Great memories for both of these guys and a special time with his grand-daughter as well.

  16. steve bunda

    Testing KinnShip 1959 Chris Craft after installing new 5200 bottom for original owner . Lake Lucerne Wi july 4 th 2014

  17. Ollon

    Chris Craft HQ Big Bear Lake CA. The kids just want me to get off their Sea Doo

  18. red dog

    in the main header photo at the top are the three adults urinating in the river they have that “im doing something bad” look on they’re faces and hank doing the fake ” ill just mess with the flag” look and i wont look in your direction and the young girl says ” i ll just wait till the water turns colder again” then i ll go in deeper

  19. Ryan

    Thanks guys,
    The Lyman is a 1972 30′ Lyman Islander Sedan, one of only 5 ever built with the enclosed rear bulkhead and it’s the second to last 30′ wooden hull Lyman built prior to switching to fiberglass…hence the name “Last Call”. It has many of the same features as the express cruiser (stand up head, air conditioning, 2 burner electric stove, 2 sinks ect) but still keeps the nice flybridge style. It is powered by its original twin 350 Chevy’s (270hp Crusaders) so it will get up and move weighing around 8000lbs. Matt, i’ll send you some photos and the story.

  20. Tom Kerr

    1942 Century Sea Maid 171 on Walloon Lake, MI.
    4th of July sunset!